Tuesday, October 18, 2011


It's a very boring beginning of the week, and I only have two trailers for you today, my freaks. One for a new show, and one for a foreign epic.
Over at "Buzzes Cafe" I came upon the thrilling trailer for a Dutch epic film NOVA ZEMBLA. The first 3D film to come from Holland follows the true-life travel of Willem Barentsz, who in 1596 tried to find a shorter shipping route to India by going North over Russia through uncharted waters. The ship and its crew got surprisingly far, managing to round the Northern tip of the island
Nova Zembla before getting irrevocably stuck in the ice. Plagued by hunger, extreme cold and attacks by polar bears, the men made it through the winter by demolishing their wooden ship and using the planks to build a large shelter on the island. When spring arrived the survivors demolished the shelter, built a smaller boat and managed to travel back to The Netherlands. Hopefully, the film will be translated into English at some point. The most interesting thing is that it also stars one of the hottest models ever - spellbinding Doutzen Kroes.

Ready to debut on Sunday, November 6th in it's first season is AMC's new show HELL ON WHEELS which tells the epic story of post-Civil War America, focusing on a Confederate soldier (Anson Mount) who sets out to exact revenge on the Union soldiers who have killed his wife. His journey takes him west to HELL ON WHEELS, a dangerous, raucous, lawless melting pot of a town that
travels with and services the construction of the first transcontinental railroad, an engineering feat unprecedented for its time. The series examines the railroad's institutionalized greed and corruption, the immigrant experience, and the plight of the newly emancipated African Americans during reconstruction. Over time, HELL ON WHEELS chronicles this potent turning point in our nation's history, and how uncivilized the business of civilization can be.

PS! Have you watched Sunday's (US) or Monday's (rest of the world) premiere of the 2nd season of THE WALKING DEAD? How did you like it? I thought it could've used less of the religious
crap, but it was certainly thrilling. It also broke some records with about 11 million viewers only in USA which is more than 40% above the 1st season opening episode. I don't know what to think of the end of the 1st episode. I'm shocked.


  1. Ooh, I'm in a zombie mood and The Walking Dead seems like it's up my alley.

    Hell on Wheels looks interesting.

  2. Hell On Wheels looks cool. I'll need to try to catch it.

  3. @Medeia
    you must watch if from the first season :)
    It's super thrilling in a suspense kind of way

    I'll probably check it out myself ;)

  4. Hope NOVA ZEMBLA does get translated because it looks amazing.

  5. Dezz - CP (my daughter) and I are huge Walking Dead fans; just to get ready for last night we did a week long recap of Season One.

    Basically we loved this Season Two opener - it had a great start...

    But then it dumbed itself down and reduced my appreciation of this series considerably when I had to endure actors talking to a wooden statue for fifteen minutes as a way of stretching out the "commercial" value of what could easily have been fit into a one hour time slot if they left out all the "praying for help/forgiveness/answers/solutions" filler.

    Most disappointing - if it continues in this fashion I will stop watching.

    That being said...gosh the rest of it was grotesquely fantastic!

    Cheers, Jenny

  6. Nova Zembla looks very dramatic. I need my friend K.C. to translate, but otherwise it was very compelling. :)

  7. Hell on wheels looks interesting, I always wait for the season set though, so we shall see. Same with walking dead, so I close my eyes at any spoilers haha. Love that show and got it dvr'ed but waiting until I can watched them all in a row.

  8. Nova Zembla looks fantastic. (Don't think your friend, Doutzen, would have survived in that outfit though.)

  9. I'm so far behind in my movie watching I'll never catch up! ha.

  10. Certainly it's no longer a boring Monday for the boys with that pic of Doutzen Kroes, Dezzy ;-)

  11. Nova Zembla looks like my kind of thing. I like a good action/drama.

  12. Dezzy - I've added season 1 of THE WALKING DEAD to my instant queue. I'll check it out.
    Also, I have to say, YOWZA!!! Little Miss Dutsen is gorgeous!

  13. I got a play by play report on the Walking Dead premiere thanks to Twitter

  14. The Walking Dead premiere is next on my to-watch list. I'll probably watch it tonight. Can't wait! :)

  15. Nova Zembla looks really cool. I can't wait for a sub of some kind.

  16. you have done it again Dezzy. I have little memory of anything in your post except that image at the top....


  17. i didn't catch the new episode of the walking dead. but i've heard some bad things about it.

  18. @Lyndy
    we shall keep our fingers crossed :) It should be translated especially since it's their first 3d flick

    I hear you sister, I heard the opening episode lasted 90 minutes over in USA and that 30 minutes of it were adds :) It lasted 60 minutes here in Europe :)
    The church part really was pathetic, especially when the sheriff starts praying ... God Lord, we didn't need that one.
    I was also shocked by the death of their son, are they getting rid of both kids in the cast? I do not approve of such scenes with kids.
    My fav part was when they found a truck with water :) I do love when people find resources, I'm a supplies type of guy :))

  19. @Luanne
    KC is in the Dutch speaking part of Belgium? She should comment on this one then :) Give her a note

    he he Pat patient as a cat :)

    I'm sure the boys wouldn't let Doutzen get cold out there :) They would keep her warm and comfy

  20. @Betsy
    that's why Dezzy is here to inform you :)

    yep, I had to cheer up my hardworking boys :)

    glad you like it :)

    she certainly is :)

  21. @Shells
    try not to watch it with the kids, I think it's not for those under 14 years :) It's gory and brutal at moments, but I like the suspense of it and its atmosphere. The zombies themselves are the least interesting part to me :)

    don't know what that is, but the episode was good :)

    give us a report after you do :)

  22. @R.gers
    it's good, isn't it?

    I knew my boys would be smitten :)

    it had bad moments (church scenes and the death of the boy), but it was generally quite good.I had difficulty remembering the story of the blond woman, since I watched the first season last year and I could've used a recap, but the show was good last night

  23. I would see that movie. And that TV show.

    Recording WALKING DEAD since I still have not found time to watch season one.

  24. I would love to see Nova Zembla, with a few subtitles of course. Wonder if it will make it to my part of the world.
    Thanks for the info and trailer Dezz.

  25. you should watch it this Halloween, it has just 6 episodes!

  26. @Fabo
    we shall keep our fingers crossed that it gets translated!

  27. Nova Zembla sounds like a fascinating story! I agree - I hope it gets translated to English!

  28. I can't believe so many people are into zombies!

  29. its great to see that you havn't lost your touch Dez, I certainly hope they do translate Nova Zembla into English, though will still give it a go with subtitles, and had not heard of Hell on Wheels until now.

    As for Walking Dead, Zombies have become my least favourite love for following, only so many I can handel I guess ha ha.
    Demps :)

  30. Dezzy - No worries. I'll keep the kids away. I've never been into zombies, so I'm glad there's more to it.

  31. To answer your Jay Sean question: Yes, it does surprise me that Jay is a bigger star in America than in his homeland, but I'm sure he's actually more than happy that it worked out that way ($$$$$$!).

    THE WALKING DEAD series 1 started out well but I tired of it towards the end of its season. Haven't seen series 2 because Rupert Murdoch will only let you watch it in the UK if you pay for it. It'll come on normal (free) network television next spring, so I can wait for it.

    Not keen on the religion angle it seems to be going for but they probably added that to keep American audiences placated while watching copious amounts of senseless zombie carnage.

  32. @Suzy
    we shall keep our fingers crossed :)

    read one of the comments above where I explain how it isn't about the zombies :)

    Whos is this Dempsey guy? I seem to remember him vaguely through the fog of my old age ... Is it the one who went missing and never sent any postcards, flowers, chocolates .... not even a poke at Facebook?

  33. @Shells
    I think you will like its atmosphere and masterful suspense!

    yep, I'm sure Jay is happy :)
    I agree with you on THE WALKING DEAD, it went downwards after the first episode, so I hope they will keep up the suspense and quality throughout the second season and not just in this opening episode.

  34. I'm with you on the religious crap. I hated all the praying and the way they had Jesus look like a zombie on the cross with the other zombies staring at him like they were praying, too. Blech! Leave religion at home.

    That being said, I loved it and I am supplies kind of gal so yeah, the water truck was a fave scene. Hell on Wheels looks outstanding. I love the Reconstruction period and it looks like they;ve captured it well.

  35. I just don't get it why they needed the part when the sheriff prays in the church??? He is totally not a religious kind of person, especially not when he is married to that Jezebel witch of his wife :)

  36. Nova Zembla looks interesting.I'll wait for that

  37. HELL ON WHEELS has Eddie Spears and Wes Studi in it. Two of my fave native actors.