Saturday, September 10, 2011


I've mentioned this one before, but now it's official: Paramount will shoot LABOR DAY, the movie adaptation of Joyce Maynard's novel which should hit cinemas in 2013. The cast of the drama is lead by mesmerizing Oscar winner Kate Winslet and not so mesmerizing Josh Brolin.  The story will follow an escaped convict (Josh Brolin) who seeks shelter with a single mom (Kate Winslet) and her young son over a long Labor Day weekend. All three of them will learn many valuable lessons during the weekend which might change their lives forever. Behind the helm will be Jason Reitman from UP IN THE AIR, JUNO and YOUNG ADULT.

The new movie adaptation of famous ANNA KARENINA is ready to start shooting this month in France and Russia. As you know,
director Joe Wright (ATONEMENT) has given the lead role to that Keira Knightley woman, Jude Law is playing her husband Aleksei, while young Aaron Johnson is count Vronsky. Other members of the cast include Matthew McFadyen and Emily Watson. The whole behind the scenes team is filled with Oscar nominated or awarded costume, set and production designers, composers and cinematographers. If you loved HOME IMPROVEMENT sitcom as I did as a kid, you will love the reunion photo which will be released in "Entertainment Weekly" special reunions issue in October.As you
can see Tim Allen and Patricia Richardson still look more or less the same, but their sons have grown up - Zachery Ty Bryan, Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Taran Noah Smith.

The long anticipated prequel to revolutionary epic 300 titled 300:THE BATTLE OF ARTEMISIA, although set decades before the original film, will have Gerard Butler
and Lena Headey in a few short scenes as the producer of the film Bernie Goldmann has revealed to "".  The prequel, which will describe the rise of terrifying Persian king Xerxes and the Greek fights and battles against him, will probably have unknown new actors in lead roles (because less recognizable faces are less distracting in a historical film), just like Butler and Headey were before the success of 300, but as Goldmann reveals, king Leonidas and queen Gorgo will, in some way, have small parts in the prequel as well.


  1. Kate Winslet is one of my faves. I dont think she has ever done anything I didn't like. So this should be a great book to movie adaptation with her involved.

  2. yep, I've never heard of anyone who doesn't like lovely Kate :)

  3. Kate W looks beautiful as always.
    Wow on the Home Improvement picture. I used to watch that! The youngest looks wild. And the tool girl looks like she's trying too hard and is she resting her breasts on JTT?.

  4. I'm sure JTT doesn't mind :))) Speaking of JTT, don't know what happened to his career? He was the only talented kid among the actors playing sons.

  5. seriously on jtt! he was doing so well, even had lion king and then *fizzles*
    i saw him on an episode of veronica mars, but he was still playing high school-ish.
    i wonder if that's part of the problem. he's kind of... diminutive. i wonder if he's just not finding roles that fit him. i really think he would do well in comedy. but seriously, heidi's boobs all over jtt is CREEPY!

  6. Dezzy - Kate looks gorgeous! I loved Home Improvement. Such a fun show. =D And I'm interested to see how Anna K will turn out as a movie.

  7. That "Home Improvement" photo is a hoot!

  8. I think that is pretty cool that they are tieing in the last 300 with the new 300.


    Have a good weekend Dezzy

  9. Joe Wright is a godawful director who I swear has to be banging Knightly as she is the star in every single one of his films. Why is he allowed to handle such any kind of literary material? Turning literature over to him is like allowing the Incredible Hulk to do brain surgery. He's a ham-fisted moron with zero understanding of nuance and character. Jude Law will certainly outshine his co-star.

    Loved Home Improvement!! JTT went to Harvard and Columbia, but I don't know what he's doing professionally. Can you believe he just turned 30?

  10. I can't wait to see the new 300 movie. The first one was so adrenaline filled and non stop, it was epic!

    That reunion pic is as awesome as it is creepy. They can't grow up, surely! I'll have to check out the rest of the reunion photos too.

  11. Woah.. Kate look awesome in that photo and what a good one for Lena Headey too :P

  12. @Vics
    yep, I still remember how he showed natural talent in almost all of the scenes he had in HOME IMPROVEMENT. I hate it when such naturally talented and deeply charismatic actors disappear :( I just hope that, like Melissa said in her comment, he decided to do some university and to leave his career in order to study and learn and become something important. But I still wish we would see him acting again.

    I'm glad you liked lovely HOME IMPROVEMENT, we don't have such great sitcoms anymore :( I was basically raised and educated by that show. Kate is always beautiful.

  13. @Come at me
    glad you think so!

    isn't it lovely? I also had THE NANNY reunion photo from some five years ago, and it was also lovely seeing all that marvelous actors we loved, together again.

    yep, I can't wait to watch the prequel, since 300 is one of my favourite movies in last ten years. HAve a great weekend yourself.

  14. @Melsy
    I must admit that I agree with you on Wright. Although I love the genre of films he often does (the period dramas), it is true that he most often ruins them with serious case of nepotism, and by choosing bad actors in certain roles. He ruined both ATONEMENT and PRIDE AND PREJUDICE by giving the lead roles to highly talentless and superficial Knightley, which is an unforgivable crime if you ask me. And now she is going to ruin the work of one of my favourite writers, Tolstoy :( Not to mention that most TV and movie adaptations of ANNA KARENINA had terrible miscastings.

    I'm so glad you told us that JTT dedicated his young years to college. Those are great news, because I was wondering where did that stunningly talented and charming lad disappear. It is nice knowing that he dedicated himself to education. I also heard that he is one of the nicest people in showbiz and that he is very kind and polite. When it comes to him turning 30, no I'm not surprised since I'm about his age too :)

  15. @JAmie
    yep, the first one was one of the biggest epic films ever with revolutionary special effects and visual image. That film set some really high standards in the genre of epic movies.
    I also can't wait to see the rest of the reunions photos, hope they will appear around the net when ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY comes out.

    glad you like the two ladies on those pics, Jaccsy ;P

  16. Thank goodness they changed the name on the 300 prequel.

  17. you didn't like XERXES title, Bud?

  18. Never seen Kate Winslet look so radiant. Never seen Jude Law with so much hair on his head. Never seen Lena Headey looking... like that I guess.

  19. but that's what you've come to expect from HOLLYWOOD SPY, yes? :)
    COSMOPOLITAN and MARIE CLAIRE photo shoots always have radiant vibe, and I once also had hair like Jude :)

  20. ah, I wonder why my boys like that pic of Lena so much :)

  21. Oh Dez I could not agree more with you on Knightley. I HATE her. She plays everything as straight up brat.

    JTT is one of the nicest people. His TV parents, Tim Allen and Patricia Richards just adored him and so did the crew of the show. I read recently he's looking to get back into showbiz as a writer and director as well as actor. He's very talented and I must say still adorable. He was certainly my fave of the boys. You are about his age, but you don't look a day over 21. :)

  22. yes, that's true, I don't look a day over 21 :))) he he

    I also heard about that gossip how he refused 22 million dollar offer from Tim Allen to do the last season of HOME IMPROVEMENT but for some reason he refused it. There was quite a buz around that one back in the days.
    And I was wondering where is Wilson on the pic, and then I found out that the actor died :(

  23. I adore Jude Law and I can't wait to see his performance in Anna Karenina.

  24. Like the rest of the world, I'm looking forward to Kate's new film! :-)

  25. Well Dezzy, y'know I love our Gerry Berry and Lena Heady is lovely, but I'd rather see them together in a romance drama or something like that. But hey, I'd still watch it, ha..ha..

    Btw, I'm glad you said '...not so mesmerizing Josh Brolin' I can't stand that guy, he's right up there w/ Sean Penn as far as actors I really don't like to see on or off screen.

  26. Lena Headey...yummy. That is all.

  27. @Flixy
    you'll watch it especially if Rodrigo Santoro gets Xerxes role again :)
    Yep, I have no idea whatsoever why Brolin is some kind of star?

    That seems to be the popular reaction ;)