Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Well, I guess that in the world of vampires and robots, we really could use a good fairy tale with a gorgeous princess off course. According to the latest news Disney is planning a new live action version of "Cinderella" inspired by the successful adaptations of classics into live action films we've seen recently ("Alice in Wonderland").
A 7-figure deal is currently made for a project which will be penned by Aline Brosh McKenna. This is actually a great news, since McKenna has written some charming and very popular romantic comedies such as "The Devil Wears Prada" and "27 Dresses". The new "Cinderella" will be produced by Simon Kinberg ("Jumper", "X-Men: First Class"). The story of an unfortunate girl meeting her prince has been told in many feature films, my favourite probably being Drew Barrymore's "Ever After", but I guess it won't hurt seeing the beloved story up in cinemas again.


  1. Interesting. Thought Ever After was okay, too.

    And did you see how much Alice in Wonderland has made world-wide? Almost $900,000.
    It wasn't THAT good...

  2. I wonder if this has anything to do with the success of Alice in Wonderland (why, nobody knows). Hopefully they try and do something new with it. Not so much in terms of story (though I wouldn't mind a return to the original and decapitation but hey, that's just me), but rather in terms of visual. Just don't spend $200 million to make it take place in the future, with aliens, and a talking dog, and we'll be ok.

  3. I'd watch this! I wonder who they'll pick to play the lead. I loved Ever After too!

  4. I'm intrigued. I love fairy tales so I watch all remakes. I hope it's different from the original.

  5. Well as long as they don't cast Scar Jo in this, takes a lot of Photoshop work to make her look like THAT. I quite like Ever After despite its unabashed schmaltzy-ness... and Drew's atrocious accent. Perhaps because Dougray Scott makes a fiiine Prince :)

  6. It seems Disney is running out of fresh ideas. Live action version of "Cinderella" = boredom!

  7. @Alex
    well, most movies that earn a lot of money, aren't really that good (at least not in a deeper sense) but they have great visuals.

    I've written in the post that it is inspired by ALICE :)

    hey, Lids, welcome to HOLLYWOOD SPY, hope we'll be seeing you here often :)

    we could all use a bit of fairy tale :)

    I'm with you when it comes to casting Scarlett. Hope they'll choose some stunning young unknown actress or Emily Blunt :)))

    here you go romantic again :PPP

  8. Hey, that's Scarlett Johannson in the picture! I think she would make the hottest Cinderella ever ;)

  9. So many remakes...but who doesn't love a princess?

  10. It is Scarlett, that's one of the famous photos from Ennie Leibovitz fairy-tale photo shoot with celebrities :)