Saturday, October 1, 2011


According to "Variety", Woody Harrelson is the latest one to join Louis Leterrier's heist flick NOW YOU SEE ME. In the cast, which already includes Isla Fisher, Mark Ruffalo, Jesse Eisenberg
and Morgan Freeman, Woody will portray a cunning hypnotist and mentalist who is famous for his mind tricks. He joins the Four Horsemen, a team of elite illusionists who pull off bank robberies during their performances, and give the money away to their audience. Deadline reports that one of our favourite SPARTACUS stars Jai Courtney has joined ONE SHOT, in which Tom Cruise investigates a case of a sniper, who gunned down five random victims, and uncovers a conspiracy. Jai will take the role of a highly trained sniper who is motivated to stop him.
Famous STAR TREK producers, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman have sold their new TV show to Fox. It will be epic
series on WYATT EARP, and according to "MovieWeb" it will cover the well-known moments in his life, such as the shootout at the OK Corall, but it will also center on how he and his brothers helped bring law and order to the Old West. Director Doug Liman will helm EVEREST, which will follow George Mallory, who tried to be the first man to scale Mount Everest in the 1920s.  Beside his obsession with the mountain, which later on took his life, the film will also cover his rivalry with a fellow climber. The film will be based on PATHS OF GLORY book by Jeffrey Archer.

I've mentioned this film a few times last year, but now here's the first dramatic and very disturbing trailer for British film RESISTANCE based on the debut novel by charming young writer
Owen Sheers. Starring Welsh star Michael Sheen and German actor Tom Wlaschiha (who is appearing in the second season of GAME OF THRONES next year), this drama is set in an alternate Britain in which D-Day has failed and the country is under Nazi occupation. When in 1944 a group of women in an isolated Welsh village wake up they discover all of the their husbands have mysteriously vanished. It turns out that all of the men have left to join resistance. The situation gets even more dramatic when one of the women falls for one of the Germans who have come to occupy their village. The film should premiere in Britain later this November. 
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  1. It's quite a film when you start to feel for a young Nazi soldier. I think this movie will touch many heart strings.

  2. "Resistance" seems very intriguing . . . .

  3. Resistance looks good. And thanks for the Jai update. :)

  4. Resistance is quite the interesting alt history film. I love Michael Sheen. He is a great actor. Looking forward to Woody in Now You See Me. I really like his style.

    Paths of Glory is an excellent book and I am really anticipating this film. The Wyatt Earp series should be good as well. As long as they don't make Wyatt and his brothers out to be too heroic. They definitely strong-armed their way through the Old West and only took up the law because it paid better. But, such was the way with the great lawmen of that time. They were mostly ex-criminals with very few exceptions like the Earps.

  5. I love the look of Resistance. I can't wait to see it :)

  6. Now you see me seems like my type.... wow!! thanks for sharing this.. :)

  7. Damn, I was hoping for a new STAR TREK show. WYATT EARP's not so bad, though.

    RESISTANCE sounds interesting.

  8. @Clarissa
    well, I guess even American invaders today sometimes fall in love with their poor Iraqi victims.
    The truth is that some of those German soldiers were forced to join the army and didn't even know where they were going and what they were doing. It was a sad time in history.

    it does, glad you liked the trailer! The book seems interesting too

  9. @Luanne
    ah, I forgot you liked SPARTACUS too :) Wasn't it one of the most touching scenes when Jai died in the show from Spartacus' sword? :(
    But he also had some naughty sex scenes in the show with Roman ladies :)

    RESISTANCE should be a good drama. You've read PATHS OF GLORY? The film could be a nice opportunity for some of the young Hollywood stars. Loved your comment on Earp :)

  10. @Jamie
    not to mention that the author of the RESISTANCE book is your fellow Welshman :)

    be welcome, glad you liked that piece of news

    I'm losing hope that we shall ever see a new STAR TREK show again. I remember when they wanted to do STAR TREK ACADEMY show and then opted for ENTERPRISE which was a huge flop even though it had nice stories. But nobody wanted to watch Bacula and his constant moaning and groaning in every episode.

  11. Wyatt Earp, even though done a million times, should be interesting. But it's on fox so will prob get canceled after 13 episodes, if that.

    The third in the series seems to butcher it pretty good, stargate and star trek both got screwed.

  12. Yeah, I normally don't read Archer, but I picked up the book at one of these free book exchanges they have in many of the office buildings here and for some reason I could not put it down. I guess because I've always been fascinated with adventure stories. It should be a fantastic opportunity for some young actors to prove their mettle as Mallory is quite an interesting fellow.

    I'm glad you enjoyed my Earp comment. The gunfight at OK corral only lasted seconds and it was not a case of bringing in bad guys, it was about showing who was boss. The Earps were charged with murder, as a result, but were later exonerated. There was a whole series of vengeance shootings afterward that resulted in the death of Morgan Earp and the permanent maiming of Virgil Earp. The whole thing was unknown until 1931, when Stuart Lake published a fictionalized biography of Wyatt Earp. Then whole thing got blown way out of proportion. We Americans do love to embellish our tales. ;)

  13. @Pat
    you know, I've heard about infamous Fox before in that particular matter. You are not the first one to say that :) so it must be true.
    I miss STAR TREK, even though they weren't what we really wanted.

    yep, it's true, Americans love to embellish their stories and they are also masters and experts in spinning, in fabricating stories and in using the product for all kinds of propaganda, which my people, in particular, have been the victims of many many times ... :( It is sad that reality is no longer what really goes around, but what media tells you it is :(

  14. Hm, I'm not sure about that movie.. I like that kind of setting and feel, but the actors.. And the plot seems like it might be confused with itself, is it a love, or a war movie? I'm hoping it can find that sweet 'drama' spot, but it might end up being nor of those, and just blegh.

  15. Some cool stuff coming down the pike. I like Michael Sheen but I'm slightly more interested in the Wyatt show...

  16. @Neat
    you didn't like the actors?
    It will definitely be a war movie, but as in reality love can be find in the craziest of places.

    WYATT is, for now, just a pilot project, so it might not be greenlit for a full season later on. But we can keep our fingers crossed :)

  17. walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  18. Wow, that is a heart-wrenching trailer of Resistance. I've never seen Michael Sheen in something so serious before, I'd be sure to check this one out. Thanks Dezzy.

  19. @Lonely
    glad to have made you smile

    be welcome, glad you liked this one :)