Monday, October 17, 2011


The younger brother of Chris Thor Hemsworth, Liam Hemsworth has a new project in his pocket. Beside taking one of the leads in HUNGER GAMES and going oriental in ARABIAN NIGHTS, he will now take the lead in sf film TIMELESS too, which I mentioned back in 2010.  Directed by  Phillip Noyce (SALT) the movie will follow a recently widowed man who inherits a fortune from his late wife. Plagued by an unresolved issue between he and his wife, he uses the money to build a time travel device to see her one last time, and to resolve a mysterious issue between the two of them.
 When it comes to remake/reboot news this Monday, "MovieWeb" reports that THE CROW remake has lost its director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo
(28 WEEKS LATER), who is also in the game for directing new HIGHLANDER. As you remember THE CROW also lost its main star when Bradley Cooper decided to play Lucifer in PARADISE LOST instead. He could be replaced by Channing Tatum now. Meanwhile, TOP GUN sequel is also in preproduction. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer has now hired THOR and X-MEN FIRST CLASS screenwriters to pen the script.  To be directed by Tony Scott the sequel will focus on a group of young Air Force pilots, who fly remote-controlled drone planes from a command center.

A new trailer and a new poster have been released for the new uplifting romantic film NEW YEAR'S EVE which opens in cinemas
December 9th directed by Garry Marshall. A kind of sequel to VALENTINE'S DAY, this movie celebrates love, hope, forgiveness, second chances and fresh starts, in the intertwining stories told amidst the pulse and promise of New York City on the most dazzling night of the year. As you can see from the poster, the film features an amazingly stellar cast which includes Robert De Niro, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jake Gyllenhaal, Ashton Kutcher, Zac Efron, Lea Michele, Jessica Biel, SofĂ­a Vergara, Josh Duhamel, Katherine Heigl, Michelle Pfeiffer, Abigail Breslin, Jon Bon Jovi and Til Schweiger.


  1. The only movie here that interests me at all is Timless

  2. Liam is nowhere near as hot as his brother. He's cute, but Chris is smokin'. And Liam's a bit young to be playing a recently widowed man with unresolved angst who builds a time machine to go back and deal with his now dead wife. Ah well... It might be interesting. ;)

    Rodrigo Santoro would be a better Crow than Tatum or Bradley. The character is a lean, dark rocker not a corporate dude-type like Cooper or a giant athletic looking guy like Tatum.

  3. I really can't understand all these remakes. Feels lazy and unimaginative to me. :(

  4. It's true, Melsy, Chris has charisma, and Liam is way too young, I also wondered how will they incorporate this into the story.
    Rodrigo would be a great CROW, but it's possible the film won't even happen at all

  5. @Luanne
    both film and music world are in deep crises when it comes to new talents and new ideas ... This decade will be remembered for total absence of creativity and taste, I think it is all due to the saturation of public with action, violence, sex and reality programmes. Studios don't know what more to give after that :(

  6. "There can be only one" should be a rule in Hollywood and they should take these remakes and shove them up their rear end. Of course not much can be more atrocious than Highlander 2..haha

  7. yes, most of later HIGHLANDERS were more of DOWNLANDERS :)

  8. Dezzy - Liam is yummy.
    And the remakes... WHY??? Have a great night. =D

  9. Hey, thanks for stopping by for pancakes today! :)

  10. So many remakes. Are there no new stories? Or is it that the world NEEDS another Top Gun volleyball scene? Great scene!

  11. blech remakes.
    but that crow pic you picked is amazing!

  12. All for Timeless--I never get enough time travel. A remake of The Crow is akin to blasphemy. Why? is all I ask.
    Arabian Nights? No thank you.

    Tossing It Out

  13. The crow is such a cursed movie. Such bad luck

  14. As much as I love chick flicks, I'm not really a fan of the ones with multiple famous actors/actresses movies with multiple storylines.

    I think the Crow should stay as a classic.

  15. How many stars in NEW YEARS EVE? jeesh that wore me out!!

    Happy Monday Dezzy!

  16. No need for Crow and Top Gun remakes but you know Hollywood but New Years Eve has a damn good cast...maybe.

  17. @Shells
    I know you have a special place in your heart for Liam :)

    I can still taste the pancakes in my mouth :)

    there was a volleyball scene in TOP GUN?Were they shirtless? :)

  18. @Vic
    I had a feeling last night, you would be the one to like THE CROW pic :))

    he he I know you like time travel Lee :)

    it is, hopefully this one won't be, although it already seems it is

  19. @Lyndy
    you're not? I myself adore multiple stories both on film and in books. I'm currently translating a multiplestory book :) Sadly, it is a horrid one :(

    and I didn't even name all of them in the post :)))

    it is a stellar cast... imagine all the vanity at the set :)

  20. Wow, NYE does have a great cast. And it looks funny. How awesome to have such a funny director.

  21. You know I LOVE my time machines so I've definitely got my eye on Timeless! :)

  22. Remaking the Crow? How unexpected. And I feel like such a blonde. Right! Those Hemsworths are related. Duh--they look just alike. Oh, and they have the same last name! :D <3

  23. I wish they weren't remaking THE CROW. The original was great. As for a TOP GUN sequel, what the hell for?

  24. Timeless sounds interesting. Might take my girlfriend to go see that, she really liked the Timetraveller's wife which has a similar concept.

  25. Timeless sounds cool, Crow doesn't need a remake. sorry about not commenting lately. My work computer has issues with blogger due to antiqueated explorer versions and what not. These will likely continue.

  26. Christ, NEW YEAR'S EVE must be what being sent to hell must be like.

  27. Can't wait for The Crow!!!

  28. @Sam
    yep, Sam, I know you like the timeless concept :)
    But no chicken in it this time, I'm afraid :)


    yep, sister, when two men look similar and share the same name there is always a "slight" possibility that they are brothers :))

  29. @Josh
    even wondered if they will remake remakes in ten or twenty years? :)

    yep, TIMETRAVELLER'S WIFE was nice film with some seriously bad direction

    ah, you're one of those lurkers who read HOLLYWOOD SPY from workplace :) I lost a number of such people who thought the site was too spicy for opening in their office :(

  30. I hope you're not too spicy to open at work, otherwise I'm screwed. In the bad way.

  31. @Movies
    well if you define hell as a place filled with love and positive energy, then yes, although I do agree that the sight of Halle Berry and Hilary Swank is reminiscent of hell

    you might wait for a while :)

  32. @Joshy
    well, I had cases of people who were reading me at work and had to stop doing it after their boss dropped in while they had one of my pics opened :) It's sad actually :( I really did lose some readers in that way, because not all people use computer at home.

  33. I think that's the point. There aren't a lot of Good ones with the multiple storylines. When it's good it's great, but when its meh, it's terrible.

  34. @Lyndy
    that goes for pretty much anything :)))

    glad you think so

  35. I did not know that Liam and Chris were brothers!

    I just watched Valentine's Day for the first time last week. It was okay. I think I'll watch New Year's Eve on DVD too. It does have some great peoples in it!

  36. Remake remake and remak *sigh* can there possibly be a year of no remake in the cinema?

    Bon Jovi in a movie, he hasn't chosen good movie far as I can remember

  37. @Kelly
    they are :)
    I wanted to watch VALENTINES DAY last night too, but something was wrong with my DVD player :(

    we haven't actually seen much remakes so far, only FRIGHT NIGHT and now FOOTLOSE, most of them are still in production :)
    Bon Jovi should not act if you ask me :)

  38. Looking forward to a Top Gun sequel, as for the crow remake, it could possibly be done better than the original.

  39. Even 1 remake is too much for me ;)
    Hahaha so true!! it's probably not the movie but he himself that makes the movie not good