Thursday, September 15, 2011


Ah, poor Scrat, he's in trouble again as you can see on the poster of ICE AGE: CONTINENTAL DRIFT. The fourth installment of
the super popular animated saga is ready to premiere in summer 2012 facing the adorable prehistoric creatures with ice caps melting. Separated from the rest of the herd, they will use an iceberg as a makeshift ship, which will launch them on an epic seafaring quest. They will encounter exotic sea creatures, explore a brave new world, and battle ruthless pirates. And Scrat's reunion with his cursed nut will catapult him to places no prehistoric squirrel has gone before. Each of the previous movies has earned from $200 million to $300 million more than the one before.
As "Vulture" reports, J.J. Abrams has officially signed on to direct STAR TREK II. The long anticipated sequel to the marvelous sf blockbuster from 2009 will again have the old cast
together including Karl Urban, Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine. It is not known when will the film come out, but the script is currently in works. After Wentworth Miller who was the male lead in the last part of the RESIDENT EVIL saga, the male star of RESIDENT EVIL RETRIBUTION will be Boris Kodjoe who will again join Milla Jovovich and Sienna Guillory in the fifth part of the sf franchise which is currently being filmed in Toronto with the premiere scheduled for Autumn 2012. Always funny, Nathan Lane has joined Julianne Moore and Greg Kinnear in THE ENGLISH TEACHER in which he will play a drama teacher. As you know, Lane is also playing Evil Queen's servant in Tarsem's SNOW WHITE alongside Julia Roberts.

There haven't been many trailers released recently, but I have an interesting one for you today. It is the haunting and inspiring
trailer for BURNING MAN, which stars super charming and deeply charismatic Matthew Goode from WATCHMEN and LEAP YEAR as an English chef with a chic restaurant on Bondi Beach who is trying to put his life and his relationship with his little son back on track while surrounded by women who are all trying to help him change his reckless ways after he had experienced a tragic accident. The cast also includes two ladies from Australia: young Serbian actress Bojana Novakovic, whom you've seen alongside Mel Gibson in EDGE OF DARKNESS and in DRAG ME TO HELL, and always talented Rachel Griffiths from BROTHERS AND SISTERS and MURIEL'S WEDDING.


  1. Hi Dezz - Great trailer for Burning Man...lots going on and the cast seems very solid - it's going on my list.

    It never ceases to amaze me how many movies a little gang of prehistoric creatures can star in and, like their futuristic cousin the Energizer battery, they just keep going and going and going...and now they are going at it again. But they are adorable, so I'm sure I'll be see it with my daughter.

    By the your comment on my Cariboo post...left you a reply! :-)

    Cheers, Jenny

  2. Glad you liked the trailer, it should be a great film with great cast.
    I'll pop over ASAP :)

  3. Yay! Star Trek II. And poor Scrat. I wish I still had a little kid who wanted to see these movies.

  4. Burning Man looks intense. I'd love to watch it.

    The cast for The English Teacher sounds fantastic.

  5. When did Ice Age 3 come out!? I'm so behind. I do like the trailer though.

  6. @Luanne
    take your hubs, I'm sure he has a kid in him :)

    yep, intense. And plus we always love movies with food :)

    a few years ago :) It was with dinosaurs :)

  7. Love the poster for the burning man.

    I was going to say that I'm surprised they keep making the Ice Age movies...until I got to the part where you added how much more each movie makes from the last. Wow.

  8. yep, the last one earned about 800 million, the one before 600 and the first one 400 :) Which means this one should earn about one billion :)

  9. Burning Man looks great. Another Ice Age, love those movies.
    AND a movie with 2 of my favorites -- Nathan Lane and Julianne Moore.

    Thanks Dez :o]

  10. Very interesting trailer. I love Matthew Goode, he's a quirky charmer on screen and of course Rachel Griffiths is marvelous.

    I cannot wait for more Scrat!

  11. can't believe no one has commented on that photo yet! i'm practically questioning my sexuality because of it.

  12. Hey -E- do you mean the squirrel and skunk one, you kinky guy?

  13. Dezzy - Totally hot guy. LOL. Had to put that in for E. And you Dezzy dear, are sooo good at finding all the hot pics. YUM.

    I love the ICE AGE films. They're fun to watch with the fam.

    As for BURNING MAN - WOW!

  14. Burning Man looks interesting, I'll have to keep an eye out for it :)

    I'm glad that Abrams has finally confirmed he will helm Star Trek 2. Looking forward to the new Ice Age movie aswell, if for nothing else than to watch Scrat :P

  15. Come on, haven't they beating the Ice Age franchise to death already?

    At least Resident Evil knows when to stop.

  16. Yeay for JJ!!

    Yeay for Scrat and his NUT!!

    Yeay for me!

  17. @Mary
    ah, didn't know Lane and Moore were your favourite :)

    Goode is such a brilliant actor and a huge hunk too :) You know that I love actors with deep charisma, and he has it in tones.

    glad you liked it as I did :)

  18. @Edmund
    he he love that comment :) I am shocked myself ... I guess our ladies don't like dark chocolate as much as we thought they do :(

    ah, Debra, you naughty devil :)

    well, I gotta feed my people with their daily dose of irresistible hotness :)
    Glad you liked the poster and the trailer

  19. @Jamie
    yep, it was about time for them to start working on the new STAR TREK. And someone should start a new TV show too!

    well, ICE AGE saga was one of the very few ones which didn't really lose the quality and charm with the sequels.


    yay, for you, Britain must be proud :P

  20. Another Resident Evil, Star Trek II and Scrat....good news.

  21. HA! E and Debra!!!
    burning man might be interesting.

  22. funny people Edmund and Debra, yes? :) I like to think I got them inspired (with E, in more ways than one) :)
    Glad you like BURNING MAN.

  23. Burning Man looks like a great character piece. Perhaps one for me and the missus to see together.

  24. YES, YES, YES for more Resident Evil.

    And Star Trek, hell yes!!!

    I'm going to check out that Burning Man trailer now.

  25. I have a weakness for the resident evil movies. Hopefully this one is better than the last one.

  26. what a perfect trailer for Burning Man! I'm completely intrigued and dying to know what it's about. Very cool. Thanks, Dezzy~ :o)

  27. Ice Age does seem to get cuter and cuter with each one. :) I can't wait!

  28. Burning Man looks heavy, in a good way. And Ice Age? At first glance, I thought "Again?!," but I have a weird fear obsession with the sea so I'll watch it for the creatures :)

  29. @Dan
    I'm sure missus Dan would like it :)

    glad I made you happy today :)

    I know you do, Budd :)

  30. @Leigh
    it is a very intriguing trailer!

    that's true :)

    yes, on both things :)

  31. Thanks for the information! Was really helpful! Keep up the great blog work!

  32. Can't wait for Ice Age! Loved the other three movies. I even have the original poster on my wall - in Belgium, I think. (Goes well with the German Dracula.)

  33. @D22
    thanks, glad you like the site :)

    you lived in Belgium? ICE AGE is one of the best animated sagas :)