Friday, June 24, 2011


 As you have probably heard since yesterday, the movie adaptation of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES has found its lead female star. And thank God it's not either Natalie
Portman nor overly present Anne Hathaway, but young cutie Emma Stone.It now remains to be seen whether she will accept the offer. The film will bring a crazy twist on Jane Austin's classic tale of the tangled relationships between lovers from different social classes in 19th century England who are now faced with a new challenge - an army of undead zombies.
The rest of today's post will be a bit different than usually since I have a bunch of great new pictures to show you, so here we go:
Entertainment Weekly has released exclusive first pictures from Peter Jackson's THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY. Pictures show Martin Freeman as Bilbo and Sir
Ian McKellen
as Gandalf. The shooting of the two films will last for 254 days. As you know the magical cast includes Cate Blanchett, Richard Armitage, Lee Pace, Luke Evans, Evangeline Lily ...
And it seems Zack Snyder has finally finished casting roles for MAN OF STEEL. After Russel Crowe was hired to play Superman's biological father Jor-El, the latest gossips say that almost forgotten Julia Ormond is in talks to play his biological mother Lara. As you know, Kevin Costner and Diane Lane will play Clark Kent's adoptive parents, while Amy Adams will play Lois Lane and Michael Shannon will be the villain. Henry Cavill is, off course, the Superman.

Yesterday, HOLLYWOOD SPY brought you amazing first poster for Pixar's new animated film BRAVE which comes to cinemas next year, and today you can check out equally amazing character
photos. As you know, the film will be set in ancient Scotland following a young princess Merida who wants to become world's greatest archer. Emma Thompson, Julie Walters and Kevin McKidd are in the voice cast.
A new poster for one of the biggest super hero blockbusters coming out this summer, July 22nd, has also been released today. It features Chris Evans as CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER, an ordinary guy who gets made into a powerful super
soldier in order to fight Nazis in the WW2. Beside wonderful Chris Evans, the cast also includes Hugo Weaving, Tommy Lee Jones, Sebastian Stan, Dominic Cooper, Richard Armitage and many others.

LINK OF THE DAY Go to Facebook and support the page BOYCOTT OF CHELSEA HANDLER UNTIL SHE APOLOGIZES TO THE SERBIAN PEOPLE.  As you probably know, Amy Winehouse had a terrible concert last weekend in Serbia where she came to the stage drunk and drugged and Chelsea Handler used hate speech commenting in her show that Serbs didn't even deserve to go to concerts, didn't deserve to have Facebook and she even gave scandalous comments on Serbian history, calling Serbs a genocidal nation. I've always known she was ignorant, rude and unintelligent but this is just pure diabolical evil.


  1. Can't wait for The Hobbit but not so sure about Captain America.

  2. yep, Cap America could be a tricky one!

  3. oh wow, the characters from BRAVE look fantastic!

  4. Cavill IS Superman. Agreed. :)

    Wow, I love those pics from Brave. And Julia Ormond is still beautiful.

    Do you remember the poster I showed in my Mega Post of Doom entry about keeping my mouth shut before saying something stupid? Perhaps Miss Handler needs a copy on her desk as well.

  5. Read that bit about Amy Winehouse and Chelsea. UGH. UGH. UGH.

  6. As I mentioned @ TheMovie411, The Hobbit news has me getting excited.

  7. That is awesome news about Emma Stone. I hope she accepts the role because she would be great. I love, love these pics from Brave. It is going to be an incredible animated feature.

    Pics from The Hobbit have me way excited. I wish they'd released some with Evangeline, Luke, Cate and Richard.

    How dare Chelsea say such vile things! Her rudeness and ignorance are beyond disgusting and I am furious. Serbia is an extraordinary country with beautiful people and I for one hope to visit someday soon.

  8. BRAVE just keeps looking better and better. I love those pictures from the Hobbit too. I am so looking forward to seeing it!!

    Emma Stone is a bit young for me, but I love her work!!

  9. Great pics of The Hobbit and really looking forward to Captain America. Never found that Chelsea woman funny or understood how she had a show?

  10. So, the gossip is Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are an item after filming Spiderman.

    We are all just people, regardless of country, except Krasnovians they are an evil people (and fictional). I don't even know who Chelsea Handler is.

  11. @Luanne
    that's actually an old pic of Julia Ormond :) She is now often in tabloids who are trying to figure out her strange wrinkles. They are very unusual and tabloids are trying to guess whether they're product of a bad facial job or if they are natural, if you Google it you will see what I'm talking about :) And I think these boobs of hers aren't a gift of mother nature :)
    Thanks for your comments on Handler, it means a lot to me!

    I knew my boys would be wowed by that picture of Julia Ormond even though it's an old one :)

  12. @Sammy
    it's a huge scandal! And here in Serbia we are really sick of media propaganda and false media manipulation which some Western governments and people use to present lies about us. It's really horrible, from a country which was always on the side of good in both WW, and a country which accepted hundreds of thousands of refuges from the wars in the 90's we are now called genocidal by some ignorant wanna be comedian :(

    it is an exciting update from yesterday :) Hope we shall get some new pics soon since they've opened up our appetites :)

  13. @Melsy
    yes, Melsy, we want Luke's, Lee's and Lily's pics from THE HOBBIT or we shall die from anticipation :)

    And thanks for your words on Handler scandal. I knew you would be among the few people who will comment on it, and you know how much it means to me, darling ;)

    yes, Emma is rather young but she has something special in her which makes her different from most other young actresses and which might make her a huge star in the future

  14. @Lurk
    glad you like those new pics and posters, Lurk.
    And I also do not understand how Handler has a show? I remember how shocked I was when I first heard of her and saw her when she hosted MTV awards some time ago, she was incredibly superficial and rude. I know some people like that kind of humor, but there are some things you just can't joke about if you are a sane and normal person.

    they are? Didn't know that piece of gossip :)
    Hopefully no one will know who Handler is soon when her sponsors cancel financing such a horrible person.

  15. "The Hobbit?" YES PLEASE!!

    Julia Ormond? Really? I guess I still just picture her from "First Knight."

    "Brave?" Excellent.

    I'm still confused why "Captain America" isn't coming out for the July 4 weekend here.

  16. Josh, Julia Ormond has pretty much disappeared, and I guess this is her come back in a way.
    Glad you like BRAVE, it's perdy :)

  17. So great of Peter Jackson posting these Hobbit photos! Just one complaint Dezzy...How come Richard Armitage's name is not in bold letters?? :)

    Sorry to hear about Chelsea's rude & insolent comments! I understand how you feel as something similar happened when the hosts of Top Gear made rude comments about Mexican people on their show a few months ago. It just shows how ignorant these hosts can be!

  18. it's not? I thought I put all names in bold, ooops. But he is mentioned twice in the post :)

    Ah, I remember TOP GEAR people, those two hosts are extremely uneducated and rude and they just give their own country a bad name, which is horrible. I even listened to their poor efforts to explain their rude comments on Mexico and some other countries, but it was horrible. They are just bad bad people.

  19. very interesting !!! you really do your homework well!! very very interesting post!!.. that serbia bit is sad...

  20. After my girlfriend made me sit through No Strings Attached I wouldn't have minded seeing a zombie eat Natalie Portman. Maybe some other time.

    Brave looks amazing!

  21. Julia Ormond playing a mom?! Doesn't seem possible. Looking forward to CAPTAIN AMERICA.

  22. P & P & Zombies just found a female lead? I thought shooting had wrapped up and they were going to release it soon. They're dragging their feet.

    Chelsea (who the heck is she anyway?} Handler's comment was plain ignorant. Who's side is she on anyway and where did she get her information? Propaganda is out there you know and we pick our sides sad to say--but it's just the way it is.

    Tossing It Out

  23. @Flying
    glad you like it :) And thanks for the support!

    he he ... yes, give her to zombies :)) Ah, you and zombies, I almost forgot you're our zombie expert number one :)

    She is much older than in that picture, Liz :)

    ah, no, the film might not come out next year either :) You forget that HOLLYWOOD SPY is sometimes so exclusive that I write about things years before they really happen :)
    Handler got her info from news channels which constantly feed simple people with false stories and propaganda :( What she said is probably what a lot of people there think about us :(

  24. Lots of great doings you're reporting on. I love that you keep me up-to-date. :)

  25. glad to hear you like my work, Mary :)

  26. I really like Emma Stone--it seems like she can do everything. (Hopefully they won't overuse her until we get tired like the other ladies you mentioned)

    Can't wait for the Hobbit! I LOVED that book.

  27. Well, Emma could become new Mila Kunis or Anne Hathaway or Olivia Wilde if they overuse her!

  28. emma stone seems to really be playing some good roles lately!
    THE HOBBIT!!!! <3
    brave is totally like looking like my most anticipated film! :)
    i have no idea who this handler gal is but- yech. :(

  29. Looking forward to Henry as Superman! What a fab cast...
    I like Emma stone not sure about this Film.

  30. @Vics
    Handler is a rude second rate comedian.
    Glad you like BRAVE!

    he he ... you're not into zombies?

  31. Hmmm, who is this so called Chelsea Handler. I'm not liking her so far.

  32. she's the evil witch from the West.

  33. Great to see the pics from The Hobbit. Can't wait for it to be released.

  34. I love that poster with Freeman as Bilbo...I can't wait to see it.

  35. thanks! nice post! didn't know of man of steel!!!

  36. Hello Dez :) Nice, Hobbit and Captain America in one post :) Thank You :)

  37. @Dan
    we expect new pics to come!

    it's a nice picture :)

    be welcome, glad you like it :)

    alas, but no Armitage pics from those two films :)

  38. I like Julia Ormond, she's such an underrated actress. Man, the casting of Man of Steel is just awesome!

    As for Chelsea, I don't know or care who she is but that comment is so uncalled for! That is such poor taste to say a thing like that, you are right to demand her apology though that's probably unlikely to happen :(

  39. I know you like Ormond, Flixy :)

    Chelsea hasn't apologized yet, but the boycott group over at Facebook has tens and tens of thousands of supporters so far and protest letters have been sent to her sponsors as well, so she might lose a lot of money if she keeps acting evil and rude