Thursday, May 27, 2010


Today we have two updates regarding two upcoming epics set in ancient Rome. The movie which we talked about a lot here at HOLLYWOOD SPY "The Eagle of the Ninth" has been pushed to February 25th, 2011, so we obviously won't see it this year. According to some rumors, the studio and the audience at the special screenings thought this epic could be polished up a bit and enhanced, so we shall have to wait a bit for its premiere. As you know, "The Eagle of the Ninth" follows a young centurion (Channing Tatum) and his slave (Jamie Bell) who set out across Hadrian's Wall into the uncharted highlands of Caledonia to find the missing Ninth Legion. The movie also stars Donald Sutherland, Mark Strong, and Tahar Rahim.

Last week I also told you about the plans to adapt Conn Iggulden's famous novels about Julius Caesar. The new update reveals that the film is going to be based on the first two novels, "The Gates of Rome" and "The Field of Swords", where Julius and Brutus are raised to become Roman soldiers. Burr Steers ("17 Again") will direct the epic named "Emperor: Young Caesar".


  1. Ever since I saw the trailer for Centurion, I'm not interested in that movie anymore.
    But I still hope The Eagle of the Ninth will be more to my liking.

  2. Ah, Hadrian's wall. Put up to keep the filthy Scottish barbarians in their place ;)

  3. Every since I've seen trailer for CENTURION, I've been interested in that movie much more than before :PPP

    I hope Sean Connery would come and punish you for saying that about the Scottish :)))

  4. e ekstra bas sam nalozen na Rim trenutno, ponovo sam odgledao HBO's Rome, sada skidam mini seriju Empire iz 2005 (skinuo sam ali los kvalitet, pa moram ponovo).
    Jedino sto bih voleo da vidimo jos neki period osim vladavine Cezara i Avgusta, narocito kasnije periode i istocno carstvo.

    Cestitam na novim romanima Dez, mislim da je to odlican izbor.

  5. I thought Centurian looked interesting!
    Been a while since I saw Sutherland in a flick, too.

  6. Always happy to see Channing, no matter what movie he stars in :)

  7. @Vlada
    ah, evo nam ga Vladek opet svratio :)) Mislim da sam gledao taj EMPIRE, to je ono o Cezaru, jel da? Sto se tice Istocnog carstva i Vizantije, to smo vec i ranije ti i ja pricali da bismo voleli, ali vidis da nikako da nam neko ispuni zelju.
    Hvala na cestitkama, kontam da mislis na BRODOVE RIMA i KAPETANA RIMA? Preveo sam oba dela, ali kontam da ih cuvaju za sajam na jesen, jer sam BRODOVE uradio jos prosle godine, a jos nisu izasli. Inace, obe knjige su bile jako teske za prevodjenje, jer pisac ima neopisivo uvrnut stil i teske recenice.

    yep, I liked CENTURION as well :)

    yep, Channing is dear to me as well :)

  8. Somewhere along the way, someone convinced Tatum he could act, and it's been downhill since. Although I love me a good period film!

  9. ... and maybe while you wait, read the book which I do not think will spoil seeing the film later; or read another Rosemary Sutcliff.... or all manner of stuff about the film .... at .....

  10. yep, Anthony, we support reading books, I personally read most of those historical books which later on became or will become films, and books usually are much better.