Wednesday, September 7, 2011


 Remember charming LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE, and the adorable little actress Abigail Breslin? It's seems she's quite grown up
now and she has been choosing some really strange roles the latest of which is the lead one in A VIRGIN MARY, a film about a teenager who makes a pact with her best guy friend to have sex with each other, if they are both virgins by the age of 18. As I told you before, she will also appear in INNOCENCE beside Julianne Moore, as a recently bereaved teenage girl who finds herself the focus of everyone's attention at her elitist private school, which is home to a nest of vampires.
Speaking of Abigail Breslin, this October she will also star in JANIE JONES, as a daughter of a faded rock star (played by always mesmerizing Alessandro Nivola) who never even knew
he had a child until his former flame (Elisabeth Shue) drops a bomb about it because she suddenly leaves for rehab, and the child has no place to go but to join his band on  their reckless tour filled with drugs and booze. As his self destructive spiral threatens to derail his comeback, the daughter uses her own surprising musical talents to help guide him down the rocky road to redemption. Bad or good news, you decide: Eddie Murphy has been officially confirmed as the host of next year OSCARS! Well, I guess he can't be any worse than the catastrophe of a host called James Franco. At least we will laugh and not cry like this year.

A trailer for today is the new one for the upcoming thriller RETREAT which should hit cinemas later this October. As you know, this exciting and intriguing suspense thriller has quite a stunning cast including amazing Cillian Murphy, gorgeous
Thandie Newton and always freaky Jamie Bell.In the rather atmospheric and spooky story Thandie Newton and Cillian Murphy  appear as a married couple who go on a beautiful but remote island to relax, but there they unexpectedly encounter a strange stranded man (Jamie Bell) who tells them that everyone on the mainland had been killed by an airborne virus and that the three of them are the only survivors.


  1. Ooooh, Alessandro Nivola is mesmerizing indeed, Dezzy.

    I'll watch the RETREAT trailer later tonight. I'm sure Novia will be very happy :D

  2. Retreat looks mighty scary, but I'd go watch it.
    Looks like Abigail has been busy. :)

  3. @Flixy
    he is, isn't he?
    Yep, Novia will like the second trailer for the film for sure :)

    scary and lots of suspense and yep, Abigail is a busy bee :)

  4. wow, you're timing is almost the same as mine xd

  5. about what? :) Commenting or something you wrote about too? I'll pop over to your place ASAP!

  6. The trailer was confusing.
    I don't think I was ready for this today. I'm going to have to have a do-over later.

    Hope Eddie can still crack me up!

  7. Between the two Murphys I like Cillian much better. I wasn't that big of a fan until I watched him in Perrier's Bounty. He was really good in that, and now I want to see more. Luckily RETREAT is the kind of scary movie I can watch.

  8. Retreat does have a stunning cast.

    I haven't seen an Abigail Breslin movie in a while, but her projects sound interesting.

  9. a nest of vampires... gee, how original. (I hope Hollywood gets over this fascination soon.) BUT, RETREAT does sound good... not entirely original, but it looks like a good watch. (As long as the stranded man doesn't turn out to be a vampire.)

    But Alessandro Nivola. Yay!

  10. I cannot believe how big Breslin is now!! Makes me feel really weird seeing little child stars all grown up!! :-(

  11. Hey Dezz

    First things first...I finally have a copy of Samantha's book in my grubby little hands...and who should sneak up behind me and dash off with it to her conveniently situated garden suite - my mother.

    Well...word from the garden suite is "Ja, diss book is goot - very goot!" - and you need to know that means it's top drawer! Goot is as good as it gets in Inge's reading department.

    So...I can hardly wait for my turn!

    Now...Eddie as host of the 2012 Oscars - hmmm, I'm thinking...could be interesting, I'm a fan, so I'll reserve judgment until after the fat lady sings...he is going to have the fat lady sing, right?

    Great post, as always!

  12. Nest of vampires? That's my key phrase - I'm off to see that :P Retreat looks awesome - I'm a fan of Cillian Murphy so this is going on my to-watch list for definite.

  13. Little Ms. Sunshine was supposed to be a great movie. What was it about? I never watched it.

  14. Breslin's face look strange in that photo.
    Retreat should be a thrilling one but I'm not crazy about the cast.

  15. Read this morning on another he maybe the host and come here and get it confirmed, good work sir and it couldn't be any worse than last year.

  16. Man, someone has separation issues! Loved the trailer. Creepy psychological thriller.

    How old is Eddie Murphy? In his seventies?

  17. RETREAT = Awesome!

    As for Eddie Murphy hosting the Oscars, meh. Nothing against him, but it'll just make it that much longer with a stand-up monologue and unnecessary interjections.

  18. @Mary
    confusing? I had the opposite impression. I sometimes don't get all the trailers if they are too quick and too weird, since I'm not a native speaker of ENglish, but this one was very straight-forward to me

    Cillian (pronounced with K not with S) is a marvelous actor, you should watch his best performances in BREAKFAST ON PLUTO and THE WIND THAT SHAKES THE BARLEY

    the cast IS amazing. Abigail has grown up quite quickly, she is 16 now

  19. @Doralynn
    what? You mean you didn't have a nest of vampires in your teacher's lounge??? I certainly did :)))
    We do love us some Alessandro Nivola :)

    yep, little miss sunshine is now a 16 year old teenager :) And we are not getting any younger :(

    I'm about to finish reading Sammy's book tomorrow in bus since I'm traveling to my publisher :)
    A message to dear Mrs. Inge:
    das ist wunderbar. Ich bin froh, dass Sie genossen das Buch, ist Samantha eine wunderbare Schriftstellerin.
    And sorry on my German, not really fluent and perfect :)

  20. AND PS Jenny! Eddie could quite possibly play the fat lady himself since we know how much he loves dressing up :)

    Cillian is amazing, isn't he?

    you should, it was a wonderfully charming and fun movie with outstanding cast. I think you would enjoy it

    have you been drinkin' sake, Jaccsonville? :) Abigail's face is angelic on that pic, and RETREAT has the most amazing cast :P

  21. @Lurk
    yep, I mention the Eddie news earlier this week too :)

    glad you liked the trailer. Eddie could be in his 70s :)

    yep, it's quite possible that he will have long monologues and long sketches and that he could be a bit too loud :)

  22. Hmmm. Eddie Murphy as Oscars host - not sure how I feel about that. *scratches head*

  23. Retreat looks exciting. It will be difficult to pull off with just three characters but they often make for some of the best thrillers when done right. It is interesting to see the tables turned on Cillian Murphy - if you compare this sort of helpless role to say the one he played in Red Eye.

  24. @Sam
    we shall have to wait and see :)

    yep, films with only a few characters or films in isolated settings are usually the best, because they tend to get very psychological.
    Yep, it will be nice seeing Cillian as a good guy for once :)

  25. Retreat sounds decent. I like the poster :)

  26. It's great to be back to visiting my friends. :) I missed you,Dez.

    I love Abigail, most especially in Sunshine and Zombieland. I cannot wait to see Innocence.

    I am ashamed to admit I have not heard of Aleesandro before, however what a compellingly handsome man he is. I'll have to look up more info on him.

    And I love the trailer. The Retreat sounds right up my alley.

  27. Dezz -I'm so showing mom your comment...your German is "perfect" - you and I would get along beautifully! Mom will just love it! And...thanks for making the effort.

    Enjoy finishing Samantha's book, lucky you!

    Cheers, Jenny

  28. RETREAT looks like its best viewed on television. Love Eddie Murphy. He's the funniest guy ever. RAW is one of my most favourite things in the world. Never tire of it.

    Is Alessandro Nivolastill acting? Haven't seen him since JURASSIC PARK 3.

  29. We'll see how Eddie Murphy manages as Oscar cycles through hosts. Personally, I miss the old days of Bob Hope and Johnny Carson. You could count on them.

    Tossing It Out

  30. @Kelley
    it is a nice poster, isn't it? :)

    missed you too, Melsy!
    I think you will like Alessandro a lot, because he is one of those actors which steal the spotlight and every scene and the movie is all about them :) He has some special spark in him.

    ah, please, my German is Tarzan German :) But thanks for liking it :)

  31. @Movies
    I have no idea what RAW is :)
    It is possible that Alessandro is acting more in UK, since, as far as I know, his wife is a British actress and I think they live in UK, but I'm not sure.

    we shall keep our fingers crossed for Eddie.
    When it comes to Hope and Carson, I did hear about them, but never saw them since they were at their prime probably decades before I was born :)

  32. abigail breslin is such an amazing little talent! it's strange to see those kids start growing up.

  33. it really is, I remember seeing grown up pics of some little kids whom we knew as actors when they were little, and I was shocked.
    For example, remember that adorable little Jonathan Lipnicki kid who made us melt in JERRY MAGUIRE? Well, he, or at least some parts of him, look shockingly like this today:


  34. Whenever Cillian shows up will always succeeded inputting a smile on my face :)

    The video has gone Dezz...but thanks for making me aware of the new trailer. I'll find it in youtube now

  35. the video is still there, I don't know why you couldn't watch it?

  36. Retreat looks like it could be good and A Virgin mary might interest me if they don't go with the usual "best friends who have sex but are really in love and can't admit it" plot. I have grown tired of it

  37. @Diane
    glad you like it :)

    yep, we've seen plenty of that kind of plot on film. But I must admit I still love that one too :)