Saturday, October 22, 2011


Our beloved Catherine Zeta Jones has joined BROKEN CITY, as the wife of the New York City mayor (Russell Crowe) who
hires a Brooklyn private detective (Mark Wahlberg) to discover the identity of his wife's lover. When the lover turns up dead, the detective digs deeper into the case and discovers a vast conspiracy involving the mayor. As you know, we haven't seen Catherine on the big screen for a long time, more than four years, due to her husband's cancer and other private problems, but now she is slowly coming back. Next year we shall watch her in sports comedy PLAYING THE FIELD next to Gerard Butler, in LAY THE FAVOURITE which follows sportsbook system crooks next to Bruce Willis, and in ROCK OF AGES musical next to Tom Cruise.

MovieWeb reports that Ben Stiller is taking a directorial chair, but not in a comedy but in a dark mystery. THE MOUNTAIN will
be set in the early 1900s, revolving around a young woman who struggles to confront her destiny after stumbling upon a mysterious object that forces her to examine the secrets of her past. The film will be based on the book by Edith Wharton called SUMMER. Super cute Mandy Moore, whom we've mentioned a few days ago about her new ABC sitcom, and who did such a marvelous job with her voice in TANGLED, will now give her voice in Disney's TV series for little kids called OKI'S OASIS. The ubber cute story will follow a cat who is the sheriff of the friendliest town in the west :)

Earlier this summer I posted some magnificent pictures from Antonio Banderas' new epic BLACK GOLD and now here's the first trailer.  Set in the 1930s Arab states at the dawn of the oil
boom, the story centers on a young Arab prince torn between allegiance to his conservative father and modern, liberal father-in-law. The film will depict the story of the man who united all of those Arab states into a powerful nation. With the music composed by brilliant James Horner (TITANIC), the film also stars
Mark Strong (as an emir, Banderas' main rival), Freida Pinto (as emir's daughter, princess Lalah) and Tahar Rahim (as Strong's son, prince Auda). The film should hit cinemas this December directed by amazing Jean Jacques Annaud's (the sensual French director of ENEMY AT THE GATES and SEVEN YEARS IN TIBET. 


  1. I'd like to see Catherine Zeta Jones and Russell Crowe together. And Black Gold has quite the epic quality about it. Hope it holds up as a good story.

  2. we shall keep our fingers crossed, but I have faith in Annaud, I think he's the perfect director for this one

  3. That one in the desert looks terrific. I can watch Bandaros in anything.

  4. Catherine has "other" private problems? Sounds good though.

  5. Excellent trailer! Until now I hadn't heard so much as a whisper about this movie. Kudos Dez on the heads up ;)


  6. thanks, these all sound like interesting movies. Now if I can only remember them so I don't miss them when they come out!

  7. of my favorites. She's lovely.

  8. black gold sounds like a winner

  9. Black Gold looks pretty good, but then trailers can be decieving so we shall see. Catherine usually makes good movies, although Willis is in a big time slump, so I doubt that one will be any good, but we shall see too.

  10. Yay Catherine's back!!! I love her so much and have really missed seeing her on the big screen. I'm so happy she's coming back. And in such an intriguing role, too.

    Black Gold looks good and I loved Enemy at the Gates so I'm in for sure. :)

  11. I'm glad CZJ is back. She's a beautiful actress. Great trailers.

  12. @kAL
    not sure about Bandaros but Banderas yes :) His PUSS IN BOOTS is out next week

    yes, Jessie, marriage with Michael Douglas brought her many difficulties, not just his cancer, but also problems with his drug using son who ended up in jail, with his ex wife, and then she also has to take care of their own two little kids. She suffered from some kind of depression because of all of this and even had to visit a clinic last winter. She is OK now, but she didn't deserve all that trouble.

  13. @El
    El, I wrote about the film at least three times so far :) Actually, when you google it you will find my posts quiet high in the list :) You need to visit us on a daily basis :P Glad you liked the trailer though

    glad you liked them. PS, commenting is disabled at your blogs, keeps telling me I need to be a member of your blog to comment, so don't think that I didn't try :)

    she is my favourite too. I love her charisma and her profound talent and sensibility.

  14. @Toni
    it does, Toni, it does!

    I hope Bruce won't bring bad luck to the film, especially since Justin Timberlake was mentioned for that movie too. I love both Catherine and Justin

    ENEMY AT THE GATES was such a great film, wasn't it? Jude and Rachel and even Ed were amazing in it

  15. @Clarissa
    she is, beautiful and extremely talented! Wish she would get better roles which she deserves

    it does indeed

    did you just copy paste Adam's comment, Debs? :PPP

  16. Wow! Catherine has a lot of movies coming up. Good for her, she's had a rough couple of years.

  17. Was not expecting Stiller to direct that type of movie. But, sounds kind of cool.

  18. oh, love CZJ! So glad she's getting back in the game. And Mandy Moore IS too cute. Tangled just didn't get the recognition it deserved. The girls and I love it, and it has such a great message. In other news. Antonio... rrrr... :d <3

  19. @Kelly
    I hope she will get some big leading role in some big epic or adventure film. I wouldn't want to see her only in supporting roles. She's a star

    yep, who would have thought that he would go into directing horrors? The author of that book also wrote THE AGE OF INNOCENCE if I remember correctly

  20. @Leigh
    you're wrong, Leigh, TANGLED was a well recognised film. Not only that it was nominated for Oscars (and won one, I think for a song, but I'm not sure), it also got amazing reviews, it was critically acclaimed, and it also earned hundreds of millions of dollars around the world. One of Disney's most successful movies in last ten years or so.