Saturday, June 11, 2011


If you like comedies you might like THE INSANE LAWS in which Jason Bateman and Vince Vaughn will portray two great friends whose lives become a living hell when their college kids
fall in love with each other. And the hell becomes bigger when their kids get pregnant :) I'm not sure, I personally didn't like the original film, but for some reason DICK TRACY is getting a sequel, at least that's what Warren Beauty claims. He recently won the legal battle over the rights on the movie adaptation which have been his since the 80's but he didn't do anything with it.

According to "Deadline", Universal is ready for the movie adaptation of Melissa Marr's bestseller WICKED LOVELY which follows a young teen who has seen dangerous faeries her
entire life but has managed to survive by adhering to a strict set of rules that have kept her safe…until now. The 17-year-old will suddenly find herself torn between a seductive Faery king and the mortal she loves, and she will have to go against everything she was taught in order to confront a world she was raised to fear. After HUNGER GAMES, MORTAL INSTRUMENTS, DIVERGENT and INCARCERON, this is yet another YA book getting a film adaptation.

Over at "Beyond Hollywood" I recently came upon this 2010 German epic film which is actually coming to DVD market in USA this July: HENRY OF NAVARRE is a wide-ranging, energetic period piece tracing the rise of Henry of Navarre as he goes from battlefield warrior to France's beloved King Henri IV. The film
brings a classically entertaining adventure, albeit one with more than a little bloodshed and frequent bawdy sexual interludes. In late 16th-century France, Catholics and Protestant Huguenots were at war. Seemingly seeking peace, the French dowager queen, Catherine de Medici summons Henry to her court to have him marry her daughter, Margot, uniting the two warring factions. However, the Catholics slaughter the Protestant wedding guests in what became known as the St. Bartholomew's Day massacre and Henry, now married, must use all his guile to both stay alive and maneuver for the throne.

LINK OF THE DAY Custie brings the most charming list of the baddies from our favourite Roald Dahl's films!


  1. Dayum! Jason Bateman is working his balls off this year! When you're on a role, you're on a role! I'm just waiting for him to pop up in that movie with Ryan Renolds!

    Mmmmmm! My nipples are hard just thinking about it!

  2. Falsy, where do you find these crazy Comment names of yours :))
    I knew my ladies would go crazy for this pic of Jason's :)

  3. Yes, love the Jason Bateman pic.

    BUT, Dezz, I cannot wait to see Henry of Navarre. Thanks for letting me know about that one. Looks really good.

  4. he he ...see how Dezz knows what you want :)
    You may buy HENRY OF NAVARRE on DVD from July in USA. I love the story and I've read quite a lot of books about it. Hope you watched the famous LE REINE MARGOT or THE QUEEN MARGOT French epic from the 90's with Isabelle Adiani, Virna Lizi and Vincent Peres and the amazing music from Serbia's own Goran Bregovic.

  5. Cool about Wicked Lovely.
    Love, love, love the music in the trailer for HENRY OF NAVARRE

  6. Quite right...Henry of Navarre film looks interesting, completely missed it in theatres, will rent it. The battle scenes look epic!

  7. Yes, I watched Queen Margot when I was doing research for my novel. It was okay. Some scenes were better than others. :)

  8. Wow, that massacre trailer was so powerful. They are coming out with a lot of movies about various religious groups being murdered... interesting.

  9. I have always had a bit of a crush on Jason Bateman. I remember him when he was on show with Ricky Schroeder called Silver Spoons. Ok, I'm old as hell, but it's great seeing him so popular now. At least for me. ;) And this pic is wicked funny, Dez.

    Henri of Navarre looks incredible and I can't wait to see it. Thanks for sharing this. I love historical epics.

  10. ooh, I would LOVE to see Wicked Lovely. I would also love it if you could put on their the release dates! <3

    Can Alex save Winter from the darkness that hunts her?
    YA Paranormal Romance, Darkspell coming fall of 2011!

  11. I actually quite liked Warren Beatty's Dick Tracy -- his use of bright solid colours really evoked a cartoon world. I think he might be too old to pull off Dick Tracy now though. Oh dear, that didn't sound quite the way I meant it to . . . .

  12. that pic of Jason Bateman just makes me smile.

  13. Navarre looks excellent. La Reine Margot was one of the first films I tried with sub-titles and it blew me away.

    As for Vince Vaughn, when was the last time he made a decent movie?

  14. @Lyndy
    yep, it's great, and as you can see from the poster it was composed by famous Hans Zimmer so it's natural it's so great :)

    I don't think it was released in cinemas, it's a German film so it's straight to DVD in USA :)

    yes, Catherine de Medici was a very brutal monster and there are many bloody stories about her, including the infamous Bartholomew's Night one of the best known brutal religious slaughters in history. :( And imagine Henry, living with a woman whose mother killed thousands of his Protestants. It was a very disturbing and bone chilling time in history

  15. @Luanne
    it's a typical European film, very true to real events so it is quite brutal in depicting that extremely brutal part of history. But it is also a deeply touching and disturbing drama of Henry, MArgo and her brothers in the paws of evil Catherine. The scenes after the Brtholomew's Night when Margot walks the bloody streets of Paris searching for her love are cult scenes in European movie history

    I was thrilled when I almost accidentally found that pic of Jason, it is so charming and hilarious :) And I'm glad you liked trailer for HENRY OF NAVARRE

    well, as you know HOLLYWOOD SPY writes about films which haven't been shot yet :) so WICKED LOVELY doesn't yet have a release date nor the cast nor the director, it's in very early stages of preproduction.

  16. @Geoffrey
    he he that was the intention :))

    yes, Warren is definitely too old for the role!

    what the what?

    glad you liked both the trailer for NAVARRE and LE REINE MARGOT, it is one of the best historical films in last two decades.
    And I've never really liked Vince much so I don't know any of his decent movies :)

  17. WoW!! all of them seem interesting.. let me see when they hit the Indian theatres... will love to see the first one.. i liked the lightness of it... :)thanks for sharing ...

  18. ...loved the trailer, and what's up with Bateman? That dude's everywhere these days!


  19. Dezz, wasn't that the one where Catherine de Medici accidentally killed her own son by dabbing the pages of a book with poison? Then when he licked his finger each time he flipped the page he transferred the poison to his mouth. Brilliant!!

    I have to find a way of writing something like that into my next story. :)

  20. I like Justin Bateman & am intrigued by Henry of Navarre.

  21. I think that Jason Bateman photo was in Entertainment Weekly and it gave me the chills just to look at it. Those can't be real ice cubes.

  22. @Flying high
    glad you liked all of the mentioned films :)

    yep, he's at the peak of his popularity these days :)

    that's the one, she tried to murder Henry and killed her son instead. She really was a scheming evil witch.

  23. @Mary
    I agree with you on both points :)

    well, maybe he was hot down there and really needed some ice :))

  24. thanks, Ben, don't forget to drop by tomorrow if you like some Barbarian epics :)

  25. That explains it Dezzy, no wonder the actors didn't look familiar :)

  26. I've never heard of Henry of Navarre, looks interesting, I might give it a rent.

    Dezzy, I like your new LINK OF THE DAY feature... fingers crossed I'd get picked by you one day ;-)

  27. you will for sure, probably more than once :) I'm kinda hoping many people will adopt the feature so that we would all promote each other on a daily basis. I'm trying to make people use BLOG ROLLS like mine in which there is the title and the pic of the last post of your fellow bloggers because it is a wonderful way to promote your friends, but not many have accepted my idea :(

  28. Hey Dezzy, thanks so much for the link here. I didn't see it until now. I am very appreciative of any links INCOMING!! you are a gent and a scholar

  29. better later then never, Custie :)

  30. Great idea, Dezzy, I try to promote other people's blogs as well through my Everybody's Chattin' posts. I should be more consistent w/ it and do it once a week.

  31. yes, I remember your CHATTIN sessions, I've been mentioned in them once or twice, and it's a lovely way to give some love to the people who follow you and support you, even though I know that most readers don't really click on our links, but it's the love and attention that counts :)

  32. That "Henry of Navarre" looks like it could be good. Have you seen it yet?

  33. I haven't, Josh, I have to find it on the Net since it didn't play in my country in cinemas.