Wednesday, May 26, 2010


That stunning pussycat Nicole Scherzinger is really enjoying some great times these days. Last night she won the "Dancing with the Stars" finale after showing amazing dancing skills and irresistible charm together with her dancing partner Derek Hough, which helped her win judges' and audience's hearts. And then, there's another fresh news: although it was said Nicole will leave the Pussycat Dolls, since her solo album "Her Name is Nicole" had a nice success around the world and her song "Baby Love" became a huge hit, their production house has decided to kick all the other girls from the band and bring four new Pussycats who will form again around stunning and ultra talented Nicole. But before they record a new album, Nicole is ready for another solo project with the new single "Nobody Can Change Me" which will be released this year and you can hear it over at YouTube.


  1. Wow, this girl knows how to dance! :-D

  2. she does :)) Although I must admit the choreographies in US DWTS aren't as creative and exciting as I've expected. The British and Croatian versions have much more creative performances.

  3. and I see you've put my favourite pic as your profile photo :))

  4. A former professional dancer won Dancing with the Stars? Go figure.

  5. @Dezz
    I did, but I didn't know it's your favorite. :-)
    Why is Blogger resizing my photo?

  6. She's inhumanly perfect in this dance. Go Nicole!

  7. Doesn't she kind of defeat the whole purpose of this show, getting someone whose career encompasses dancing? I mean she's a singer/dancer by trade, if she didn't win I'd be shocked.

  8. I've seen only one season of Dancing with the Stars, the one that figure skater Kristi Yamaguchi won and it was entertaining, but definitely not my favorite TV show.
    I'm so glad Nicole Scherzinger won the show, because she truly is an amazing dancer and has great sense of rhythm. :)
    In my list of Favorite Female Celebs, she stands on TOP right next to Cheryl Cole. ;) Nicole has stunning and very exotic face and very commercial and expensive look:) Cheryl still owns the crown though. So chraming, so beautiful, so charismatic, so sincere! :) She's the queen of my heart :)

  9. I didn't know there were other DWTS versions! Big surprise they're better than the US version...How disloyal is that of me? I don't watch the show, though, so I really shouldn't comment.

    Southern City Mysteries

  10. @Mike
    everybody's photo is smaller here at Blogger, Mikey :)

    Go Nicole! :)

    well, the whole show would be boring without semi-professionals :) But being a pop or hip-hop dancer isn't really the same as ballroom dancing, except that it gives her the fitness needed for the moves.

    and plus Nicole had a stunning vocal performance in one of last year's biggest world hits JAI HO from THE SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE.
    Cheryl is getting divorced these days, and there are some weird rumors that she is in a secret relationship with WILL I AM :)

  11. @Michele
    yes, Michele, most of world wide popular shows and reality programmes have national versions around the world. Here in Serbia for example we have our IDOL, FAME ACADEMY, BIG BROTHER, WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE, SURVIVOR, COUNTRY LIFE.... DANCING WITH THE STARS really is better in England and in Croatia, because they have very creative choreographies and better choice of songs.

  12. @Dezz
    Oh, Nicole is full package, no doubt about it;)

    I've also heard those rumors about Cheryl's divorce and they're actually true! God, this girl has really strange taste in men! It's never been a secret she likes mostly black guys, which is ok, but it seem she likes not-that-handsome black guys :) I don't know if I have a chance! Ha-ha :)

  13. Don't despair, Nebster, I know others would be more than happy to have you :)

  14. Is this Girl's Aloud Cheryl?

  15. I know of Nicole, and I like her. I don't particularly care for her music, but I like her as a performer.(Dezz opens his mouth in surprise... ...or not.. :)) ). She has stunning good looks, and stunning voice, and she is a great dancer (as proven).

    Alex was right about it being a little unfair towards other contestants (including Nicole in a dance competition against actresses and such). But I also agree with Dezz's explanation. I would've said the same thing myself.

  16. @Answer
    yes, Nebster is as obsessed with Cheryl as you are Answer :))

    I can't even utter a word from shock :)

  17. @Dezmond - I'm not obsessed with Cheryl, personally I prefer Sarah in both the looks and singing department. And overall I prefer Rachel Stevens, unfortunately she's getting or just got married.