Saturday, June 18, 2011


 Fresh news from the Middle Earth keep on coming as the casting for Peter Jackson's THE HOBBIT continues along with the shooting of the film. There are two new members in the cast.
Jackson has decided to take yet another of Tarsem Singh's actors for the new film (as you remember he already took Lee Pace from Tarsem's THE FALL, who will play an Elven king), and it's my beloved Luke Evans (CLASH OF THE TITANS, IMMORTALS, THE THREE MUSKETEERS) who will play Bard the Grim, an expert archer and the heir to King Grion of Dale's throne. His character is similar to Aragorn in having a lot of action scenes in the film. Another new cast member is Benedict Cumberbatch who will play a powerful dragon Smaug in a motion capture way,  and will also lend his voice to Necromancer or the evil Sauron. (Source: Deadline)

SHORT HEADLINES Fox has found a director for their PERCY JACKSON sequel called THE SEA MONSTERS in Thor
(DIARY OF A WIMPY KID). This time Logan Lerman will go underwater to find the mythical Golden Fleece and rescue a kidnapped friend. I have another news on Darren Aronofsky today: according to "Variety" he might direct HBO's HOBGOBLIN, a pilot episode for an extremely interesting new  fantasy adventure series revolving around a group of con men and magicians during World War II, who use their skills to battle the supernatural forces unleashed by Hitler!

One of my favourite directors, who always makes heartwarming and positive film, Lasse Hallstrom (CHOCOLAT, DEAR JOHN, CIDER HOUSE RULES) is going to helm the film adaptation of
Nicholas Sparks' bestselling novel SAFE HAVEN. The suspense story follows a young woman who, trying to escape her past,  moves to a small North Carolina town, and falls for a loving widowed father, who  heals her heart and helps her escape the danger that threatens her. As you remember, Lasse already worked on the adaptation of Sparks' novel in DEAR JOHN, and you also remember other films based on his novels, such as THE NOTEBOOK and THE LAST SONG. Of course, hater fanboys will hate the project, but the funk with them :)
LINK OF THE DAY My gorgeous Samantha Sotto is getting published by famous Random House this year. Be sure to follow her THE SLIGHT DETOUR blog and tell her I sent you :)
And don't forget to come by on Sunday, when you will read the new HOLLYWOOD SPY's UPCOMING STARS segment here at your favourite spy place ;) Unbelievable pics and hotness tomorrow!


  1. Cant wait for The Hobbit to come out, think it's going to be really good.

  2. HOBGOBLIN sounds like something a little different for a change. Looking forward to that.

  3. I loved Benedict in the Sherlock series. Can't wait for more. So excited for the next Percy kids loved that movie!

  4. @Simon
    it should be, it should be :)

    it is highly unusual, although I'm not sure how will the victims of WW2 feel about Hitler becoming a fantasy character.

    he is quite charming :) PERCY was fun although a bit weak in the plot department. But kids will love it.

  5. Always keen to hear some news about The Hobbit! Thanks! :)

  6. yep, THE HOBBIT news very quite exciting recently :)

  7. Benedict Cumberpatch. What a strange name. I wish I'd thought of it.

    I also wish they would hurry up and get that Hobbit movie finished so I can watch it. :P

  8. it's a strange but awfully lovely name, isn;t it? What name did you give your son?

  9. As soon as i read "MAGICIANS AGAINST HITLER" in my twitter feed i came alright over. Aronofsky doing a HBO project is definitely intriguing. I will be on the lookout for it

  10. LOL Not a fanboy, but definitely an enthusiastic loud and proud hater of all things Nicholas Sparks. So the funk with me I guess. ;)

    Can't wait for this magicians vs. Hitler project. I will definitely be on the look out. I'm looking forward to seeing your upcoming stars post. The hotness should be way over the legal limit. ;)

  11. I'll have to read The Hobbit again before the movie comes out.


  12. Oh man I can't wait for the Hobbit. The three LOTR movies weren't big enough IMO. (I would have gone to see a 4th and 5th happily, given the option) :)

  13. @Luanne
    a David and a Smith at the same time, my oh my :))) I guess he got the name from someone in the family?

    yep, lots of people were excited about the project earlier this winter too when I first mentioned it. It really sounds like something totally unique and interesting. I hope they will make a great mini series!

  14. @Melsy
    I didn't mean you, Melson, of course :P I had in mind all of those hater movie sites and blogs around the net who seem to trash everything that is positive and worship everything that is brutal, dark and morbid. They work for the forces of evil :)) You just hate THE NOTEBOOK, which is a minor sin ;PP Or not a sin at all, since I haven't seen the film :))
    HOBGOBLIN should be really great! And my UPCOMING STARS feature tomorrow will be hot and sexy but in a very very artsy way, it will be hot but refined :) perfect for lazy Sunday :) We shall present two steamy boys and one stunning girl!

    you said that before if I remember correctly and the time is ticking out he he :P

    they should release a LOTR film every two years :))

  15. They're making a percy jackson sequel? What for?

  16. I hope they'll ask Rachel Portman to write the music for 'Safe Haven'. That would be a perfect match! :-)

  17. Hmmm, big day for the nor-landers I'm excited to hear about Lasse Hall Hallstrom's Sparks project.
    @Timmytherobot--b/c CC ruined up the last one.

  18. Great post! The Hobbit is what I am excited to see!


  19. @Timmy
    well, I reckon someone has to save the Golden Fleece we can't leave it to Poseidon :)))

    yes, she worked with Lasse many times :) You will be happy to hear that she has two lovely love stories this year in cinemas too ONE DAY with Anne Hathaway and SNOW FLOWER AND THE SECRET FAN, set in China :)She is also doing THE VOW with Channing Tatum. She loves working in romantic flicks :)

  20. @Munk
    glad to hear you like Lasse like me :)
    But you probably won't be glad to hear that Columbus is producing the sequel to PERCY JACKSON, although he's not directing it :)

    glad to see you excited, Erin, and welcome to HOLLYWOOD SPY ;

  21. Hobgoblin???
    I do believe that's already been done. The fine folks at Mystery Science Theater 3000 screened the film, and the results were hilarious!

  22. Somehow I have a feeling this HOBGOBLIN won't be hilarious at all :PP

  23. My daughter will be glad to hear about the Percy Jackson movie.

  24. @Budd
    kids really like Percy Jackson :)

    thanks, and welcome to HOLLYWOOD SPY!

  25. It appears they are really going to explore every aspect of the Hobbit book.
    Very exciting!

  26. WHUAAATTTT??? Benedict is in Hobbit as well??? gyaaaaa *fangirl scream* another great news from my MOST anticipated movie.

    John Watson and Sherlock Holmes both play in The cool is that!!

    I have just noticed that my blog is on your widget...thank you Dezz :hug:

  27. Hope this means we are even closer to seeing The Hobbit. Feels like forever since the LOTR movies came out.

  28. @Jaccsy
    very exciting :) We need a Hobbit film every year :)

    he he it seems I often surprise you with some fresh Cumberbatch news lately :)
    You've been in the blogroll for months now :) ever since you put mine in yours.

    yep, but when it does premiere it will be in two films within two years :)

  29. Dezzy!!!!!! Thanks for the link love, my friend!!!! :D

  30. Because you are the only movie blogger that is really update on him :)

    as I said before,he and Sharlto are my current most favorite actors apart from Cillian...but there aren't many news about those 2 talented actors

  31. @Sammy
    be welcome, Sammy, I'm glad to see that lots of my ladies went over to visit you :)

    I do love updating on BBC and British actors more than anything else :)They are my soft spot :)

  32. I'll be waiting for your info on Sherlock :)
    Looking forward to see the 2nd season

  33. I kind of liked the first Percy Jackson movie.
    Not the best adventure/fantasy film I've seen, but it had a lot of good parts.