Wednesday, October 5, 2011


 Here's another YA trilogy getting a film adaptation: Lionsgate (who is also producing the violent THE HUNGER GAMES) has
bought the movie rights on CHAOS WALKING by Patrick Ness, in which the story is set in a dystopian future with humans colonizing a distant earth-like planet. When an infection called the Noise suddenly makes all thought audible, privacy vanishes in an instant. In the ensuing chaos, a corrupt autocrat threatens to take control of the human settlements and wage war with the indigenous alien race, and only young Todd Hewitt holds the key to stopping planet wide-destruction. There are three books in the saga: THE KNIFE OF NEVER LETTING GO, THE ASK AND THE ANSWER and MONSTERS OF MEN.

Well, to be honest, I don't even remember what the original film was about, but UNIVERSAL SOLDIER will be made into a TV show. The original sf film from the early 90's had Jean Claude Van Damme
and Dolph Lundgren in the lead roles. The same production house, Freemantle Media, will also make BLOOD & TREASURE show, produced by the creator of NATIONAL TREASURE saga. It will be a roller coaster one-hour law enforcement drama series that follows two brothers as they travel the world, solving crimes and unearthing some of history's greatest secrets. All episodic cases will be based around actual historical events. As "Variety" reports, Aaron Paul, Helen Hunt, Samantha Morton have joined DECODING ANNIE PARKER in which Christina Hendricks will play a breast-cancer patient who stops at nothing to solve the mystery behind her illness despite the beliefs of the medical establishment.

According to "MovieWeb" Sam Worthington's production company has bought the rights on the film adaptation of ROGUE TROOPER, the comic book from 2000AD series, which follows
a genetically enhanced, blue-skinned soldier who goes on the search after some villain with his three comrades in the form of biochips: Gunnar, which is placed on his rifle, Bagman on his backpack, and Helm mounted on his helmet. According to "Screen Daily" Olivia Wilde might join RUSH in which Chris Hemsworth plays Formula One racer James Hunt who was the biggest rival to famous Niki Lauda. Olivia Wilde is believed to be in line to play the 70s model Suzy Miller, who married James Hunt only to get a quick divorce and tie the knot with his friend legendary actor Richard Burton (who, as rumor has it, might be played by Russell Crowe).


  1. CHAOS WALKING sounds cool. As does BLOOD & TREASURE--that one sounds like fun. I've always liked a good treasure hunt type of story.

  2. Dezzy - CHAOS WALKING sounds interesting, especially with the whole alien angle.

    And Sam W is so pretty - in a handsome, rugged way. =D

  3. @Lyndy
    I agree, both sound like promising projects, and I like that CHAOS WALKING is a sf epic :)

    yep, it sounds like your cup of tea, only no princesses :)
    Sam is very much ruggedly dashing :)

  4. Hey Dez, yes I'm working on certain answers. :) I'm so excited!

    The Chaos, etc. movies sound cool, but I really would like more adult fair in my films. Love Chris Hemsworth, but I don't know if I want to see a 70's set film about Formula One racing. Not much into race cars. I prefer driving to watching.

  5. hurry up :) so that I can edit everything and prepare it for next Wednesday or Thursday!

    I share your feeling on both CHAOS and RUSH. Not into formula one racing either, but I do love Chris Hemsworth. It will certainly be a flop.

  6. Chaos Walking sounds interesting, tho Vampire Academy is still my most anticipated YA movie adaption. Unfortunately there hasn't been much news on it, making me sad :(

  7. More stuff I've not heard of. But they sound cool.

  8. Chaos Walking sounds like an interesting read. I'll see if I can grab a copy after midterms.

  9. Blood and Treasure has an interesting premise. Also, now that you mention it, Russell Crowe is starting to look a little like Richard Burton.

  10. don't think universal soldier was about anything. just gunfights.

  11. I adored the last book in the Chaos Walking trilogy (and Im slowly making my way to read the first 2 books) so I'm really glad to hear that there's to be a movie of the series.

  12. I am so in with decoding anne parker....too many of my fave actors in it!!


  13. That girl is so sexy!

  14. I love this blog post! So easy to read and an interesting one at that. I look forward to your upcoming posts! Keep up the good work! Followed

  15. I've been meaning to read Patrick Ness. That description of the book/movie sounds so amazing.

  16. Rogue Trooper was part of my childhood with 2000AD and hopefully it will be done justice.

  17. Chaos Walking sounds like it might be good, but as with anything else I'll believe it when I see it.

    Blood & Treasure sounds promising as well, hopefully it's more along the lines of The Librarian with some mythology type background to it.

    And Universal Solider, pffft that will get cancelled after a few episodes.

  18. @Dirty
    I've heard about VAMPIRE ACADEMY only at your place, so I don't know what to tell you on the progress of that project

    off course you haven't heard of them before, the essence of this site are exclusive news :) Things which have been announced today or a few days ago :)

    sounds like a good plan

  19. @Luanne
    and plus he has the arrogant Bartonish behaviour himself :)

    yep, pretty much. I only remember some soldiers sent from the future ....

    nice to hear somebody has read those books :)

  20. @Scott
    methinks you wanted to say actresses not actors :)

    she is indeed

    I often get that lovely compliment that my site is easy to read and well organized, it means a lot to me, thanks!

  21. @Medeia
    it is a nice story, isn't it? You should read the blurbs for other two books in the series, they sound pretty epic

    really? Nice to hear that someone heard about the comic before and liked it as a kid

    yep, it's pretty much possible that UNIVERSAL SOLDIER could be cancelled :) NBC has just cancelled their PLAYBOY CLUB new show this week after just one episode.

  22. Never heard of CHAOS WALKING before. I'll have to check that out. Just as soon as I'm done with that Christina Hendricks picture again.

  23. @Tony
    which lingerie... :PPP

    I see she left you impressed ;)

    I've never heard of those books before either.
    You know, I've repeated that pic of Christina at least five or six times so far and it never gets old :)

  24. it's a masterpiece :) But she doesn't look like that in private life, on the beach and so... She uses a lot of corsets and similar things during photo shoots to get the sexy waist and curves.

  25. I think she's okay, she looks healthy, it's better to be a little like this, than at 5-7% body fat, which can get reaally dangerous, nobody should stay at low percentages for long periods of time. A few days for a photoshoot or a competition is good, but for a week or a month.. No, it's more bad than good for your body.

  26. The day my thoughts go audible, is the day I never leave my house. Love the premise.

  27. @Neatfit

    it is, isn't it :)