Friday, September 30, 2011


 After casting Bradley Cooper as Lucifer, Benjamin Walker as archangel Michael, Djimon Hounsou as angel of death, Camilla Belle as Eve and
Casey Affleck
as Gabriel, Alex Proyas' movie adaptation of famous PARADISE LOST epic, which will follow the clash between archangel Michael and Lucifer, has now got Callan McAuliffe too. The guy from I AM NUMBER FOUR will play the role of the Archangel Uriel, one of the first seven archangels created by God and the soldier who becomes God's second in command when Lucifer rebels against Him and Michael is named commander of Heaven's army. Another fresh gossip says that Diego González Boneta, from BH 90210, could get the role of Adam.
There is one more religious project ahead! According to "MovieWeb" Warner Bros. is trying to get Steven Spielberg to helm their huge epic GODS AND KINGS which will chronicle Moses' entire life span from birth to death described in the Book of Exodus and other stories from the Bible's Old Testament. It's an invasion of Biblical topics in Hollywood with these two above, and then DAVID AND GOLIATH with Dwayne Johnson and Taylor Lautner, and Mel Gibson's plans to shoot JUDAH MACCABEE
epic. After rumors from a few days ago about Kevin Durand and Oded Fehr joining RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION, Milla Jovovich has revealed that the fourth part of the zombie franchise has a new member in the cast - Johann Urb will play Leon Kennedy, the leader of the human resistance. Handsome Estonian actor, Johann Urb, has been seen in EASTWICK TV show and in Emmerich's epic 2012 before he got this new gig.

Since you've been good kids, your trailer for today is the first one for EXTREMELY LOUD AND INCREDIBLY CLOSE, which opens up this Christmas and follows eleven-year-old Oskar Schell,
an exceptional child: amateur inventor, Francophile, pacifist. After finding a mysterious key that belonged to his father, who died in the World Trade Center on 9/11, he embarks on an exceptional journey, an urgent, secret search through the five boroughs of New York. As Oskar roams the city, he encounters a motley assortment of humanity, who are all survivors in their own ways. Ultimately, Oskar's journey ends where it began, but with the solace of that most human experience: love. Directed by brilliant Stephen Daldry, the film stars Sandra Bullock (looks like a powerful role), Tom Hanks and little Thomas Horn.
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  1. With cast that includes Bradley Cooper, Benjamin Walker and Djimon Honsou, I cannot think why in God's name Proyas would want a teenager to play the archangel Uriel. It's stunning to me how Hollywood always casts such striplings to play powerful roles. These kids need acting classes not major roles.

    The trailer looks very interesting, though I know I won't be paying to see it. I just hope it's not some quirky Christian thing judging from the laying of hands in the trailer.

  2. The Bullock/Hanks movie looks like a powerful one. I got teary just looking at the trailer. Is this their first movie together??
    And never heard of Diego Boneta before, but he's a cutie!

  3. @Melsy
    yep, the film screams at me - CRAZINESS too. And I don't have so much problems with Uriel, but with Adam, I mean a Latin teen star to play Adam? But then again, if Camilla is Eve ... they might as well ask Justin Bieber to play God or something :) Hope we shall survive Taylor Lautner as David too in GOLIATH :)
    I also hope it's not Christian and that there isn't too much of Hanks in it. Sandra seems amazing though in the trailer

  4. @Kelly
    I think it is, but I'm not sure. I don't see them together, but the little kid seems like a nice actor.

    I've never heard of Boneta either :)

  5. Aargh, another Resident Evil film?

  6. hasnt Jojovich tired of doing the same character over and over again?

    that Loud movie is not that interesting but I will watch it as it has 2 of my fav actor/tress over and over again?

    that Loud movie is not that interesting but I will watch it as it has 2 of my fav actor/tress

  7. EXTREMELY LOUD AND INCREDIBLY CLOSE looks really good. I suspect I'll need a tissue.

  8. I have no idea what Resident Evil is, have not read Paradise Lost, and I'm not that interested in Gods and Kings. Probably going to the hell for the ignorant when I die.

  9. "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" looks like it could have potential.

  10. Ooooo, Extremely Loud looks pretty cool...

  11. Dezzy - EL&IC looks amazing. I'll see that one. Love those kinds of movies.

  12. More angel goodness and a movie about Moses, it's like being back in school been shouted at by the brothers.

  13. Diego Boneta is going to play the role of Drew in the movie adaptation of the Broadway musical ROCK OF AGES set to come out in 2012. I'm a huge fan of the musical, and to recast that role with someone else is something I'm having trouble accepting.

    Also, the new RESIDENT EVIL movie is the 5th installment.

  14. @Novia
    well, it is pretty much the only known character she ever played so I guess she is sticking to it since her career depends on it :)

    yep, bring the whole package when you visit cinema :)

    he he ... I can't stand Bible either, but since I'm a translator I work quite a lot with it because American writers usually always have at least one Biblical reference in their books. I don't think I've ever translated an English or American book which didn't mention something from the Bible at least once.

  15. @Debra
    it could, it seems touching and uplifting at the same time, and I think I will like Sandra's performance

    looks like what?

    it does

  16. @Shells
    you could watch it with kids, I think

    tell me you didn't go to one of those scary religious Irish schools with priest and nuns instead of teachers :)

    it's the fifth one? Ah, I lost count, too much zombies ... :)

  17. The trailer is lovely. Not really into those movies about demons and kings and such but the one with Hanks is cool. How old he looks now.

  18. I thought there was an unwritten rule against killing Tom Hanks in a movie unless your name was Spielberg or his character had a terminal disease. But, despite its awful title and ambiguous trailer, the film has potential.

  19. @Clarissa
    yep, lots of stars have grown old, I actually have lots of pics on that topic, but I never seem to find enough time do write a post about it

    he he ... I usually avoid all films with Hanks, since I can't stand him, so they have my permission to kill his character in the movie :)

  20. If Hooch shows up the movie will be good..haha....still don't seen how those guys can come back in Resident Evil, not that the movies are overly great anyway. Unless it's clones, alternate reality or flashback crap.

  21. nice stuff dude, keep it up! lovin' it

  22. I hate bragging, but I just want to say I have better abs than both Johann and Callan, they need to work on that!

  23. a little lump in my throat with that trailer. Wonder if the whole movies is as good as the actors.
    Edge of Your Seat Romance

  24. @Pat
    who is Hooch? And don't you know that everything is possible in bad zombie movies with bad lead actresses? :PP

    thanks, glad you like it, long time no see, Magixx!

  25. @Neatfit
    I don't believe it until I see it. I wanna see it :PP I'll publish your photo here if you give it to us :)

    it is a touching film, isn't it? Hope it won't turn too sugary.