Thursday, September 8, 2011


 This is one of those cases you like so much, when I post about some insignificant film as an excuse to post some hot pics of its
stars :) Over at "Beyond Hollywood" I came upon a charming little film with an even more charming title - TWO HEADED SHARK ATTACK. The latest rumors say that two vixens, Brooke Hogan and Carmen Electra will appear in this rather crazy film about a "Semester at Sea" ship which is attacked and sunk by a mutated two-headed shark, and the survivors seek refuge on a deserted atoll. The coeds, however, are no longer safe when the atoll starts flooding. The film should hit DVD market next year in case you're interested.
Yep, the trend of big stars taking roles in B-league crime films continues: according to "Variety" Anthony Hopkins has signed
on to star in SOLACE, a crime thriller which will revolve around a former doctor who possesses psychic abilities, which he uses to help the FBI track down a serial killer. As "Deadline" reports, Fox, Dreamworks and Disney will all work together in financing Steven Spielberg's next huge, and extremely expensive, project, the movie adaptation of sf novel ROBOPOCALYPSE. As I reported before, the freshly released novel by Daniel H. Wilson is a sf epic which explores the fate of the human race after the world was hit by a robot uprising.

The only trailer I have to offer you today, in this rather slow week when it comes to movie news, is the one for A BIRD OF THE AIR,
a charming film which hits cinemas this month and stars two gorgeous people Rachel Nichols (from CONAN and GI JOE, but they did some criminal things to her hair in this one) and Jackson Hurst. The story follows a solitary man who becomes obsessed with finding the owner of a green parrot who one day flew into his trailer. He is then joined by a girl who decides to help with his parrot search, whether he wants her to or not. The two of them set out on a quest to find the bird's previous owners and she begins to unravel the mysteries of his past and his present which is more intense than the romantic version she had envisioned.


  1. I actually really like that bird movie. It's got a mystery involved in it. Super!

  2. TWO HEADED SHARK ATTACK sounds so bad that it could be amusing... ;)

    Wow, so many movies to look forward to: SOLACE, ROBOPOCALYPSE... and A BIRD OF THE AIR looks delightful.

  3. Stephen is really obsessed with robot and alien!! But the book sounds good, will see if I can find and read it

  4. Like the trailer for the parrot movie. But I hope the shark gets those other two in its jaws. hehe.

  5. Nothing says "quality" like "Two Headed Shark Attack"....

  6. that robopocalypse cover impresses me every time i see it!
    speaking of robots...
    i've started to wonder whether carmen electra may be a robot... i mean, seriously, does that woman age at all?!?!?!
    ugh. her and brooke have now convinced me to go back on my diet. :( :P

  7. A Bird of the Air looks so sweet and cool. I love parrots. My friend has an African Gray that is the most hilarious bird. He likes sitting in the kitchen window and barking like a dog.

  8. I like Jackson, nice to see him doing a movie! I love birds. I taught my Mom's bird to talk; so fun~ Damn the sharks are over here; Carmen must be doing VLC, very low carb. Solace sounds good; I love psychic type flicks!

  9. I honestly will watch anything with Hopkins in it.

    And robots. I love them both.

  10. I like the sound of Robopocalypse, but I'm not sure that Spielberg will be able to make it as dark as it needs to be. Epic, certainly. But dark? I dunno.

  11. I am so sorry Dezzy, I didn't actually read much today, was far too distracted by the first image!!

    Thanks for making me smile

  12. You had me at Brooke Hogan and Carmen Electra my friend.

  13. I'd only watch that first one if Carmen and Brooke wear what they have on in that picture.

    Looks like I need to find a copy of ROBOPOCALYPSE to read.

  14. I totally agree with Lynda about 2 headed shark attack. A 2 headed shark? I'm going to have nightmares even if it's laughable lol

  15. SOLACE is one I'll probably go see. I love me some crime thrillers. But, I'm tempted to watch TWO HEADED SHARK ATTACK, just cause I love the stupid title so much.

  16. Think Bird will make a god Sunday afternoon DVD flick -- the others not so much.

    I can't make up my mind about the Scots. A sad state of affair.

  17. @Clarissa
    birds and animals on film are always cute, aren't they? :)

    yep, so bad that it actually could be good :)))

    someone's a bit jealous? :PPPP Actually I fully expect for those two to be eaten by sharks in the film, I mean everybody will go to see that film for that reason only :)

    with aliens, robots and Holocaust

  18. @Drew
    yep, that's pure Hollywood quality :) I expect to see that film reviewed over at your place :)

    those pics made me go on a diet myself even though my life is a diet :)) Carmen does look like a robot. It's crazy how some people have been born with flawless bodies :(

    he he a barking parrot? Now, that could come useful in certain situations :)

    I reckon she is in her prime :)

  19. @Ella
    I've always thought that low carb would help me too, since carbs are the only caloric things I eat. If I would stop eating bread and pastries I would probably lose 30 pounds or more :)

    glad to hear that :)

    yep, Spielberg's films have become extremely sugary to the point of being pathetic in last ten years or more. I for example couldn't watch A.I. till the end because of that.

    @Lurk and Scottie
    that's OK guys, today's post was meant to be looked at and not read :)

  20. @Josh
    I couldn't really imagine that film with them wearing something else :)

    yep, it's so bad that it could actually be good :)

    I'm sure it will be the most charming of films :)

    yep, it's a Sunday film!

  21. 2 Headed Shark Attack??? I've got to see that!

  22. @Ricky
    you really got to ;)


  23. Two Headed Shark Attack???? I had to double check to make sure I hadn't brought up an April Fools Day post.

    Tossing It Out

  24. he he I kid you not sir, the film is for real :)

  25. 2-Headed Shark Attack??? Well, it's different, anyway - points for creativity. :)