Tuesday, September 20, 2011


 So, how did you like the 63rd Annual Primetime Emmy awards on Sunday? Happy? Not so happy? Or did you sleep, like yours truly, while the celebs were marching over the red carpet? Well, although I generally don't follow EMMY AWARDS too
religiously, since I don't watch most of the shows they think are deserving of nominations and wins, I was happy to hear that lovely Mellisa McCarthy won for best comedy actress, that legendary Kate Winslet won lead actress in mini series award for MILDRED PIERCE, that MAD MEN won again as best drama (I never sit in front of TV to watch the show, but when I catch it while surfing the channels it always captures my attention and I watch it till the end), I was also happy that Julian Fellowes and Maggie Smith won an Emmy for DOWNTON ABBEY which was proclaimed best mini series too. But let us move to the red carpet part: the best dressed - stunning Emily Blunt in midnight blue gown from the best designer ever Elie Saab, and Lena Heady in refined and stylishly conservative black dress on which I'd only change the belt.
Ladies who chose to appear in red at Emmy 2011 Awards scored success: Kate Winslet looked warm and relaxed, Sofia Vergara was super sexy and refined, and Connie Britton looked refreshing too. Click on the pics to see them bigger size.

Although blue is a great colour for glamorous events, ladies in blue looked bland, boring and overly plain: Diana Agron from GLEE, Claire Danes, Katie Holmes and Kyle Richards.

The ladies who used too much lace, silk and kitschy glitter on their white or ivory dresses, and didn't look good at all, although we love their acting skills are MAD MEN's Christina Hendricks and Elisabeth Moss and CSI MIAMI's Eva La Rue.

The best looking boys on the Emmy 2011 Awards red carpet, looking all charming and dashing and refreshingly young were Topher Grace and two GLEE lads Cory Monteith and Darren Criss.
Today you can check out a new trailer for apocalyptic drama PERFECT SENSE. Although the trailer is rather bland, the music in it extremely bad and plus the film has always unconvincing
and unappealing Eva Green, it also has our beloved Ewan McGregor so you might like it after all. The unusual movie which premiered earlier this year at Sundance Movie Festival follows a chef (Ewan McGregor) and a scientist (Eva Green) fall in love with each other as an epidemic begins to rob people of their sensory perceptions. The story sounds interesting and it promises an atmospheric movie, but I'm seriously convinced that Eva's lack of chemistry with any actor in her career will ruin it this time as well. We'll watch it solely for McGregor's performance. He didn't have luck in that respect in BEGINNERS either, when he was mismatched with bland and talentless Melanie Laurent earlier this year.


  1. Oh look at those colorful gowns. Lena Heady is sooo darn pretty, even with such a simple black dress she is stunning! I like Emily's gown too, I think that's my favorite. Thanks for the fashion recap, Dezzy!

  2. glad you liked the fashion report, Flixy :) Some people say Lena looked like a witch, but they don't feel the refined and minimalistic beauty of her gown. I just wish she had a better clutch at the belt. Emily was gorgeous and her John Krasinski also looked cute.

  3. Yay for Maggie Smith and Julian Fellowes for Downton Abbey! I am so hooked on that series. Really good stuff.

    Ladies in red are gorgeous! But you're right, the blues were a little drab.

    Not too sure about Perfect Sense. Lots of chaos and brooding in the clip.

  4. I'm not a fan of McGregor, maybe i'm just harsh on a fellow Scot, but this looks interesting.

  5. @Luanne
    it is a really "hookworthy" series :) I hear the second season just started :)
    Glad you like the ladies in red :) You're wearing red yourself ;)

    what? Treachery! How can you not like Ewan as a Scot??? :PP I've, myself, always loved Scottish actors - Butler, Ewan, Dougray, McAvoy!

  6. I watch the Emmys long enough to check out what people are wearing;)
    I love Sofia's red dress! Gorgeous.

  7. gorgeous dress for the gorgeous lady :)

  8. Perfect Sense looks like a very artistic film, unlike the typical apocalyptic films I've seen.

  9. Some of those dresses remind me of a bad prom night...

  10. surprised katie holmes didn't have a secret "please help me" message sewn into her gown.

  11. I am resentful that Kristen Wiig didn't win (AGAIN)....
    Screw the Emmys!

  12. Ooooh Missus, I do love Christina Hendricks...she is so fecking HOT|!!

  13. ...its really something how Claire Danes has grown up since her days on "My So Called Life," which was back in my so-called-twenties...

    Thanks Dez!


  14. I love looking at the dresses! I think Sofia Vergara's is my favorite.

  15. Christina Hendricks needs to find another color. It's like she's always wearing red or something silver and sparkly.

    Is it just me or does Cory Monteith look very uncomfortable in that tux compared to Topher and Darren?

  16. @George
    it's true, George, it has that artistic vibe!

    he he it's true, some girls have prom taste even when they reach fame and stardom :)

    he he another good one, Edmund, you're on fire these days ;)

  17. @Drew
    ah, you know I can't stand her, so I'm happy about it, unlike you :P

    did you just say "feck" in my house again? :PP
    She is gorgeous, too bad she has absolutely no fashion taste :(

    did you know that I was born the same day as Claire? :)

  18. @Suzy
    glad you liked the report, Suzy, and I too think Sofia looked smashing. Red looks good on fiery woman like her

    she certainly does. She never had taste, although she could be glamour queen. She should ask costume designer from MAD MEN to choose her dresses in private life as well.
    Cory was just caught in a bad position :)

  19. emily blunt and connie britton (i don't know who she is) had the best dresses, imo.
    i love how you break down the fashion for us! :)

  20. I think Connie is from FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, but I don't watch that show, so I'm not sure :) I didn't know who 80% of people from the red carpet were :)
    Glad you like my fashion reports, Vics, nothing better with a morning coffee than some celebrity style trashing :))

  21. That perfect sense movie looks like it's worth a watch. Atleast to me. As you said the trailer is plain horrible, but it doesn't mean the movie will be too. I'm not too into dramas, but this apocalyptic genre mixed into it.. This might be okay.

  22. I was like you, I slept through the whole thing. :(

  23. I actually like the look of the new movie. How original...or an apocalyptic movie. Will check it out.

  24. Wow, you colour co-ordinated the frocks and everything. Always said you should be a pictures editor.

    What the heck was that trailer about? Won't be watching that one.

  25. All the pretty people and that's just the fellas.

  26. @Neatfit
    yep, I agree, the apocalyptic element could save the day in an ironic sense :))

    well, we do need our beauty sleep :)

    it could be good. I like the story, I just don't have faith in Green woman.

  27. @Movies
    he he ... thanks... well I AM the picture editor at HOLLYWOOD SPY :) Not paid, but you should blame mister Dezz, the chief editor for that ;)

    he he Lurk, this was a good one :)

  28. Love it! Great blog - awesome design! Followed! Great game! Good update!

  29. Did not like the trailer and I love Ewan. :(

    I love that Melissa won. She is so adorable and talented. I love Mike & Molly. It's a great show and it's set in Chicago. Yay! Sofia and Kate looked amazing as did Darren and Corey.

    I do not watch the Emmys as they never nominate my shows or my actors. At least the Golden Globes gives them a shot once in a while.

  30. @Jason
    thanks, glad you like it

    yep, that's quite distinctive about Emmys - they seem to have their people whom they always nominate even though they're nothing overly special. If often gets ridiculous and silly. Especially in the comedy department. I've never even seen 30'S ROCK nor MODERN FAMILY and those two seem to be nominated in all possible categories every year.

  31. Sofia and Emily looked amazing~ I also agree so did Darren and Corey!

    Perfect Sense, mmmh,has a disturbing element. Could be really interesting; yes it looks artsy~

  32. glad you agree with me on the gowns, Ella :)

  33. Can I throw a shoe at Katie Holmes' face? ;)