Monday, June 13, 2011


Well, this could turn into a powerful drama: the novel of Nobel prize winner Nadine Gordimer, THE HOUSE GUN will be
adapted into a film with Pierce Brosnan and young Chace Crawford in the lead roles. It follows a wealthy South African family, whose lives are turned upside down when the son (Chace Crawford) is arrested on a murder charge. The father (Pierce Brosnan) is convinced of his son's professed innocence and hires a black lawyer to try the case. According to "MovieWeb" the story is set in post-Apartheid South Africa. As you remember, Chace will also star in RESPONSIBLE ADULTS next year as a guy who falls for his ex babysitter.

Here's something that doesn't happen often: Paramount has bought an upcoming Italian animated film NOT BORN TO BE GLADIATORS. With the budget of $55 million, this lovely story was written by Oscar winner Michael J. Wilson (ICE AGE2, A SHARK'S TALE) and since it's looking for a 2012 release, the studio is currently searching for the voice cast. The story follows young Timo who, left as an orphan by the terrible eruption of Pompeii, gets saved by the Chirone, founder of the most famous Gladiators’ Academy of Rome. As a young boy he grows up surrounded by all kinds of gladiators
but shows no interest in becoming one of them. Rather, he is a somewhat apathetic but happy go lucky and fun loving young man, slightly overweight and bit out of shape. Everything changes when he falls for Chirone's daughter Lucilla who is promised to Emperor's nephew and Rome's greatest gladiator. In order to prove he is also
worthy of her, Timo must evolve into a Gladiator fit to fight at the famous opening match of the grand Coliseum. To do this he will turn to bizarre and unique training methods from Diana, a mysterious, exotic and sexy trainer.
LINK OF THE DAY My dear Melissa Bradley, American writer, trashes PEARL HARBOR film deservedly :)


  1. The last movie I saw Pierce Brosnan in was Mamma Mia. I hope to god he doesn't sing in this new one.

  2. haha no, i'm still in london. i was just annoyed that i didn't have any readers in india so i was trying to rustle some up.

  3. @Debra
    he he... MAMMA MIA was a potentially good film with great actors ruined by some very very bad direction.

    he he ...last time I checked bellow in the flag counter I had around 5,000 visitors from India, which is a miserable number having in mind there are more than a billion of them :)

  4. Haven't heard of THE HOUSE GUN before. I might have to check that novel out.

  5. why is nobody commenting on NOT BORN TO BE GLADIATORS?I thought all of you would find it adorable and cute :(

  6. I love the look of NOT BORN TO BE GLADIATORS, but how does an animation get a budget of $55 mil? WOW

  7. Not Born to be Gladiators sounds very interesting. I love ancient Rome and an animated film set there is perfect. Besides, Gladiators rock. Go Timo!

    Chace Crawford is meh for me. He's not that great an actor and I think he'll be overwhelmed in this as he is in Gossip Girl by virtually all his co-stars.

  8. Not Born to be Gladiators looks terrific and I'm not just hyping it because it's an "Italian animated film." But, really, I am. It does look adorable too.

  9. Not Born to br Gladiators looks promising! Can't wait to see who they will cast :-)

    (p.s. Am I the only person who liked Mama Mia? *ducks from flying tomatoes*)

  10. I love the character models in Born to be Gladiators. I think I'll be watching it based on that alone.

  11. Not born to be Gladiators could be a lot of fun.

  12. The House Gun looks interesting - I'll keep an eye out for it.

  13. quite looking forward, CGI films are getting better and better!

  14. @Lyndy
    I knew I could count on you on liking the animated flick :)) I think most Pixar, Disney's and Dreamwork's animated film is up to $100 million, so this one is actually rather cheep :)

    gladiators rock don't they :)
    Must admit I've never watched GOSSIP GIRL, so I can't say anything about Chace's acting, but he sure is a champion in the looks department :)

    doesn't it look just superb? And it could be fun and entertaining too :) I'm interested to see how they will incorporate Hollywood actors' voices to the Italian animation.

  15. @Sam
    you're not, most people liked MAMMA MIA, it's a fun movie, but it does have a lacking direction. Most people who liked it, did so for the actors and songs.

    they really do look great, don't they? :)

    it certainly could, Lurk!

  16. @Susan
    and I shall inform you when we get some new info on it :)

    they are indeed, in last few years animated films were actually the best ones in the season. They have better stories than the real action flicks.

  17. Animated says kids to most people and the gladiator flick doesn't appear to send a very good message to them (or adults for that matter).
    Thumbs down on the gladiators :(

  18. Liked the looks of "Not Born to be Gladiators". I hope it's going to be one very entertaining animation flick.

  19. Oh man, that animation looks so good! Can't wait until it comes out.

  20. Chaze is too much! Hope when Gossip Girl finish, they make a film like Sex & the city!!! :D


  21. @Mary
    it's true, Mary, gladiators are not for kids, but I do believe this one will have a message of believing in yourself and trying hard to reach your goals. It could also be a parallel to kids in school where they have to work hard to shine, but they can reach their goals even when they are underdogs.

    it does look great, doesn't it? :) Hope it will look nice when it crossed the ocean too :)

  22. @Clarissa
    it's soo cute, isn't it? :)

    he he I kinda knew you of all people would like Chace in this post :)

    glad you think so!

  23. I'll have to add Nadine's book to my list. Intersting plot.

    The Gladiator looks charming.

  24. Glad you like both projects, Mary!

  25. A Gladiator animated feature? Interesting! I wonder how they'd tone down the violence to be kids appropriate??

    Heh, that Chace guy is so darn pretty. Funny that Pierce Brosnan seems to be playing lots of daddy roles lately. Last I saw him he was Rob Pattinson's dad in Remember Me.

  26. it probably won't have any more violence than HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON or SHREK :)

    Chace has the most amazing photo shoots. A really captivating guy. And he kinda looks like Pierce's son :)

  27. It's probably cheap because they didn't have to pay any known actors for the voices ;)

  28. Wooow! Not born to be gladiators looks to be a film that will be fun to watch!

  29. @Lyndy
    they are currently negotiating to find Hollywood actors for the voice roles

    glad you like it, HiFi :)

  30. Gladiators look very interesting. I hope to see a trailer soon.

    Also, it reminds me of famous European comics books like Asterix and Obelix.

  31. yes, Bels, it does have that Asterix vibe which we love :)

  32. They have cast Julianne Hough to be the voice of Timos girlfriend.