Monday, October 31, 2011


 Although she hasn't had a hit for a long time (or maybe even never), Nicole Kidman is still active: according to "Deadline", her
new project will be THE FAMILY FANG, based on the book by Kevin Wilson. The book is about a couple of performance artists who routinely sucked their kids into taking part in a variety of bizarre events. When the full grown children return home in a state of crisis, they are unwittingly enlisted to help in the execution of a daring and mysterious final performance by their parents, who are hellbent on achieving the act of a lifetime. Their kids harbor more than a little resentment and blame the performance art for how badly their own lives have turned out.
Here's another young adult fantasy novel which will get a movie adaptation: THE SCORPIO RACES by Maggie Stiefvater. According to "TheHollywood Reporter"
the book involves mythological flesh-eating horses from Celtic lore, a scraggy island that hosts an annual race, a young horse trainer and a young woman (the first female to enter the competition) who eventually fall for each other. Another adaptation will be for WILD CARDS, George. R. R. Martin's superhero anthology. Coming from the author of GAME OF THRONES, and to be aired on SyFy, it is set in New York hit by an alien virus. The survivors are split into two new classes of human beings: The Jokers, mutated and disfigured from the fallout, and The Aces, who have been endowed with super powers because of this tragedy.

A few days ago I've mentioned the casting rumors for David Dobkin's ARTHUR & LANCELOT, and now it has been officially confirmed that Joel Kinnaman from AMC's THE KILLING will be
Lancelot as we suspected. The race for the role of Arthur continues (Kit Harington from GAME OF THRONES was mentioned earlier alongiside Sam Claflin, Dominic Cooper and Liam Hemsworth), in this $90 million epic tale for Warner Bros. New Line Cinema is preparing CATEGORY SIX, a film about the worst tornado in US history, as survived by a group of high school students. Most of the action seen in the movie will be captured via cell phones, smart books, and other recording devices and the narration will be through a first-person POV as "MovieWeb" reports.


  1. He should pull of Lancelot fine and anything with Kidman makes me cringe.

  2. she's almost unrecognizable now thanks to bottox....

  3. Haven't read The Scorpio Races. I'll have to check it out before they release the movie.

  4. I'm hooked on the family fang. It sounds awesome and creepy and weird and tense. Love it.

  5. I'm very much interested in Arthur and Wild Cards. The latter sounds very cool. I am completely opposed to Category Six as I cannot abide first person camera work and it's high school students. Jeez, I am tired of teenagers.

  6. I'm a huge Kidman fan but some of her role choices seem rather vexing(Why she decided to star in Trespass i will never know). With all that said, i hope The Family Fang will be good. When she has quality material she is amazing.

    And i might check out Wild Cards

  7. *sigh* one day I hope to see my book showing on your site Dez, as a an upcoming film adaption *swoon* would be sooo cool ;p Love Nicole Kidman!

  8. Happy Monday Dezzy!!

    I wouldn't wee on Kidman to put her out if she was on fire. Can't stand the woman.


  9. Everytime I read your blog I go, who are these peoples? Do I know them?

  10. Arthur and Lancelot still continues to intrigue me but Kidman makes me cringe lately.

  11. Not much choice here. Kidman's acting(?) was never that good and with the frozen bloated face syndrome, I'm thinking no thanks!
    $10 to see two hours of bouncing cell phone video, you've got to be kidding, right?

  12. i'm kinda shocked stiefvater's movie deal isn't about SHIVER.

    i really thought kidman did well in RABBIT HOLE.

  13. @Luanne
    it sounds like a very strange story, doesn't it?

    it does sound rather crazy and nuts, doesn't it? :)

    I'm only afraid that ARTHUR AND LANCELOT could have a modern setting because they keep repeating that it will be a contemporary view on the story. I'm with you on CATEGORY SIX. Don't know who would pay to watch shaky picture and bunch of screaming teens

  14. @Dirty
    it's true, although sometimes she can be really good (THE BIRTH, RABBIT HOLE, DOGVILLE, MOULIN ROUGE), she generally lacks an appealing charisma and warmth and her physical look has become creepy with all the plastic surgeries which made her look quite monsterish. But I guess life with Tom Cruise can do that to anyone...

    well, get on it, sister, and I'm getting the first interview when Spielberg buys your book :)

  15. @Scott
    I totally understand your feeling Scottie. It's the same with me and Keira, Portman, Swank, Halle Berry, Julia Roberts... And when it comes to Nicole, I don;t hate her, but I don't love her either, she is just too weird, kinda like Nicolas Cage :)

    well, HOLLYWOOD SPY is a highly specialized site which means that you need to know more actors than just Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks in order to get involved here :)

    who? Nicole? :)

  16. @Lurk
    I agree with you on both points, Lurk!

    yep, believe it or not, there are crazy people who will pay to watch shaky film shot on phones and gadgets :))

    is SHIVER the one with really gorgeous whitish covers?

  17. yes siree!
    and they're so popular as well. this one i really haven't heard of.
    the first book was shiver, which was pretty good. i haven't read the other two, though.

  18. wow. Methinks someone doesn't care for Ms. Kidman... :D As for that Stiefvater book, I'd heard of Shiver, but not this one... interesting~ Thanks, Dez! Happy Halloween! <3

  19. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I can't keep up with all the Hollywood scoop, so nice to have a spot for the latest info...thanks!

  20. Nichole is always a beauty. And I'm super excited for Maggie's book!

  21. Hehehe...nice opening line for nicole ;)
    I like some of her movies and she looks beautiful. The Others is one of my favorite horror.

    Another Arthur movie...hmmm

  22. Maggie has been so successful. Good for her :)

    Oh, and Nanowrimo is a month-long thing in November where you decide to write X amount of words a day in order to have a complete novel by the end of the month. Hope that helps :)

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  24. Kidman has botox? Surely it's down to good genes.

    I saw her in London once walking down the street. No one even bothered her for an autograpgh... maybe it wasn't her come to think of it.

  25. @Vics
    must be extremely good if you haven't continued reading the saga :PPP

    I explained my exact opinion on Nicole in a number of comments above :)

    be welcome :) Hope you will be a frequent visitor at HOLLYWOOD SPY :) Love your blog!

  26. @Erin
    she is? I haven't noticed :PP

    she did have some good movies. THE OTHERS was nice, but I've found it extremely predictable

    h he I know what it is, I was just joking with you writers :) For me it's the month when writers go a bit crazy :)

  27. @Prasetyo
    thanks, and thanks for visiting our site, I shall pop over to your place ASAP :)

    yep, some chemical genes...
    It could very well be here if nobody stopped her :)

  28. I'm not a huge fan of Nicole Kidman as an actress but I find myself liking a lot of films she's in.

  29. Even though she's an Aussie, and I totally believe she used to be a truly great actress, I find that now Nicole Kidman is just Nicole Kidman in everything rather than the character she is playing. It's become quite ho-hum and I don't think THE FAMILY FANG will be any different.

  30. @Dan
    I agree, I love DOGVILLE, MOULIN ROUGE which are both in my top ten fav films of all times

    it's true, Lyndy, she isn't really an actress which gets into the character like another Aussie Cate Blanchett.

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