Thursday, May 6, 2010


Now this was bound to happen sooner or later. After all the wild nights spent partying in popular Belgrade clubs, Gerard Butler, who is currently filming Ralph Fiennes' movie „Coriolanus“, has been finally caught red handed. Serbian paparazzi have caught him kissing a blond beauty last evening in Belgrade. The blond is probably, a Serbian model Martina Rajic. She bragged last week in Serbian newspapers how they are having a fling, and the whole country laughed at her claims, but the girl now has a proof as you can see in the picture above. Well, at least they look nice together, and at least Gerry isn't bored in Belgrade. Check out the video from one of Serbia's most popular singers Milan Stankovic in which you can see Gerard's new love interest. Marina is the blond girl with monster fingernails in the video.


  1. She can brag about this fling all she wants. She's still nobody. What kind of model doesn't have her picture on internet (google image search)? Even I have picture on google search, and I don't put/upload many pictures online.
    Either that, or Dezz got her name wrong.

  2. Bels, domestic models generally don't have a lot of pics at Internet, you know that Serbia still isn't a country which does a lot of online business. Even if you Google our singers, you won't get a lot of their pics.

    As far as I remember this girl, Martina, said she works mostly in Greece. She bragged about her fling with Gerard last week in ALO.

  3. Tako me je razocarao da sam morala da se orostim od njega na svim blogovima i gossip sajtovima,pa moram i ovde.Ponovo sam pronasla link za ovaj blog na weirdly obsessed izgleda da je "holivudski spijun" tamo jako popularan.:))Bilo mi je jako zabavno tokom druzenja sa "holivudkim spijunom".Goodbye old man!I just don't like you no more!

  4. Strasno, znaci volela si nas samo zbog Dzerija [srcelom][ridanje][urlici][vapaji] :)

  5. Dez, you make it sound like Serbia doesn't use internet at all. :) And we both know how many facebook logs alone are made each day in Serbia. Well, maybe we don't know the exact number, but it's certainly a lot.
    Even if Martina, and any other local models do not get promoted online by their agencies (which I doubt), it still stands to reason that a person in such profession would have his/her own means of internet promotion. Even a simple facebook/myspace page would count for something.

    And don't tell me some of these persons don't want/like that kind of promotion. Personal aversions towards this and that must be cast aside if you chose such profession.

    So, when I said she's still nobody, I didn't meant it as an insult, but as a simple fact of name recognition. Perhaps she's being promoted with different name, but then she should drop her "old" name entirely.

  6. Well, as far as I remember only 20% of Serbians use Internet :)
    If you search some of our fashion agencies' sites, you will see that they display a very poor selection of pics, it's the same with the sites of our music stars. Rare are those who really have good sites and pictures.
    Martina has a Facebook profile. And she's not famous, nobody knows about her, so that's why her only widely known job is FACE video. But she is nobody, as you said.

    Most people here are uneducated, Bels, when it comes to possibilities of Internet. Most companies and smaller firms don't have their webpages, so how can you expect from an immature model to have one.

  7. ma ja vas volim i dalje i sigurno cu citati "zanimljivosti" ali o nekim drugim talentovanijim glumcima koji zele zaista da budu glumci,a ne celebrity.razlika je velika.;)))pozzzzz

  8. eh, al' si se razocarala u Dzerija, a samo je zeleo da se opusti i zabavi kao svako normalno bice :))

  9. Delete this post Dez!!!! Ruth is going to be in very bad mood when she sees this!

  10. It seems that Gerry is aiming to be an eternal bachelor like George Clooney. Anyone else have that opinion?

  11. Well Martina already seems to have competition, the beautiful brunette singer he was watching and couldn't take his eyes off her.

    Martina is not beautiful. In the pictures where they're seen kissing, you can see she has no makeup and she looks older and like she's a drunk and big party girl. She won't live to see her 30ies if she's goes on that way.

    He even seems bored by her in one picture where they're kissing. He has his eyes opened and the look on his face is one of boredom. It has nothing to do with the paps being there because he knows they're there.

    I have no admiration for women like Martina who thinks because the ambulatory inflatable doll of a celeb they will be famous for it. She'll be notorious for being a cheap slut he used and dumped. He won't even remember her when he leaves Serbia.

  12. a friend from JJMay 7, 2010 at 9:44 AM

    @ yessssss
    come back to Just Jared. We miss you and are lost without your translations.

  13. "She'll be notorious for being a cheap slut he used and dumped. He won't even remember her when he leaves Serbia."

    Sounds like you're jealous of her. You would probably give up everything for one slutty night with Gerard and brag to all your friends about it.

  14. @ a friend from JJ
    Sorry but I made up my mind.I came here to say goodbye to Mr. Old Man.I did it on every site where I was posting.You were great friends.Thanks!Bye!♥♥♥♥♥

  15. @Castor
    I think she's off to see queen Elizabeth, so we are quite safe.

    the brunette singer, called Kaya, isn't a competition. She is happily married to a young basketball player :) And it's not nice calling a girl you don't know a slut. If she's a slut for sleeping with him, then what does that make him? We all live only once, and it's not a sin using all the opportunities you have to have some fan and joy.

    OMG, JJ-army wants you back :))) Duty calls, you gotta return to the tabloid headquarters :PP

  16. I'm not the one calling her a slut for the record. On a Serbian forum, most people referred to her as "a slutty nobody who hangs around celebs trying to get some ill-gained fame".

    I'm not jealous of her either. She's just one more notch to his bedpost. He looks more interested in the singer than in her and the singer, married or not, is more his type.

    Martina is obviously somebody who prefers to party all the time and sleep with whoever can open doors to her. She has no makeup in the other pictures and for somebody who's supposed to be in her ealy 20ies, she already looks like she lives hard and parties just as hard.

    When he leaves unlike other women like Priyanka Chopra with whom he's still friends with, Martina will never hear from him again. I've seen him kiss other women and particularly Kristi Korzek and her he kissed really passionately and they're still friends.

    The next thing you're going to say is that he's in love with her I guess? There's a good reason why she's totally ignored by his group and him for the rest of the evening and it has nothing to do with the paps being there. They all knew his group, him and even her (she's smiling at them so obviously she likes the attention) that the paps were there. The only reason for one sporadic display of affection is that Martina is one more violinist girl or even Laurie Cholewa, a P.R. thing.

    I could never be jealous of her in any case as I'm not gay and I prefer my relationships to be real not staged.

  17. @ Anonymous

    If you prefer "real" relationships, why are you having one in your head with Butler? Fantasy is not reality.

    You obviously are besotted with him if you know all about his dating history.

    Some friendly advise - GET A LIFE

  18. He's a guy and she's a girl and people hook up. I'm glad I'm not in that game (happily married), but if I were, I'd do the same. People don't want to be alone. A kiss on the street or in a club happens and because they're known (him more than her I guess, from what I'm reading here - and I'm Greek and never heard of her there either, but I don't live there and models are a dime a dozen), it becomes news and blog-worthy. Whatever - I think there's been too much discussion on this already! It's fun to read and see a visual, then move on people. That's what the two of them will do tomorrow when everyone leaves.

    Be nice to each other with your comments - this isn't your life, it's someone else's and it's for entertainment purposes - am I wrong?

  19. I must admit Vicks, I'm very sad that some of Gerry's fans have turned this blog into a battlefield. As you've noticed, HOLLYWOOD SPY tends to spread positive energy and support, warm vibes and love to our readers, and we never had rude comments here before, so I hope that people will respect that and try to stay positive and polite when sharing their energies and opinions with us or with each other.

  20. That's exactly what drives me nuts on blogs/boards. People are so critical, and then become critical of the other critics, and so on. I like your style of just stating what it is, with flair and move on. This is just a glimpse of what the celebs are doing, not a place to dissect and devour! I've enjoyed myself so far, the posts are fun reads and that's what I take them for. Keep it up :)

    Yes, I may be guilty of fantasizing about Gerry, but who doesn't every once in a while (fantasize, that is)...doesn't have to be all consuming - we all DO have lives! Normal folk can only fantasize...these lifestyles are for very few so why not revel in their juicy activities from time to time?

  21. Vicks, I shall hire you as my PR :)) and your duty will be to jump in with some calm words whenever some people appear with impolite comments :))

  22. The woman in the photo he is kissing is not Martina Rajic. It is some other blonde female named Mila Novaković according to reports online.

    Also, in the photos that I saw online of Gerard and Martina, and the singer Kaya performing in front of them, Gerard looks totally smitten by Kaya, as though Martina doesn't even exist, while she (Martina) gazes adoringly at him.

    I think he is sexy but he is a consummate womanizer. In other words on je veliki kurvar!!



  23. He is having the time of his life, just like any single male would do - or female, for that matter. I didn't think they looked alike either. Good call.

    Dez, you are too funny! I do not know the first thing about PR, but sure! I'll be around....

  24. I just read Castor's comment. TOO FUNNY! Oh sheesh, if I were to be in a bad mood every time the man scores, my face will be more wrinkly than a shar pei from frowning! :) So you are safe even if I read this right across from you, Dez!

    Guys, for the record, I like GB but I don't care much about his personal life nor is my life affected by who he kisses in a given day. So I'll leave that kind of thing to his 'Tarts' (that's what his die-hard fans call themselves in case you didn't know), I'd rather focus on his work (which hopefully gets better with Machine Gun Preacher and Coriolanus next).

  25. I knew I would be safe :) after all you have British manners, you wouldn't hurt charming little Dezz just for speaking the truth :)

    Gerry has Tarts??? :)))))) Charming :)