Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Hey, people, our poll in which I asked you WHO SHOULD BE OSCARS 2012 HOST is over and Neil Patrick Harris is the proud winner with 26% of your votes, leaving Justin Timberlake (18%) and Robin Williams (10%) behind him.
Eddie Murphy,who is the official host of the next year's Academy Awards didn't really shine in this poll receiving only 8% of total votes, and finishing behind Dame Edna (10%)  and Ben Stiller.

I must agree with you that Neil Patrick Harris would make a great Oscar host. Not only that he has great sense of humour, funny but intelligent, refined and non-offensive, and outstanding personal and stage charisma, but he is also a very lovable guy who mostly inspires positive reactions and nice feedback from the audience. He is also a good looker and a stunning dresser which counts as well when you're being watched by hundreds of millions of people around the globe. And he already has hosting experience since he hosted the Tony Awards rather successfully. He also did the opening number at the Oscars back in 2010. Another thing that qualifies him for the job are his family oriented films (THE SMURFS, THE MUPPETS) and his calm, non-scandalous and exemplary private life.
People's favourite Justin Timberlake is also ready for this gig. Not only that he is considered one of the best comedians among the young stars,
who was nominated for seven and won 4 Emmy awards for his comedy work in Saturday Night Live, but he also had numerous nominations for the most prestigious awards for his role in THE SOCIAL NETWORK, proving his dramatic talent as well. We've seen his seductive, witty and irresistible charms in FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS and BAD TEACHER and his dramatic talent in THE ALPHA DOG and EDISON. Similarly to Neil Patrick Harris he is also a worldwide famous style icon and would look more than dashing at the Oscar stage. Not to mention that he could put in  one or two musical performances as well during the ceremony.
Now let us go to our new poll. We've already proclaimed the best Scottish actor, and now let us vote for THE BEST WELSH STAR among the following thespians: Catherine Zeta Jones (CHICAGO, ZORO, NO RESERVATIONS), Luke Evans (IMMORTALS, THE THREE MUSKETEERS, CLASH OF THE TITANS), Ioan Gruffudd (KING ARTHUR, FANTASTIC FOUR), Rhys Ifans (NOTTING HILL, ANONYMOUS), Michael Sheen (KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, UNDERWORLD), Christian Bale (EMPIRE OF THE SUN, EQUILIBRIUM) and Anthony Hopkins (SILENCE OF THE LAMBS).


  1. Voted and yes Neil is a funny guy and would have been a good choice.

  2. Great poll Dezz! I have to go for Anthony Hopkins! Still my favorite.

  3. I think I voted Eddie to give him a chance, but I do love Neil Patrick Harris. I just watched the season premiere of How I Met Your Mother and he does an awesome dance number in it. He's..wait for it...awesome!
    I want Justin Timberlake to come out with another album.

  4. @Lurk
    I have a feeling you voted for Zeta Jones :) Irish poll is coming soon too!

    glad you like it, Fabo! And thanks for spreading the word over at Twitter :)

    he dances? Lovely!
    I also want a new album from Justin, but he says it ain't gonna happen :(

  5. Yeah he'd make a way better choice than Eddie Murphy. Murphy lost any type of funny he had ages ago. all he does now is make kiddie movies, crappier and crappier each time, or dress in some fat suit for the 100th time. Needs to grab a gun say **** a whole bunch of times and make Beverly Hills Cop 4, without stupid Ratner.

  6. Yay Neil! He'll get that hosting gig eventually, I'm sure of it. This pole of yours has me tearing my hair out. I love , love Catherine, Luke and Iaon. I don't know what to do...WHAAAAA... LMAO I'm such a big baby aren't I? I'll just vote often like I do hear in Chitown. ;)

  7. @Pat
    RAtner is actually directing the Oscars next year :) Eddie is funny, but I'm afraid he will cross some lines or will have a lot of physical humour which isn't really funny. I'd always give chance to young people not to forgotten stars like him.

    that's the recipe - vote often and every day and visit your doctor for physicals (when doctors Luke or Ioan are on duty) :P

  8. Hell yes for NPH! As for your new poll, I'm going to have to go with the underdog Rhys Ifans.

  9. Lotsa great Welsh actors but I MUST go with Ioan Gruffudd! Loved him as Horatio Hornblower at the very start of his career.

  10. Neil should definetly host it! I'm all up for that.

  11. Favorite Welsh actor? How can I choose? I love them all.

  12. Yeah Murphy can be plenty funny, but lately that hasn't been the case.

    hahaha how do you direct the Oscars..hahaha...ohhh this person goes here, que over dramatic music, next..hahaha..sounds like a job for him.

  13. Justin is pretty good at that stuff, I saw him in SNL, I was impressed.

  14. OH, I'm old school. So Anthony Hopkins all the way. And I'm not a huge Justin fan, but I love Neil Patrick Harris.

  15. I used to wonder what Justin Timberlake's appeal was, but I've seen him in some things recently (including The Social Network and SNL), and I must admit, he's growing on me. Neil Patrick Harris is a great choice!

  16. Not surprised at all the NPH won your little poll.

  17. You are either the president of the NPH fan club or you want to be his press agent. Doesn't matter. I love him and it would be great to have someone with that much class be host.

    New poll -- Can I vote for or 3? Pretty please.

  18. Whoa whoa whoa. Hang on a minute Dez - you put up a list of best Welsh stars and you didn't include me?! I'm kind of shocked ;)

    Glad NPH won this poll, though.

  19. great choisse...neil is a great guy

  20. I voted for Eddie... a few times actually.

  21. @Josh
    I know you always go for underdogs :)

    he is always amazing, hope you are watching him in the new show with SarahMichelle Gellar


    a tough choice this time? :)

  22. @Pat
    I heard it's quite a difficult job since you have to be the boss in a very hectic atmosphere watched by billions in a live coverage :)

    glad you like him, he's one of my favs

    I'll tell Anthony you voted for him ;)

    glad you came to like Justin he is very talented :)

  23. @Flying
    glad you like it

    with 100 to even 2,000 votes these polls are never little ;)

    actually, Mary, I haven't seen much of his work, so I can't be called his big fan. I don't watch his lead project HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, for example.

  24. @Jamie
    did I miss anyone except you in the poll? Hope I didn't!


    so those 8 votes for Eddie for all yours? :P

  25. I like Harris, I think he'd be great. Now on to vote again...

  26. Vote on, vote on, you have two weeks to place your votes ;)

  27. Totally agree with the popular choice of Neil Patrick Harris.

    Hmm, whom shall I vote for next?

  28. OH YEAH!
    NPH BABY!!!
    if only the hoohaws who determined who really hosted had as great taste as your readers dezz!
    yikes! you have a challenging one (again) this time. these actors/actresses are great but so varied i mean ifans is great at comedy, hopkins skillz are top notch, and after hearing evans' voice it's hard not to vote for him, and the others are pretty magnificent as well. it's like comparing welsh apples and welsh oranges! :P

  29. Dezzy - So glad NPH won. He's funny, witty, and charming. Now, hopefully the Oscar peeps have your blog on their favorites, and listen.

  30. @Vics
    there are Welsh oranges? :)

    we shall keep our fingers crossed :)