Sunday, October 16, 2011


Hey, my little freaks, it's time for a new spotlight on fresh new faces who are slowly conquering Hollywood. Don't forget to check out two previous posts on new stars: HOLLYWOOD SPY'S SPOTLIGHT ON UPCOMING STARS PART 1 and PART 2.

He is probably one of the most eye-catching young Brits of his age: Eddie Redmayne is mostly known for his lead role in epic TV series  THE PILLARS OF THE EARTH, in which he gave a haunting portrayal of a young medieval boy torn between his love, talent, religion and his sense for justice. But it was not the first time we've seen him in period flicks: his unique looks and his mesmerizing eyes have also secured him roles in ELIZABETH: THE GOLDEN AGE as a boy who tries to assassinate Cate Blanchet's Elizabeth, and also in THE OTHER BOLEYN GIRL, as the husband of Mary Boleyn. After that he also starred in a medieval horror BLACK
next to Sean Bean. This December we will be watching him in MY WEEK WITH MARILYN in which, judging from the trailer, he gives a stunning portrayal of Colin Clark, a young man who gave Marilyn Monroe a chance to experience free life at least for one week while she was filming THE PRINCE AND THE SHOWGIRL in London. He also played famous Angel Clare in TV series TESS OF THE D'URBERVILLES. As a talented theatre actor he is also a winner of a Tony Award.

Probably one of the most gorgeous Australian stars of the young generation, Teresa Palmer has been mentioned for a lot of big future projects (including the remake of MAD MAX and THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN) but didn't have the luck to get any of the rumored roles. However, we will be seeing her next to Nicholas Hoult in zombie drama WARM BODIES  about a zombie who falls for the girlfriend of one of his victims and then tries to change his naughty zombie ways. She will also join Liam Hemsworth in action drama AWOL. You mostly remember her from I AM NUMBER FOUR with Alex
and from THE SORCERER'S APPRENTICE with Jay Baruchel and Nicholas Cage. She had a lot of celebrity boyfriends from Adam Brody and Russell Brand to Topher Grace and Scott Speedman.

Canadian heartbreaker Taylor Kitsch has reached wider fame with his role in WOLVERINE, but then went on to star in TV show FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. However,
it seems someone in the big studios has noticed his hunky looks (he was a top model) and he is about to become a big action star with lead roles in two mega projects: sf epic JOHN CARTER, which should hit cinemas next March following a brave soldier who ends up on a strange planet where he is involved in a war among strange alien race. The trailer for the film promises an extra-ordinary sf movie with breathtaking sets and more than respectable cast. After that he will again join an alien battle, but this time a naval one in BATTLESHIP in which US navy will
have to fight off the attack of some strange aliens using their ships and submarines. He will also join Blake Lively and Salma Hayek in Oliver Stone's SAVAGES. And it seems, that privately, he is a calm and quiet guy who often takes part in different charities.

Adorable little boy whom we all remember from Hugh Grant's ALL ABOUT THE BOY has grown up over the years and is now Nicholas Hoult, one of Hollywood's upcoming stars. He is now an actor who has behind him roles in A SINGLE MAN (next to Collin Firth), in CLASH OF THE TITANS (he played Eusebios), but his biggest break was the role of Beast in this year's X-MEN: FIRST CLASS. He is currently filming Brian Singer's mega epic JACK THE GIANT KILLER next to Ewan McGregor in which he plays the lead role of the fabled character, and as mentioned above he will play the lead zombie role next to
Teresa Palmer in WARM BODIES. His distinctive Vulcan eyebrows and piercing blue eyes have also made him a very successful top model and he is one of Tom Ford's favourite models.


  1. I'm sorry did you spotlight anyone else? I got lost atTaylor Kitsch, I'm afraid. ;) Dayum! I am totally drooling on my keyboard with those pics of his. I want to see more of him and perhaps he shall be my newest angel. ;)))

    Great post! You always know who's who and who's the hottest.

  2. I knew right from the beginning, Kitsch would be a treat for you, Melsy ;)

  3. I love Hoult. Not so sure about Kitsch, though. I wonder why I haven't seen him anywhere before.

  4. Friday Night Lights was a damn good tv show, hopefully they'll get the movie they are trying to make. The John Carter one sounds like it should be good too. But when you start doing movies based on board games, I might have to pass on those..haha

  5. I'd like to take the post of Taylor Kitch to bed with me tonight please :) Talk about hot!

    I'll catch up on your other spotlights too Dezzy.


  6. I kept trying to place Eddie, so glad you gave us the 411! Always fun to see who is up n' coming!

  7. Between this post, Melissa's cover, and the poll I think your blog has hit maximum abs exposure. Well done. Carry on. :)

  8. the three boys look interesting...but I need to see them move to like them ;)
    Pictures never made me start saying he is handsome.

  9. How are you, Dez? Long time no chat. :)
    Thanks for putting Teresa in this awesome list, she's really one that I adore the most.

  10. @Nahno
    you haven't seen him much before because this is an UPCOMING stars spotlight :)

    JOHN CARTER should be one of the best epics next year. I don't know why it doesn't have any marketing campaign since it was extremely expensive (About 200 million dollars) and it has almost no buzz even though it has one of the strongest casts ever and a brilliant director

  11. @Donna
    feel free to do whatever you like with Taylor :) Autumn has cold nights and a lady needs something to warm herself up ... :)

    yep, I think you watched PILLARS OF THE EARTH, he was magnificent in that one. Can't wait to see him in MY WEEK WITH MARYLIN this November!

  12. RIGGINS!! Yeah, I don't know who those other guys are, but I'm all about Taylor Kitsch! :)

  13. @Luanne
    ah, you just notice abs and not the boobs :) I think I post both of those for my ladies and boys :)

    that's the point, Novia, my spotlights always feature charismatic talents, not just handsome people

    yep, haven't seen you in centuries. I thought you got pregnant or something.

  14. So that's the kid from About a Boy?
    You're usually the first to comment on the Weekend Sillies, Dezmond.

  15. Is it a coincidence they all have muscles?

  16. @Diane
    yep, that's the kid.
    I'll pop over immediately, I missed it yesterday, had lots of work and some home troubles :( I could use some silly cats to cheer me up

    it is indeed. You notice it, because the non-muscly guys usually don't pose with their shirts off.

  17. dezz! i hope everything is going all right! eeks!
    i've said it before, and i'll say it again.
    nicholas hoult is a phenomenal talent. i truly hope he keeps getting roles.
    and man! i need to see pillars of earth. my hubs told me i'd love it, but! i keep forgetting whenever i have the time.

  18. it could be better but we shall survive :) Too much work on all fronts topped with other problems ...

    Nick really is a nice new talent, isn't he?
    PILLARS were kinda boring at moments, not really a great story, but they are worth watching for some of the actors who really are brilliant and intriguing. Eddie especially alongside Donald Sutherland, Ian McShane, Sam Claflin and David Oakes!

  19. *sigh* I can see why they're up and coming!