Wednesday, September 14, 2011


 It seems that all is set for the planetary premiere of the long awaited second season of last year's ground breaking new show THE WALKING DEAD which became a worldwide hit in just six
episodes. You can check out a new poster for the second season which will now see the survivors of the zombie epidemic leave the hell of zombie infested streets of scorching hot Atlanta and will head to the country expecting to find peace there, but will actually come upon some good old hillbilly zombies :) As you know, the 90 minutes long opening episode will be aired on October 16th at AMC and will then be broadcast that same week in stunning 122 countries around the world on different Fox international channels.
Young director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 WEEKS LATER), who is helming the remake of THE CROW, might also direct another reboot - the one for HIGHLANDER, in which Christopher
played an immortal warrior. But since that is not enough of remakes, it was announced today that another 90's film might get made again - POINT BREAK in which Keanu Reeves and late Patrick Swayze played agents who mixed with the surfers in order to discover a dangerous gang. Another GAME OF THRONES star to get a new project is dashing Nikolaj Coster Waldau (naughty Jaime Lannister) who will join Jessica Chastain in MAMA, a strange horror which follows a young married couple that take in their nieces and nephews, who had been lost in the woods for the past five years. It soon becomes apparent that a malicious supernatural force is after the kids.

According to "Empire" young Brit Julian Gilbey will direct a new sf adventure OFFWORLD which is being described as an intergalactic pedal-to-the-metal safari movie set on an alien planet. This alien thriller will be filled with all kinds of extraterrestrial life forms, some dangerous, and some working on the side of the heroes, and with all sorts of nasty creatures.
And check out the new pic of international superstar Miss Piggy who is the star of THE MUPPETS movie premiering this November. Playing a plus-size editor of Vogue Paris, she shares her sublime fashion sensibilities with readers worldwide... at least until Kermit shows up. Miss Piggy, famous fashion icon, has said about the role: "It's the role I was born to play. Moi plays a high-powered, confident, charismatic, gorgeous, scene-stealing star who saves the day and wins her frog's heart."


  1. yes i cannot wait for the new walking dead season, it's been too long already.

  2. we've been waiting a whole year!

  3. WALKING DEAD PLEASE!! Dezmond i linked this article on my blog. It's so damn amazing.

  4. glad you liked it, Reilly and thanks for the linky dinky ;)

  5. I love The Walking Dead and cannot wait until Oct 16. I can't believe we've had to wait a whole year!

    Remakes... shremakes, Hollywood is getting ridiculous with them. I'm appalled at the amount of remakes they are steadily churning out like so much ground meat.

  6. yep, they making us wait for a whole year and the zombies are spreading all around like flies :)
    The same goes for remakes :)

  7. You're waiting for the not-so-dead and I'm waiting for Miss Piggy. I'll be laughing while you're bored to death :o]

  8. but I will be watching Miss Piggy and The Muppets too :) Especially since my favourite Animal is on some anger management programme :)

  9. ...seriously, has originality died in hollywood?

  10. Um, I've never heard of The Walking Dead.


  11. I just now got around to watching The Walking Dead and am kind of happy I waited--if I had to wait an entire friggin' year for season two, I might have...turned into an angry zombie. :-)

  12. Man, Chastain gets the hunkiest co-stars. Lucky gal!

  13. I've never heard of The Walking Dead before. I'll have to look for it this season, since they took my Lost away. :(

  14. keanu might as well reprise his role. he looks exactly the same.

  15. In regards to Highlander... there can be only one (lol)

  16. Point Break remake makes me so sad.

    Walking Dead is so close now...woohoo

  17. I can't wait for the new season of The Walking Dead. It's going to be epic! I've not seen Point Break, but if they're remaking it I better rectify that :P

  18. Cool poster!
    Check me out =)

  19. Remakes of Highlander and Point Break?, shouldn't mess with classics, The Walking Dead though is something I've been looking forward to a lot.

  20. @Dirty
    I certainly did

    ah, you really should get some cable in that cave of yours sister :PP

    yep, like thousands of us zombies who got zombified waiting for the second season :)

  21. @Flixy
    yep, she has it all, except the talent herself :)

    you might like it since it's quite tense and atmospheric and writers usually like that :)

    he might as well

  22. @Lyndy
    and yet there were at least three of them :) Lambert, then that Adrien Paul guy from the show ... :)

    I'm kinda happy I haven't even seen the original :) I was never a fan of Swayze, God rest his soul

    yep, the whole world is waiting for the second season!

  23. @Jessica
    glad you like it, sister!

    I'm with you on both of those statements, Lurk!

  24. Great! Walking Dead s2. (does the rapid hand clap thing)

  25. yay for the walking dead!!!
    mama actually sounds really interesting. and miss piggy! that gal is seriously funny!

  26. Sorry I haven't been around lately. Not only has my internet been flaky but I've had the flu. I caught up on your posts though. I can't believe that actor died of cancer so young. I'm almost that age (well in about four years) and it scares me. Now, I'm going to go vote for the Oscar's poll.

  27. @Michael
    I did the clap thing myself

    gotta love Miss Piggy. She is the closest thing to pork I like :)

  28. @Clarissa
    sorry to hear about the flu, it must be horrid having it in the middle of summer :(
    Yep, and he also had two little kids :((

  29. I can't wait for season 2 of the walking dead. Though the poster looks more like the running live.

  30. Not to get spoiler-y, but "naughty" Jaime Lannister turns out to be one of my favorite characters in the series.

    I've thought Highlander has been "screaming" for a remake for a while now. I love the original, but...I can see the story totally being better with a new team and different eye making it.

    And let's just forget any subsequent sequels...

  31. I still need to watch the first season of THE WALKING DEAD, huh? If I hadn't HAD to be at work that day, I would have shown up to be a zombie extra. It was only a few miles from where I work, but I just couldn't.

    I could see a HIGHLANDER movie, but POINT BREAK?

  32. I hope the Highlander reboot will be good. Only the first movie is far.

    Hehehe I have bought Game of Thrones, just need to find time to see it

  33. I really need to catch this Game of Thrones show. It seems to be the thing.

  34. @Budd
    the wait is almost over

    he becomes good later on? Or stays evil?

    what? You wanted to act in it and didn't even watch the first season? :))

  35. @Novia
    The first one had Virginia Madsen, yes? I love her a lot :)

    oh, you must, it wasn't the best of historical shows, but it was nice and cool.

  36. I'd seen clips! And heard good things. And, come on, ZOMBIES!!!

  37. I loved the first episode, which was totally not what I expected, although I did want it to be exactly that way. But after that, the show had weaker four more episodes. I hope that the second season will have more of the suspense atmosphere and less of the mindless slaying. And they need to work on the characters, because all of them, expect the lead one, are weak.