Sunday, September 25, 2011


Back in June, you really liked the first part of HOLLYWOOD SPY'S  UPCOMING STARS spotlight, and since we've witnessed a lot of young stars appearing more or less from nowhere at one
moment and getting numerous roles in biggest blockbusters at the next one, here's the second part with some new upcoming super stars.
Coming from Wales,  super dashing, ultra charismatic and mega talented LUKE EVANS has been getting really tasty roles in big epics and huge blockbusters. For obvious reasons, directors love to give him Godly roles so you've seen him as Apollo in CLASH OF THE TITANS and this December you will see him as Zeus in this year's most awaited epic IMMORTALS.
 This Fall he will also play Aramis in THE THREE MUSKETEERS, and his biggest future role is the role of the brave archer Bard, the leader of Men in Peter
Jackson's THE HOBBIT saga. In 2012 he will also appear beside John Cusack in THE RAVEN, the period film on Edgar Allan Poe shot in Serbia last winter. It is interesting that this magnificent Welshman also has a velvety, stunning and amazingly captivating voice, which you can hear over at YouTube in some of the videos of his theater plays. Check out his duet with one of my favourite singers Siobhan Donaghy in mesmerizing WITHOUT YOU song, or the mindblowing ONE SONG GLORY just from Luke.  And since I know he will be reading this - a big HELLO to our favourite Welshman!
Although she is best known as the daughter of famous pop legend Phil Collins, young and beautiful British damsel LILY COLLINS is trying to build up her own name in Hollywood, and so far she's been building up a teen star career. She has lead roles in two huge epic films ahead of her: the role of Snow White in Tarsem Singh's magical and spectacular SNOW WHITE project and the role in the movie adaptation of popular YA saga THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS. Before this you've seen her in THE BLIND
SIDE, beside Paul Bettany and Karl Urban in PRIEST and this Fall you're watching her beside Taylor Lautner in ABDUCTION.

In the sea of teen stars, blond God ALEX PETTYFER has quickly found his way into Hollywood's A league. He is now one of the most sought after young actors. You've seen this scorching hot British model and actor in sf blockbuster I AM NUMBER FOUR, in magical romantic drama BEASTLY and in the future he will star in sf thriller IN TIME beside Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried, in OVERDRIVE, where he an Matthew Goode will be a pair of handsome and adventurous car stealing brothers, and then he will be stripping in
MAGIC MIKE with Channing Tatum and Joe Manganiello. He was the first choice for the lead role in ERAGON, he dated Dianna Agron and Emma Roberts, and he was a world famous male top model before starting the acting career.
He is just another proof that British stars are the most talented (and the hottest as well). Although TOM HIDDLESTON reached bigger fame with his intriguing portrayal of the naughty villain Loki in this
 year's THOR (the role he will repeat in THE AVENGERS as well), we've seen him before that in the most amazing British TV series CRANFORD, in WALLANDER, and his upcoming projects include MIDNIGHT IN PARIS (in which he will play famous writer Scott Fitzgerald), WAR HORSE (Steven Spielberg's big Oscar contender) and THE DEEP BLUE SEA (with Rachel Weisz). The last two could bring him Oscar nominations. He studied at Eton and Cambridge. One of his most beautiful and inspiring quotes is: "Never stop. Never stop fighting. Never stop dreaming. And don't be afraid of wearing your heart on your sleeve - in declaring the films that you love, the films that you want to make, the
life that you've had, and the lives you can help reflect in cinema. For myself, for a long time... maybe I felt inauthentic or something, I felt like my voice wasn't worth hearing, and I think everyone's voice is worth hearing. So if you've got something to say, say it from the rooftops." Well, how could you not love him after reading that?!?


  1. Poor Alex has had nothing but clunkers. Beastly, I am Number Four and Eragon were all epic failures. Beastly was yanked out of theaters here after a week because of its dismal box office numbers. Hopefully, he can get his act back on track. He's majorly talented and I like him.

    I love Luke Evans and Tom Hiddleston both. They are very talented and very good looking. Lily is going to be great. She's so lovely and glamorous. Thanks for getting my weekend off to a beautiful start, Dez.

  2. Scratch that Alex wasn't in Eragon. Thank God. It was a terrible movie. Still Beastly and I am Number Four were pure drech.

  3. Yep, we like Alex, and I kinda liked ERAGON :) He was just supposed to star in it, but Ed Spelleers got the role :)
    Glad you love Luke and Tom too. Luke is also a wonderful guy privately. Always nice and respectful towards his fans.

  4. I heard that about Luke, too. I love it when the celebs we like are gracious people. :)

    I have my synopsis and dedication written so I will Facebook message them to you.

  5. Like you so rightly say, how could you not like, Tom Hiddleston, after that quote. Wonderful :)

  6. @Melsy
    he is very gracious and nice, he just tweeted about this post a few minutes ago. He deserves all the praise possible around the Net. Great man and a great talent too.
    Oh, please do, so we can start with our interview :)

    isn't he smart and lovely? Amazing quote! Both Tom and Luke seem like very polite, intelligent and caring people.

  7. THose are some of the up and coming stars!? Wow, I've gotta get out more. It's very nice that he tweeted about this post. How awesome is that!

  8. Nice spotlight, Dezz. Just saw Thor last night, otherwise I might not have known Hiddleston. And Evans has some great movies coming out. Looking forward to those. :)

  9. ah, Luanne, wait and you will get to see Hiddlestone a lot in the future, he really is a rising star. The same goes for Luke :)

  10. @Clarissa
    yep, you know that I often write about stars which are about to get big in Hollywood. Love to give them support and some internet attention :) in their way to stardom :)
    It is awesome, but he is always awesome like that :)

  11. TOM HIDDLESTON is a great actoy :P
    i like your blog :)

  12. lily collins is the one who becomes Bettany's daughter in priest, right?? I want to watch that movie again. Couldnt see pictures in your blog coz I am using mobile.

    The raven is really famous, I havent read it yet. looking forward for the movielily collins is the one who becomes Bettany's daughter in priest, right?? I want to watch that movie again. Couldnt see pictures in your blog coz I am using mobile.

    The raven is really famous, I havent read it yet. looking forward for the movie

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  14. :) very very interesting!! the movie lover inside me (with analytic bend of mind) loves your presentation !!!! beautiful!

  15. Lily Collins looks pretty good, will be interesting to see what she's up to.

  16. Lily Collins is such an eye catching teenage actress.

  17. Great pictures within the post! Excellent to look at! Keep up the great work because you're excellent at it!

  18. So much news in this post -- I have to read it again :-)

  19. @Damon
    he really is, looking forward to following his career. And thanks for liking the blog :)

    yes, Lily played PAul's daughter in PRIEST who gets kidnapped by Karl Urban :) and is the girlfriend of Cam Gigandet

    glad you appreciate the presentation, my dear :) I put lots of love into it

  20. @Neatfit
    yep, it will be interesting following her career especially since she has two big projects in her hands - SNOW WHITE and MORTAL INSTRUMENTS

    she is, totally unlike her father Phil :)

    thanks, I'm glad you liked it and that you appreciate the effort put in this blog on a daily basis :)

    don't forget to read Tom Hiddleston's quote in the end :)

  21. Dezzy - Great pics today! Luke, Lily and Alex are delicious. Hope you've had a great Sunday. =D

  22. Yep, with Luke, Lily, Alex and Tom, my Sunday was more than great :)

  23. So luck Lily didn't inherit her dad's looks. In fact, there is zero trace of Phill in her.

    Methinks the milkman who delivered to their house is her real father.

  24. @Movies
    everything is possible :)

    he is definitely a looker :)

  25. Lily Collins...

    That is all.

  26. cool to hear about these up and comers! lilly really is beautiful!

    wow luke evans' voice is AMAZING! i've never really listened to the rent music. i need to remedy that some time! but- wow! that's spectacular (listening to it now) :)

  27. @Josh
    plain and simple :)

    ah, you know me, I always had a sixth sense for up and comers and am always among the first ones to promote them around the Web :)
    Told ya Luke has a divine voice. You'd surrender him everything you have if he sings to you :)

  28. Luke & Tom are on a roll! I'd love to see more of them as Hollywood leading men... move over Pitt & Clooney!

  29. from your mouth to God's ears, Flixy!

  30. Great post today, Dezzy! So happy to see Tom Hiddleston commenting about your amazingness on Twitter. He seems like a genuine guy.

    1. thanks, Shells, I'm deeply delighted by the tweet he sent me and by him retweeting this spotlight and sending so many of his lovely fans to visit us :)