Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Our search for THE BEST SENIOR ACTOR is over and the winner is Sir Ian McKellen with 25% of your votes, with Peter
just behind him with 22% and Michael Caine  in the third spot.

Ser Ian McKellen (72) truly is a magnificent thespian. Although he got more famous in very late years, especially when the younger audience is in question, he always had tremendous roles. He has now become a very much of a regular in the biggest blockbusters. We loved him as evil Magneto in the X-MEN saga, as powerful Gandalf in THE LORD OF THE RINGS, we loved his voice in THE GOLDEN COMPASS and STARDUST, and we truly adored his dramatic master pieces in GODS AND MONSTERS beside Brendan Fraser, and RICHARD
. We shall be watching him in THE HOBBIT and in THE CURSE OF THE BUXOM STRUMPET fighting off zombies :)
We also love his passion for life, his youthful spirits and wit and his flamboyant lifestyle (in which he likes to sport around 50 years younger male top model boyfriends). Believe it or not he's a close friend with Rachel Weisz and Monica Lewinsky (yep, that one).

Peter O'Toole (79) is probably the biggest living acting legend. Although he made movie history with his cinematic masterpieces from LAWRENCE OF ARABIA, THE LION IN WINTER, THE LAST EMPEROR, BECKET, CALIGULA, we do adore his enthusiasm and energy to still bring terrific performances in more modern films: he was the most amazing bishop in JOAN OF ARC,
the most amazing king in TROY and STARDUST, the most amazing comedian in VENUS, the most amazing pope in THE TUDORS, and he will again play a man of religion next year in Mexican epic CRISTIADA, in KATHERINE OF ALEXANDRIA and in MARY MOTHER OF CHRIST. It seems he was born to play kings, emperors and religious rulers. He never won an Oscar for the best role even though he was nominated 8 times, but he won a Lifetime
Oscar. He looks older than he is due to heavy smoking and drinking :(

Now, after the senior actors, let us move to YOUR FAVOURITE SENIOR ACTRESSES! In the following two weeks you can vote as much as you like for one of these 70+ acting legends: Ellen Burstyn (THE FOUNTAIN, REQUIEM FOR A DREAM), Julie Andrews (THE SOUND OF MUSIC, MARY POPPINS), Maggie Smith (HARRY PLOPPER, TEA WITH MUSSOLINI), Lynn Redgrave (GODS AND MONSTERS, I just found out she died a few weeks ago, and I'm very sorry, she was such a nice actress), Betty White (GOLDEN GIRLS), Judi Dench (MRS BROWN, NOTES ON A SCANDAL), Shirley Maclaine (RUMOR HAS IT, IN HER SHOES), Joan Plowright (101 DALMATIANS, DENNIS THE MENACE).


  1. Voting on senior actresses is gonna be a tough one! Is there an "All of Them" button? ;-)

  2. All your Senior Actresses are living actresses except Lynn Redgrave who just passed away a few months ago, my dear.

  3. @Liz
    glad you like all of them, Liz!

    ah, I didn't know that :( She was such a nice actress, this is now one reason more to vote for her in the poll. She had lots of great roles. They then had quite a lot of tragedies in the family, with Natasha Richardson's recent death too :(

  4. Interesting ladies for sure. Difficult to choose.

  5. He deserved to win for sure, Well deserved.

  6. Ian McKellen is great, his Gandalf was excellent, and he's putting classic theatre on the map like Patrick Stewart

  7. This one is very hard too! I do love them all, but even though I would like to vote for Shirley MacLaine, I have to go with Judi Dench. I think she is the most versatile actress, who plays both comedy and drama equally well. Judi is more of a character actress and has the ability to disppear into her role, while Shirley is always Shirley and Maggie is always Maggie.

  8. Gandalf for the win! Much deserved.

  9. "If we were to draw a graph of my process, of my method, it would be something like this: Sir Ian, Sir Ian, Sir Ian - action - wizard: "You shall not pass!" - cut - Sir Ian, Sir Ian, Sir Ian."

  10. @Flying
    glad you think so

    I always give my best to make the choice as difficult as possible :)

    agreed, EL!

    true, he and Patrick Stewart are amazing gents!

  11. @Phylly
    I had to put Judi in the poll since she is the most popular and the best senior actress, but she did win our polls two times so I'm kinda hoping people will vote this time for others, maybe for Lynn Redgrave who died recently so it would be nice to give her this victory as a memory on her talent

    true, true!

    ah, Dirty, you haven't read the post, it says 70+ ladies, and Helen is only sixty something :)

    I didn't get that one :) but it sounds great :P

  12. Great actors with lots of talent. I've been noticing Donald Sutherland in a lot of things lately.

  13. I saw him last in that SEXY DIRTY MONEY show on TV, if I remember the title correctly :)

  14. I can't choose, all of them are spectacular! :D


  15. Ian McKellin has done more than I realised.

  16. Love Ian! He had my votes, though I did give one to Christopher Plummer. I do love him, too. Peter is an icredible actor and is the best king.

    Judi Dench is hands down my favorite senior actress. My favorite really aside from dear Cate, of course.

  17. @Lynda
    he certainly did, we see him often in flicks, but we've started noticing him mostly after LOTR and XMEN which is sad since his RICHARD III and GODS AND MONSTERS roles are dramatic master pieces.

    Peter seems to play kings all the time, like Judi Dench playing queens :)

  18. whoo hoo for sir!!!
    come on betty!

  19. hope you like Betty's hairpiece from the picture, Vics :)