Saturday, October 15, 2011


I don't know if you heard, but Bruce Willis is preparing a new DIE HARD movie, which will be released in February 2013 and will be
titled A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD. Bruce will off course return as the resilient detective John McClane,  but 20th Century Fox is currently searching for a young actor who will play his adopted son in the story set in Russia this time. The good news is that three amazing young actors will do screen tests for the role next week: Aaron Paul (BREAKING BAD), Ben Foster (X-MEN) and Milo Ventimiglia (HEROES). According to "Variety", the character of the son could take up the whole franchise later on.

As you know, dear people, it's that time of the year when TV stations are deciding whether to cancel or greenlit the whole seasons of their new shows. A bunch of new shows have hit
the air this Autumn season, some with big and some with no success. Who is staying with us, and who's not? Well, as expected ABC has decided to cancel CHARLIE'S ANGELS, which we knew would happen as soon as we saw the actresses. CBS is continuing with their new show PERSON OF INTEREST which stars James Caviezel. CW has decided to shoot the whole season of their new hit show RINGER which stars Ioan Gruffudd and Sarah Michelle Gellar. CW has also ordered full seasons of their new shows HART OF DIXIE with Rachel Bilson and their teenage fantasy THE SECRET CIRCLE. On the other hand, SyFy has ordered the third season of HAVEN, while HBO has ordered the third season of THE BOARDWALK EMPIRE.

After lots of clips which left us all amazed by Glenn Close's transformation, the first trailer for ALBERT NOBBS has been finally released! Hitting cinemas next January, this period drama will have Award winning actress Glenn Close in the role of a woman passing as a man in order to work and survive in 19th century Ireland. Some thirty years after donning men's clothing,
she finds herself trapped in a prison of her own making. Quite a stunning cast also includes young Aaron Johnson, the new count Vronski in ANNA KARENINA, amazing Maria Doyle Kennedy, whose magnificent portrayal of queen Catherine of Aragon in THE TUDORS we still remember, and two ultra talented Irish thespians Brendan Gleeson and Jonathan Rhys Meyers.


  1. The ruined the Die Hard Series, they need to cut the crap and just make hit McClane again, screw the family members, screw the sidekicks, and screw making it all over the place. The 4th one felt like nothing more than some buddy cop movie and that fighter jet see was barf worthy. He did say he wanted to do 5 and 6 and I'm sure after that they'll shove in some young guy to take the reigns so they have the name recognition. Horrible, but the actors they have for his son would do fine, just shouldn't have them. Prob be pg again too, geez.

  2. Not another Die Hard movie...Le Sigh.I like the TV Headlines tho!

  3. What an odd little movie Albert Nobbs appears to be. And such an ironic title, given the premise. :P

    By the way, Brendan Gleeson should have been in your sidebar poll. Love him.

  4. There's Oscar buzz already for Glenn Close.

  5. Keeping my fingers crossed for Milo!
    Glenn Close's look as Albert Nobbs is impressive!

  6. LG made me laugh - that was exactly my thought.

    if they're going to do the Son of Die Hard they need someone with a cheeky sense of humour, chip off the old block kinda thing. That guy who is in the Transformer movies. Him.

  7. @Pat
    ah, what can we do... nobody in Hollywood asks us what we want, they just go for mindless money hunt and for satisfying mediocre taste ...

    Le sigh indeed :) Glad you like the TV headlines, more of those coming in the next few weeks when other channels decide which shows to hold onto and which not...

  8. @Luanne
    there is some word twist in the title?
    I thought about putting Gleeson and Gabriel Byrne in the game too, but I knew they would get only one or two votes :( kinda like poor Stuart Townsend who doesn't have a single vote yet :(

    there is... next year's Oscar category for best female role will be a very strong one with some of the biggest actresses fighting for the award.

  9. @Summer
    she does look impressive, it could be the role of her life. She hasn't been used in films as much as she should've been. I loved her outstanding performance in HOUSE OF THE SPIRITS next to Meryl and Irons

    both Aaron and Ben are exactly that type of actors, Michael - witty and charming. Milo is on the other hand more of a rebel without a cause type. Not really a good actor, although he does have a certain charisma.

  10. I must admit I haven't been a big fan of any of the new shows out this season, but I've also been cutting back on my tv watching.

    Albert Nobbs seems interesting. I might just have to put that on my list of movies to look out for. :)

  11. Ringer is awesome, and The Secret Circle has gotten off to a surprisingly good start(and i'm saying that as a person who never read the books and only checked it out because of Thomas Decker).

    Albert Nobbs doesn't really interest me tho, even though i became a fan of Johnson after seeing Nowhere Boy

  12. The first 3 DIE HARDS were great fun. The 21st Century instalments have been rubbish and the hiring of John Moore to direct is a bad move. Fox Studios loves John Moore and keeps on giving him big films to make even though they keep flopping. Something isn't right there.

    Fox should employ Rupert Wyatt to make it after the good job he did on RISE OF THE APES for them.

  13. Glenn Close is stunning in this trailer and i am so happy that the new Charlie's Angels has been given the axe. What a dreadful show with just lackluster stars. And they turned strong female characters into sex pots. I don't remember Kelly and Sabrina flashing their assets quite so much in the original. That was for Jill, the beautiful model of the three.

    Die Hard, not looking forward to it so much. I didn't particularly like the last one. Though I must say the three screen testing for the role of the son are outstanding young men. They may save the story. ;)

  14. None of these interest me today, sorry. :(

  15. @Emily
    it's true, we didn't get many good shows this season. Nothing too big appeared in the offer. I also haven't been watching TV a lot in last year or two. I usually just pick out three of four shows a year, and follow them religiously and forget about the rest :)

    I haven't seen RINGER nor SECRET CIRCLE, so far, but I trust they have their audience since they've been greenlit for the whole season. Aaaron Johnson is quite interesting and I love how he has to show off his flawless body naked in almost every of his films :)

  16. @Movies
    I think I've watched only the first two DIE HARD films when I was a kid :) I tend not to watch action films and action stars. I do agree that there are a lot of directors who keep making flops and they still get new jobs ... which is very fishy...

    better luck next time, son!

    she is quite great in the film.
    We knew ANGELS would be bad from the beginning, didn't we? :) It is just not a type of show that can be successful nowadays.

  17. Albert has a funny face. lol

  18. gellar is still quite hot i must say...

  19. @Pesos
    you've noticed? :)))

    I did try to find the hottest pic of her, for me boys ;)

  20. Dezzy - I haven't decided if I like RINGER yet or not. I've watched them all and the last one was good, but... I love REVENGE, which is a new one. Sooo good. NEW GIRL is adorable, too.

    As for Glen Close as a man - WOW! Interesting.

  21. i want to see that new movie. a good day to die hard looks so great :D

  22. I am a fan of both heroes and Breaking Bad, and would like to see either of those two get the role. Thanks for the info, I hadn't heard that yet. DIE HARD IS AWESOME! Followed!

  23. @Shells
    I haven't heard of REVENGE. What is it about? Who are the actors?

    glad you like it :)

    be welcome, and welcome to HOLLYWOOD SPY :)

  24. Dezzy - REVENGE Centers on a young woman who is welcomed into a community filled with people who don't know she's only there to exact revenge on those who had destroyed her family. (INDB) The MC is played by Emily VanCamp. Madeleine Stowe is in it as well.

  25. I vote for Milo and OMG Glenn Close is amazing!
    I predict an Oscar and a few other prestigious awards~

  26. This post is filled with people i haven''t seen in a while. I kinda like Milo in Heroes, but then I hate Heroes and stopped watching after the 1st season. It was an amazing show but it
    turned so bad in the 2nd season...what a shame.

    The buffy girl is also been a while.I forgot when exactly that show finally bored me.

    As for Die Heard, the fourth was too much and now they want to make the 5th ? *rolling eyes*

  27. I think Glenn Close will be one really strong contender in Oscar next year.

  28. @Shells
    ah, yes, I remember that one, I wrote about it last winter, and you loved Madeline's red dress from the pic I posted :) I lost track of it and didn't know it was shot and aired after that.

    yep, Glenn should be a serious contender for an Oscar, especially since Academy loves these kind of roles

  29. @Novia
    yep, HEROES became deadly boring and static towards the middle of the first season. They just didn't have good script and didn't know what to do with their story.
    When it comes to BUFFY, I must admit I've never really followed that one. I usually don't follow vampire and supernatural shows like BUFFY, ANGEL, CHARMS...

    she probably will!

  30. :( :( :(
    where is my ben foster pic?
    seriously, the most handsome and talented of the three and you leave him off? :P

    i haven't watched any of these new shows, yikes!

  31. belive it or not, Vics, I spent almost half an hour trying to find a nice pic of Ben for this collage, but he just doesn't have many photo sessions for some reason :( I just couldn't find a nice pic to combine with these two, although I wanted to.

  32. A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD: Speaking of killing franchises by making too many movies...

    New Rule: End with a picture closer to Sarah Michelle Gellar instead of Glenn Close.

    Also, how sad is it that Glenn Close looks more like a man than some men?

  33. he he he Glenn certainly does look more manly than me myself :) And the suit fits her much better.