Wednesday, September 21, 2011


 Well, these are good news: some time ago HOLLYWOOD SPY told you that TNT is preparing an interesting new TV series called
GATEWAY. As "Deadline" reports, this western show will only get greenlit if they find the actors for the three main roles. And now they've found the first one: Cam Gigandet will play one of the three brothers forced to pitch in and save their hometown after their father, the sheriff, is murdered. They soon find themselves up against a wealthy cattle magnate who wants to take over small Colorado town. As you remember Cam Gigandet already played a rather charismatic cowboy in sf epic PRIEST in which he played a young sheriff who joined the vampire slayer Paul Bettany in his hunt on Karl Urban's charmingly naughty vampire villain.

The new one to join the already star studded cast of THE EXPENDABLES II is young Liam Hemsworth from THE HUNGER GAMES. He will play a sniper beside the plethora of
fallen action stars - Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Chuck Norris, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dolph Lundgren, Mickey Rourke,  Jet Li, John Travolta and Jason Statham. The film will be shot in Bulgaria. The movie adaptation of the 60's show THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. which I mentioned a few days ago, to be directed by Steven Soderbergh, now has new contestants for the lead role: beside already mentioned Alexander Skarsgard, Joseph Gordon Levitt and Ryan Gosling, new names in the game are Michael Fassbender, mesmerizing Joel Kinnaman (AMC's THE KILLING) and Ewan McGregor.

Today's trailer might excite some of our ladies since it is for the new adaptation of WUTHERING HEIGHTS. Helmed by Andrea Arnold
and starring a bunch of unknown and rather unprofessional looking actors, the film will again bring Emily Bronte's famous tempestuous love story about obsessive passion across the class divide, set on the Yorkshire Moors. Andrea Arnold is mostly known for her praised drama FISH TANK in which Michael Fassbender gave a groundbreaking performance a few years ago. I'm not sure about this one, the trailer is extremely strange and kinda pretentious and I personally don't like when directors play with classics in such an extreme way.


  1. hmm..not sure about that Wuthering Heights. Not a fan of those 'artistic' brooding films.

  2. me too, Lyndy. It can be kinda disrespectful to the author of the book, but we shall have to wait and see.

  3. Wuthering Heights, last I read was supposed to be starring Ed Westwick, who is now playing Tybalt in the new Romeo and Juliet. This new film looks like it is going to be playing the race card, too, which almost never bodes well when they do it to a story never meant to be racial in the first place. You're so right. It definitely has that silent, artsy feel to it filled with scenes that are pretentious. I hate those. You get scenes like the lovers kissing while the camera blurs them to focus on a worm crawling out of the earth or something equally ridiculous.

    Interesting news about Man from U.N.C.L.E. and Cam. I hope that western gets made.

  4. Big hm... on Wuthering. Did I love the book b/c I was an angst-filled adolescent when I read it? Film looks angsty... so maybe it fits? Or is it trying too hard? (The recent Jane Eyre just made me want to go someplace warm...)

  5. Cam can come to Colorado if he needs to film some local shots. :))

    And, uh, I tried to watch a version of Wuthering Heights last month and was reminded how much I dislike all of the main characters in that story. So I probably won't be watching this new version either.

  6. A black Heathcliff -- that's interesting! Shake 'em up, I say! Shake 'em up!

  7. I remember reading Wuthering Heights in English class, unfortunately I remembered nothing inside the book.

  8. Wuthering Heights looks very artsy. It is hard to redo these type of films~

    Liam doesn't look like a sniper, time will tell.
    I haven't seen Hunger Games yet. The Man from Uncle...could be interesting! I love all the casting possibilities :D

  9. The Expendables 2 is just getting more and more ridiculous than ever!!

    I am afraid i am away from 22-29th so won't be able to comment over here. But I haven't forgot you I am just away...Please comment on FRC though as I have left Toby in charge...:-)

    Take Care Dezzy

  10. I suppose the trailer of wuthering heights was okay, I'm not looking too into it though. It might be good, you never know everything about a movie from a trailer.

  11. @Melsy
    you totally nailed it, Melsy. Especially the worm part :))) The whole film looks too Terence Mallicky and I always hated that pompous style. And you are also right about the racial thing. Imagine what would happen if someone put a white guy playing Martin Luther King?

    angsty and trying too hard are the right words to describe it, Rob :)

    of course, I expect to be invited to your house as a guest if Cam drops by over to Colorado :) You wouldn't deprive Dezzy of such pleasure, now would you? :))

  12. @Debra
    I wonder why the role of queen Elizabeth in THE QUEEN wasn't given to Whoopy Goldberg instead of Helen Mirren?

    HE HE :)Well, the book wasn't that bad, it had good psychological aspects although it really was superficial like most books written by female authors, but the trailer looks bad.

  13. I don't know about WH. I love the classics but this seems extreme. I might go see it and pretend it's just another film with no ties to the story whatsoever.

  14. @Ella
    HUNGER GAMES are currently in production, Ella, that's why you couldn't have seen it :)

    yep, I was trying to find an 80's action stars which wasn't in the cast and I came up with just Eric Roberts and Rutger Hauer, but it's possible that they are in it already :)

    it's true, you have to wait and see when the film comes out.

  15. @Clarissa
    you have a good recipe there :)

  16. Another TV series from my childhood being made into a movie, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. You know at one time years ago the rumor was Sean Bean and George Clooney were going to be cast in the film, but it never happened. Now that would have been a dream cast for me! I hope they pick someone good to play Illya Kuryakin :)

  17. I started watching that trailer for WUTHERING HEIGHTS but was distracted by a trailer for MELANCHOLIA and a whole bunch of others. Can't say WH looks at all interesting.

  18. Arnold's WUTHERING HEIGHTS looks special. Rather than romanticise the look for the American market, she has gone for a kitchen-sink approach, playing the Yorkshire grit and grimness. The novel was always dark and broody.

  19. hmmm... maybe i read wuthering heights wrong, but the heathcliff i saw in my head was black as well...hmmm...
    anyway, i hated all the characters in that book. i thought it was horrid and there was very little actual love in the story. it was all about selfishness.
    but, i'm going to be the unpopular one and say that i thought the direction looked gorgeous. kind of off and unexpected, but natural. which is the kind of thing i actually really enjoy. but i'm weird like that.
    also, i love kaya scodelario (though i'm sure i spell her name wrong every time) now to go recheck my copy of wh and try to figure out why no one else imagined heathcliff as being black...

  20. I love Cam, ever since I saw him bare naked at Burlesque, an otherwise hidious movie, I felt for him...jezz, he is hot...interesting news, on the other hand, can't wait to watch W.H...i still remember when i first read the book, amazing!

  21. while not awesome, the first expendables was fun.

  22. I cant wait to see Liam in Hunger Games. Everytime I see his name anywhere else, it makes it harder to wait.

  23. Dezzy - Liam is such a cutie. Hope Hunger Games is great. I couldn't see the Wuthering Heights trailer. Oh well.

    But, hey - I passed an award on to you. It's on my blog. Have a great one!

  24. I still have no interest in the Expendables sequel. And the Wuthering Heights trailer doesn't look that that bad to me, although i never con considered the book a classic so maybe thats why

  25. @Fabo
    yep, I remember when Clooney and Bean were mentioned in that adaptation but I think Clooney wanted to direct it as well.Hope they will find nice actors for it :)

    MELANCHOLIA seems interesting, although I did swear I will never watch another Von Trier movie after ANTICHRIST

    so I guess you like it :)

  26. @Vics
    I remember him being darkish, but I don't know if he was literally black :) Anyhow, these actors seem way to young for my vision of the story. It's too psychological to have some immature actors in it. But I do know you like unusual films, so I know you might like this one :)

    he was naked in that film? There's the first reason for me to see it :) If I can survive horrid Aguilera in it :)

    it was? I guess it had to be with all those old stars in action again :)

  27. @Jessie
    he he it is the favourite project of all my ladies :)

    thanks on the award, I shall pop over ASAP and give a speech on the stage :)

    it is rather hard considering shallow books from Bronte sisters and from Austen woman classics, I agree. Especially as someone who grew up reading more substantial books from Russian, German and French classic authors which, unlike most British ones, deal with serious issues and not with flimsy girls and their rich lovers :)

  28. which one? The one on your gala ceremony? Did the paparazzi love me? How did we score in the tabloids? And, BTW, you could've given me some dog food with that award, the puppy was hungry and kept me awake all night long :)

  29. What a cast for Expendables 2 - will Schwarzenegger's role be bigger this time?

  30. I'm quite curious about the new adaptation of Wuthering Heights. The trailer looks weird indeed, but intriguing. :-)

  31. @Dan
    ah, I haven't watched the first one either :)

    Glad you liked it, KC, I didn't :)