Tuesday, September 27, 2011


 Amazingly talented Michael Fassbender is really popular these days in Tinseltown. After shinning in X-MEN: FIRST CLASS, A DANGEROUS METHOD, JANE EYRE  and SHAME this year, and his gig in next year Ridley Scott's sf blockbuster PROMETHEUS with
Charlize Theron, according to latest news he has now been offered the lead role in the remake of ROBOCOP. MGM and director Jose Padilha, apparently want him in the role of terminally wounded cop who returns to the police force as a powerful cyborg haunted by submerged memories. Other candidates which were previously mentioned for this role include Chris Pine, Keanu Reeves and even Tom Cruise. As we've mentioned before, Fassbender also has AT SWIM TWO BIRDS to shoot next year with Collin Farrell, Cillian Murphy, Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Brendan Gleeson.

According to "Vulture", Brad Pitt has been offered the lead role in sf epic ALL YOU NEED IS KILL. To be directed by Doug Liman it will
center on a soldier killed in battle while fighting an intergalactic alien war. Instead of heading to the afterlife, he is resurrected to the day before his death, each and every day. As "ScreenDaily" reports Paul Bettany and Brian Cox have joined BLOOD, a movie adaptation of BBC's 2004 CONVICTION TV series about two policemen who kill a murder suspect and are then plunged into chaos when they are forced to investigate their own crime. According to "MovieWeb" Ridley Scott has hired the writer of CONTAGION and THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM to pen his remake or reboot of BLADE RUNNER classic from the 80s.

To celebrate the premiere of the fourth season of MERLIN, the most popular epic show around the world (it is broadcast in unbelievable 183 countries), on October 1st at BBC ONE.  I have some hotsy pics for my ladies of scantily clad knights of Camelot
- sir Leon (Rupert Young),  Gawaine (Eoin Macken) and sir Percival (Tom Hopper)! And there's also a clip for the first episode of the new season which will see Merlin (Colin Morgan) and Arthur (Bradley James) battling Morgana who went over to the dark side, and the show will probably be freshened up with the newly establish knights of the round table with Lancelot and
Gawain appearing more in the episodes. The new season will open with a two-part adventure telling the story of Morgana's revenge, and Katie McGrath, who plays Morgana, has recently said that we shall see Morgana become an evil force comparable to the Star Wars villain Darth Vader.


  1. I kinda doubt Fassbender will do Robocop, it's too similar to Magneto as far as the character goes. I'm looking forward to AT SWIM TWO BIRDS, that'll be wonderful to see some of those Irish hunks :D

  2. I just saw X-Men this weekend. Fassbender was excellent! And I'm loving that Merlin poster with the three hunks. Tres cute.

  3. yep, I doubt it too, but he could use a big lead role.

  4. @Liz
    he was greart as Magneto and I knew my ladies would like the knights :)

  5. I can't wait for Merlin! It's going to be all kinds of epic. Fassbender is sort of exploded in the movie scene recently (a far cry from his days as Azrael in that god awful series Hex :P)

  6. Merlin...pfft ;)
    I don't mind the scantily clad guys though. Hehehe

  7. Ooh, I can't wait until that season of Merlin comes out on Netflix. :) It looks very exciting!!

  8. @Jamie
    I'm sure this Saturday at BBC will be a smash hit. I just hope they won't go too gritty and overly dark and that they will finally kick the king Utter out of the show. He kinda annoys me, although not as much as Gwen annoys me :)

  9. @Lyndy
    ah, you're so easy. ... :P

    I think it will come to US next year, not this one, it is first aired in Europe :)

  10. scantily clad knights of Camelot--LOL! And I'm sorry, but Paul Bettany will always be that albino monk to me... *shivers* :D

  11. Dayum!! I need to stick my head in my freezer right now. This is a seriously hot post.;)

    Merlin is going to be awesome. Too bad it won't be here in the States until the winter. :(

  12. @Leigh
    would be different if I find somewhere a scantily clad pic of the albino monk? :P

    that's seems to be your reaction on each of my posts lately :PP Too much hotness yes? :P
    MERLIN will fill my weekend evening till Christmas :) and then SPARTACUS in January ...

  13. Dezzy - I'm so in love with MERLIN. It's all because of you, too. I learned about it on this blog. The fam and I can hardly wait.

  14. yep, you're not the only victim of my Merlin ravings :) I love making MERLIN junkies out of unsuspecting people :) I did the same before with ROME, TUDORS, LEGEND OF THE SEEKER, SPARTACUS :) and many people started watching BEING HUMAN on BBC also thanks to yours truly :)

  15. Heyyy, Dezzy :)

    Long time no talk. I just wanted to stop by your amazing little blogging corner of the world and see how things were going. As expected, everything seems rosy red (I mean that figuratively as your layout is still a pristine blend of greens and whites). Glad to see you're still leading the front for interesting and fun film stories.

    Hope all is well, pal :)

  16. Love that pic of Fassbender. Very charming. Glad to see him getting so much love in Hollywood.

  17. A remake of Robocop? I'll buy that for a dollar!

  18. He might make a good robocop, but he should pass just on the grounds that it's another crappy remake, wish they'd take them and shove them.

  19. As a Detroit native, I object to the idea of a Robocop remake....
    Let's leave this glorious icon of my home city alone.

    And, sorry to say it, but Merlin looks INCREDIBLY gay.

    --Not that being gay is BAD, mind you. I'm just SAYIN'...you know...it looks pretty darn gay. Too many shirtless dudes. If I wanted to see THAT, I'd watch professional wrestling.

    That's all.

  20. What can I say, Dezz. You are serving up the inspiration for this erotica writer. ;)

  21. RoboCop remake? but "All You Need is Kill" is my sort of movie and a bit of Pitt is always good, well nearly always.

  22. thank you so much for that news on BLOOD, I now have another movie to look forward apart from at swim two bird. I wish I can read the book b4 watching the moviethank you so much for that news on BLOOD, I now have another movie to look forward apart from at swim two bird. I wish I can read the book b4 watching the movie

  23. @Mattster
    hey, Matty, nice to see our favourite hunk here again ;) Hope we shall see you active in the blogosphere again one of these days ;)

    glad you like the pic, I have a soft spot for pics in which actors wear hats,caps or hoods :)

    glad you like the idea of the remake :)

  24. @Pat
    it's true, we all hate remakes, and yet there's an avalanche of them waiting to premiere in the near future

    actually, there aren't many naked guys in MERLIN, it's a family oriented show with no graphic violence, blood, nudity since it is broadcast at 7PM on Saturdays on BBC. Some might call it gay since it promotes friendship, positive values and usually circles around friendly love, and plus most people think there are strong sexual sparkles between Arthur and Merlin and they should marry eachother :) But no nudity as you suggested.

  25. @Melsy
    always here to fulfill my sacred duty :)

    ALL YOU NEED IS KILL could be good if done right and with a strong antiwar message

    ah, it seems I mentioned two of your favourite actors in one post :)

  26. I have never watched Merlin but I know one of my favourite actresses is in it--Emilia Fox. Is she still in it?

  27. never heard of her, wait I have to Google her ... ah, yes, she plays Morgana's evil sister Morgoise :) Very naughty and wears some of the most incredible costumes in the show :) I think they killed her in the last season, but I'm sure she will come back. Villains using magic always find the way to come back from the dead :)

  28. MERLIN is in its fourth season? Looks like I have some watching to do.

    As for ALL YOU NEED IS KILL, sounds a bit like someone watched the montage of Bill Murray killing himself over and over in GROUNDHOG DAY and took it one step further. Time will tell if that is too far.

  29. I have read all you need is kill. It was pretty good. There were only a few Americans in it and the lead character was Japanese. Maybe they will reverse the races, I don't really have a problem with that. Looking forward to the movie.

  30. @Josh
    the fourth is about to start and the fifth has already been greenlit :)

    yep, it will be an American version of the Japanese manga

  31. that's a great pic of fassbender!
    *sigh* paul bettany
    ummm.... where were we?
    oh merlin! whoo hoo!
    sorry, i'm still distracted by paul.
    good day to you sir!

  32. Glad you like the pics. It is extremely hard finding nice pics of Bettany, since he doesn't have an up to date fansite and plus he doesn't seem to do lots of photo shoots so I was happy to find this lovely pic of his.
    Fassbender is quite photogenic and has a pretty rugged look, lots of wrinkles and bad skin, but it kinda makes him attractive. It's the eyes.