Saturday, May 29, 2010


As most of you know, the EUROVISION SONG CONTEST finale is on Saturday evening in Oslo, Norway, and according to journalists there and the fans, the main favourite to win is Milan Stankovic from Serbia. After getting the tittle of the most refined country at Eurosong in last decade, thanks to three powerful ballads we've sent to previous Eurosongs, Serbia has decided to send a faster song this year, and it seems it worked again. So if you are one of the HOLLYWOOD SPY's readers living in one of the European countries, vote for Milan and his song OVO JE BALKAN :).
To remind you, Serbia first appeared at Eurosong as an independent country in 2004 and immediately amazed whole Europe with Zeljko Joksimovic's stunning ballad LANE MOJE which ended up in a second place after losing the victory with just a few points and it became one of the biggest Eurosong hits ever. But the justice was satisfied when Marija Serifovic brought victory to Serbia at Eurosong 2007 with another stunning ballad MOLITVA. After that, Jelena Tomasevic sang ORO in Eurosong held in Belgrade, and won a high 6th place. So help Serbia secure the high place again and vote for Milan and his charming and cheerful song full of positive energy and love. He performs as song number 8 in tomorrow's finals.


  1. "Marija Serifovic brought victory to Serbia at Eurosong 2005"

    No, it was 2007 when she won. In 2005 and 2006 there were troubles/scandals with Montenegro. Their judges boycotted giving points to Serbia's top contender (Jelena Tomasevic - Jutro) and got their boy band "No Name" to represent Serbia-Montenegro that year. In 2006 there was another squabble of the same sort (I think Montenegro was again using that same band and tactics) so Serbia called the whole thing off and Serbia-Montenegro didn't compete that year. Therefore 2007 was the real first year that it was just Serbia competing.

  2. yes, yes, I know all that, but I was kinda trying to cover up those shameful two years with scandals and that's also the reason why I didn't mention our SHOE FREAK from Moscow :)))) I like to remember only good and nice things :)

  3. Even Perez Hilton wrote about Milan. :-D
    I predict top5.

  4. Perez is becoming totally obsessed with us Serbians :))))

  5. This EUROVISION contest is an utter rubbish. I hate it and really don't care who's going to win. Neither the artist, nor the song will become world famous, which makes this contest un-meaningful. However, I'll be glad if Milan win it ;)

  6. Now, dear Nebster, why would the point of Eurosong be a worldwide fame? The essence of Eurosong is connecting people and European nations in one lovely and positive event in which everybody shares love and fun with their European neighbours. Another point of Eurosong is the attention it brings to the host country and it's tourism. You can't imagine what a good impact Eurosong had on Serbia when we were the hosts two years ago, not only that we've shown how creative we are by organizing a Eurosong show which was according to most experts and contestants the best in last 20 years, but we also earned quite a lot of money from thousands of tourists who came to Belgrade then and those who came after the show inspired by what they've seen during Eurosong.

    I love Eurosong for its performances, spirit, optimism, love, costumes, choreographies, glamour ... and I loved your Miro and ANGEL SI TI, even though I can imagine you personally hated it :)

    Unfortunately with the new voting system which also includes national juries, there are many ways to abuse the voting, and thus in last two years we've seen bad songs winning. But I still love the show.

  7. Oh, Dezz, your point of view is way too naive and it all sound very sentimental. You need a wake up call! Everything in this crazy world is about money, fame and power - accept it. I hate this fact too, but that's the reality. EUROVISION's not a lovely, positive event, but a masquerade. Accept that as well. Sorry for being honest. :)
    Besides, this contest looks very amateurish, badly-produced and organized. Sorry for saying that too, but I just really hate this stupid music event.
    You loved Miro?! OMG, no! He's an absolute copycat, snobbish and overly confident. I don't like him at all! I never have.
    Dezz, do you remember our last year contestant Krasi Avramov? :) This guy put all our country to shame ! It was so embarrassing watching him whining and screaming with his terrible voice.

  8. Oh, I just love seeing you so positive and not skeptic at all ^_^

    You did have some less charming contestants, but some of them were great, I still remember Mariana Popova and her lovely song SAY GOODBYE.
    You do, off course understand that I mainly prefer powerful and artistic songs such as LANE MOJE (Zeljko Joksimovic), NOCTURNE (Secret Garden), LEJLA (HAri Mata Hari), ORO (Jelena Tomasevic) .... but the fast songs are very entertaining as well, and I'm sorry you cannot enjoy the evening when the whole Europe gets united and sings together.

    And I loved Miro, first of all because it had contagious rhythm, and second of all because I knew it came from your homeland. I'm sorry you didn't see that :(

  9. Като ангел бъди милостив
    Ангел в свойта милост безпощаден
    Но справедлив-ти си ангел

    maybe you should start believing in Angels, Neb, like we Elven creatures do ....

  10. I'm not trying to look skeptic, my dear Dezz. I was just saying the truth. I don't like Miro as a person, because I know him closely than you do. He's got a good voice though, but the problem is his song are often dull and unmemorable.
    I believe in angels, in magic, in love... I'm a romantic person, but I seem negative to you, because I always say what I think and trying to keep it real. I'm really tired of falsely accused singers, actors and other artists. This has to be stopped and I'm just a little rebel that tries to figure out how to do it:)
    P.S. Thank you for liking Miro, because he comes from my homeland. I APPRECIATE IT! :)

  11. well, I don't know about other of Miro's songs, but I know that this one was truly amazing, and the official video that he shot for the song has touched me deeply and profoundly and it never sees to amaze me when I watch it, especially the end where all the people get angel's wings. And I love the lyrics.

    Especially when he sings:
    В свят на суета,себе си бъди
    Не сменяй истината със лъжата,
    Че ти си друг-ти си ангел
    Ангел си ти,не вярваш ли
    Ангел пътя ти предсказва
    Ангел си ти,забрави ли
    Любовта ти го доказва....

    Being someone's angel or having your own angel is something we should all strive to.

  12. Ah, a rebel and an angel, what a peculiar match ....