Thursday, September 29, 2011


Today you can check out the gorgeous first poster for Steven Spielberg's drama WAR HORSE which premieres this December. Set in the rural England and Europe during the First World War,
the film follows the remarkable friendship between a horse named Joey and a young man called Albert, who tames and trains him. When they are forcefully parted, the film follows the extraordinary journey of the horse as he moves through the war, changing and inspiring the lives of all those he meets - British cavalry, German soldiers, and a French farmer and his granddaughter, before the story reaches its emotional climax in the heart of No Man's Land. The film stars Jeremy Irvine, Toby Kebbell, Emily Watson, David Thewlis, Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston ...Click to watch the trailer.

According to "Heat Vision" Susan Sarandon has joined Dwayne Johnson in SNITCH, in which he plays a father devastated by his son being sentenced to 30 years in prison on drug charges. He
takes extreme measures by going behind bars as an undercover prison informant to bust a major drug dealer, in hopes of securing a commuted sentence for his son. Sarandon will play a district attorney who tries to advance her career with this undercover operation. Comic book series AREA 52 will get its movie adaptation. The story is set in a top-secret Antarctica warehouse which U.S. government uses to store hideous creatures and mystical weapons. When an aggressive new alien is accidentally hatched, the group of misfits hired to watch over the warehouse must band together to keep these creatures from escaping.

First pictures from Jean Jacques Annaud's (the sensual French director of ENEMY AT THE GATES and SEVEN YEARS IN TIBET) new film BLACK GOLD have been released around the net.  As
you remember from our earlier report, Antonio Banderas (plays an Arabian emir) lead cast, which also includes Mark Strong (as emir's main rival), Freida Pinto (as emir's daughter, princess Lalah) and Tahar Rahim (as Strong's son, prince Auda), stars in
this movie set in the 1930s when oil was first being discovered in parts of Arabia. The story of the film centers on rival Arabian tribes and the young ruler who manages to unite these warring kingdoms.
Famous James Horner from TITANIC and AVATAR is composing the music for this expensive epic.
Don't forget that this Sunday, you will be reading HOLLYWOOD SPY'S SPOTLIGHT ON OCTOBER 2011 FILMS. Lots of movies, posters and trailers


  1. it should be a very pretty movie, and as far as I've got it one of the most expensive Arabian films ever.

  2. War Horse doesn't excite me at all to be honest. Snitch sounds like it could be good, but i'm not sure Dwayne has the acting chops for it.

  3. I'm with you on WAR HORSE, Spielberg has become too sugary even for me, but I'll watch it for Hiddleston and some other actors.

  4. I also like the look of Black Gold. Sounds like an interesting story.

  5. War Horse and Black Gold both sound good to me. I hope War Horse isn't sugary. It could be really touching if it isn't too contrived.

  6. @Lyndy
    glad you like it, hope a trailer will come soon

    it will definitely require some tissues in cinema!

  7. Area 52 is the only thing that interests me today. I'll see if I can find the comic book and give it a read-through.

  8. Nice stuff. Not really excite about those movies but maybe the trailers will change my mind. I am, however, excited about your October movies.

  9. @DWei
    you do that

    I've covered the biggest of October films in HOLLYWOOD SPOTLIGHTS so far, but there will be lots of smaller but interesting films in Sunday Spotlight :) Hope u will find something interesting there!

  10. That War Horse poster is one of the best I've seen! :)

  11. love the 'war horse' poster... hope the movie is good.

  12. I'm very excited about Black Gold, it sounds like a fantastic story. War Horse... I am meh about it, though I'll probably see it because of the First World War aspect. Area 52 sounds pretty cool as well. Dwayne Johnson...I love him, but I just don't know about this film.

  13. I love the poster for WAR HORSE. I grew up with horses, so this looks like a movie I'd enjoy... unless the horse dies. That would be too traumatic. But AREA 52 looks like fun and stress free.

  14. I like those kind of 'desert' movies, looking forward to Black Gold! The music seems like it's going to be epic, and then more epic.

  15. Area 52 could be good or it could be bad or it could be like a continuation of the Men In Black films.

  16. War Horse has tears and tissues written all over it.

  17. Snitch looks interesting. And I do love that War Horse poster.

  18. Anything containing Spielberg's name just makes me cringe now, sad as I used to like all his movies. But he just keeps going way way way down hill. At least after Indiana Jone 4, there isn't a whole lot lower he can sink.

  19. @Jemi
    glad you like it, Jemi, hope you liked the trailer too

    we shall keep our fingers crossed :)

    then you will have something to watch in cinemas this Christmas, which is shockingly closer to us than we might think

  20. @Melsy
    yep, First World War is the interesting setting for the film. And it will be strange seeing Dwayne as a father of a grown up man. He is still young for such roles. I mean Sarandon could be Dwayne's mother in the film.

    there will be rivers of tears if the horsy really dies in the movie. Hope not!

    desert is always a nice setting, wish we had more exotic movies in Hollywood. And this one isn't even a Hollywood film

  21. @Lee
    MAN IN BLACK were my first thought too, but I think this one probably won't be a comedy

    totally true!

    it is a nice poster isn't it?

  22. @Gizmo
    than you will probably like this one too :)

    yep, SAVING PRIVATE RYAN was his last good movie, the fall started with horrid A.I. which was pretty much unwatchable in it's overly sugary and dragged out philosophical moments and almost pathetic acting from that little kid. And INDIANA JONES 4 buried him six feet under!

  23. I saw a trailer for War Horse at the theater - it looks so good!

  24. I think your choice of "epic" is quite appropriate for BLACK GOLD. Can't wait for WAR HORSE. And I'm a "look the other way" kind of guy when The Rock shows up in a film.

  25. @Suzy
    something to look forward to this Christmas :)

    you no likey The Rock? :) It's OK, I love him enough for both of us :P

  26. He's just not my first choice, all things being equal.

  27. a lot of people don't like his choice of roles, since he starred in a lot of family flicks, but I myself respect him for that. However I would like to see him in THE SCORPION KING and THE MUMMY kind of films more as well. He was supposed to play a Hawaiian king in an epic, but it never came through.

  28. Am I the only person who thinks Black Gold looks like Lawrence of Arabia? In a good way? :D

    As for that War Horse... man! I just don't know if I can watch that... I'm too easily upset by animal films. :p Thanks, Dezzy~ <3

  29. wow black gold sounds like it will be epic, what with james horner and all, but i'm not sure the plot sounds like something i'd want to watch.

    war horse on the other hand looks like it's going to be just phenomenal. i love that poster! super excited for that one!

  30. I think I'll be bubbling at War Horse. The horse better still be alive at the end or I'm going to be ticked off.

  31. Psyched about BLACK GOLD, a story worth telling and that we've not heard much of.

  32. Dezzy - The poster for WAR HORSE is beautiful. Have a fantastic evening. ;D

  33. @Leigh
    not all Arabia set films look like LAWRENCE OF ARABIA, sister :P
    Animal films are always upsetting, I still haven't recovered from BABE :(

    it should be epic, can't wait to see the first trailer. Some time soon, I hope

    we shall keep our fingers crossed for the horsy

  34. @Robert
    yep, we haven't heard much about that part of history

    my evening will be spent in keeping my eyes open with effort, since I'm dead tired from work :)

  35. Can't wait for War Horse. It should be really, really good.

  36. although I love Spielberg, but I dont think I want to watch war horse. Will wait for the trailer, maybe it can change my opinion.

    Area 52 sounds great. look forward to know more about italthough I love Spielberg, but I dont think I want to watch war horse. Will wait for the trailer, maybe it can change my opinion.

    Area 52 sounds great. look forward to know more about it

  37. Novia, you already have the link for the WAR HORSE trailer in the post above :)

  38. Wow I almost didn't recognize Mark Strong in that pic, he is such a chameleon. He played a Middle Eastern descent once before in Body of Lies and most people probably didn't realize he is English, ahah.

  39. you mean that's Mark Strong with the green turban? I didn't recognize him either, I thought It was some Italian actor :)