Tuesday, September 13, 2011


According to "The Hollywood Reporter" Danny De Vito is ready to direct the movie adaptation of the YA saga THE TRUE CONFESSIONS OF CHARLOTTE DOYLE and he has signed on Pierce Brosnan and Morgan Freeman in the lead roles.  The book details the story of Charlotte Doyle, the young daughter of an aristocrat who has lived a very sheltered life and who sets out from Liverpool on a trans Atlantic journey to her new home in America. She finds herself the only passenger, and the only girl, on the Seahawk, a majestic ship under the command of Captain Jaggery and the tale is billed as a story of intrigue on the open sea.

The first poster has been released for drama THE DEEP BLUE SEA starring two gorgeous and super talented people Rachel Weisz and Tom Hiddleston. The film, which premieres this
November, should be one of the Oscar contenders with the story about the cheating wife of a British Judge  caught in a self destructive love affair with a Royal Air Force pilot. "Deadline" reports that the spin-off to famous SEX AND THE CITY, is moving to CW. CARRIE'S DIARIES, which follows High School years of famous Carrie Bradshaw, will be produced by GOSSIP GIRL creators. Another new show will be HANNIBAL LECTER TV series which will be written by the producer of PUSHING DAISIES and will describe Lecter's early relationship with FBI profiler Will Graham.

One of the upcoming dramas most of you got intrigued by when I mentioned it before is WARM BODIES in which the story follows an existentially tormented zombie who falls for the girlfriend of one of his victims and decides to protect her from his brain-eating brethren as he begins to reconnect with his dormant humanity.
I've recently mentioned that super charming comedian Rob Corddry has joined gorgeous young people Teresa Palmer and Nicholas Hoult who are taking the lead roles, but now there are new additions to the cast: James Franco's brother Dave Franco will play Teresa Palmer's boyfriend the leader of humans who are fighting against zombies, while John Malkovitch will play a general who wants to eradicate all zombies. Similar to Nicholas Hoult, Rob Corddry will be one of the good zombies.


  1. The Hannibal Lecter tv show sounds interesting.

  2. I knew you would like that one, Ricks.

  3. I LOVED The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle by Avi. Strange that that one would be made into a movie with Danny De Vito directing though.

    And I'll definitely be watching The Deep Blue Sea just for Rachel Weisz.

  4. The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle is one of my favorite books--Morgan Freeman would definitely fit the part of Zachariah.

  5. @Luanne
    you read it? De Vito is actually quite a good director, he had some really nice movies, some kid movies too!

    that's nice to hear, didn't know it was such a hit!

  6. ...if done correctly, True Confessions will be a hit with the ladies ;)


  7. True Confessions w/Morgan Freeman, hmmmm. I'll think about it.

  8. @El
    it sure will :) the same goes for CARRIE DIARIES :)

    you do that :)

  9. Yes, I've read it. Avi is a wonderful writer. The book is full of action, murder, and intrigue. :))

  10. Is it wrong how much the Hannibal series appeals to me? Is it?

  11. I love high sea stories so THE TRUE CONFESSIONS OF CHARLOTTE DOYLE sounds great. It helps that there seems to be some great actors involved.

  12. OK, Deep Blue Sea? so yes. And cmon. Zombies who protect loved ones from brain-eating brethren? hmmm... I dunno. :D <3

  13. Haven't they milked Hannibal Lector enough? :(

    I really think they should have stopped after Silence of the Lambs.

  14. I'm looking forward to "The Deep Blue Sea." Terrence Rattigan is one of my favourite playwrights.

  15. Warm Bodies had me up until the mention of John Malkovitch. I can't stand the man for some reason. I'll still give it a shot though :P

  16. Warm Bodies sounds intriguing although being a huge fan of The Walking Dead, I can't imagine zombies having dormant humanity. :)

    Not too sure about Deep Blue Sea. I'm not all into drama ramas about cheating spouses, but it has Rachel so I will give it a go on Netflix.

  17. Hannibal Lecter the TV series has me interested but Warm Bodies has the best potential.

  18. Warm Bodies just sounds completely bonkers!!


  19. wow! I didn't know Dave Franco! he is stunning like his broW!



  20. @Luanne
    murder? Ah, nooo....

    it is totally wrong! :)

    I know you like and write highseas novels :)

  21. heeheehee! i love all the warm bodies love! i hope it is good!
    yuck! for a hannibal lecter tv show.
    and rachelle's new cover looks super amazing!

  22. @Leigh
    you don't believe in the warm side of zombies? C'mon have some faith in the undead ones :))

    I think they did, I was personally never interested in that story

    nice to hear that, Debra!

  23. @Jamie
    yep, Malkovitch is one of those actors like Sean Penn and Mat Damon and Nicolas Cage who seem to irritate 80% of audience and amaze 20% :) I'm not a fan of either of those four

    ah, what can I tell you, it seems love lifts zombies up where they belong too :)

    nice to hear that, Lurk!

  24. @Scott
    bonkers indeed!

    I think he is even hotter than his brother, but I haven't seen him in anything so far so I don't know whether he is talented.

    you do love your zombies, don't you? :) How's Cora doing?

  25. I wonder what channel HANNIBAL LECTER will be on. That's the only thing that will make or break the chances for the series.

  26. The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle is one of my favorite books! I can't wait for the movie.
    Also, I'm dying to see Languate of Ju Huang Tea. I see on the left over here. Love Aaron Kwok!

  27. cora's doing great, thanks for asking! she and mischief (our other kitty) have become best of friends and skitter and leap all over the house. it is ADORABLE! also, she has a funny habit of jumping up on my back when i walk by and she's perched on an obliging surface. then she tries to ride on my shoulder like a parrot. she still doesn't like our pups though, but she tolerates them well, and they fear her because mischief is the queen of the house, and cora is within her good graces. :)

  28. Ah...I miss your spy Dezz!!

    Devito's movie sounds interesting. Hanibal series is a must watch if they can execute the character correctly.
    The weirdest news is the falling in love zombie...what the heck is that? I am totally avoiding that movie...not enough with Vampire who loves human now zombie too!! I am shocked.

  29. I think you know i am already on board for Warm Bodies. A hannibel tv series sounds a bit repetitive to me considering he already got a prequel.

  30. @Josh
    if I remember correctly the show will be done by some independent production house who are also making a show on MADAM TUSSAUD.

    Aaron Kwok is one of my favourite Asian hunks too!

    he he ... nice to hear Miss Cora is adapting nicely and that her Feline Highness Mischief is accepting her nicely. My Budislava gave birth to four crazy kittens, two black, one black and white and one gray and yellow. Don't know where she got all those colours :)

  31. @Novia
    yep, zombies are the new vampires :)

    I don't get the point of Hanibbal show either. Especially since whenever I hear Hanibbal I think of famous Carthaginian general and then I get disappointed if it's not about some epic

  32. I will admit if the trailer for the show catches my interest i may give it a chance

  33. awwwww! cute little budislava! i am completely ignorant when it comes to cat genetics, but i watched a documentary fairly recently on "the science of dogs" which spoke a lot about how people breeded them for traits (sooo sad- and intriguing scientifically) but out of nowhere a pup would be born that was an anomally of some recessive gene and they'd all be stoked.
    i know around here most of the cats are farm cats, and their colors are soooo random within the same litter. our kitty that died in the fire, punkin patch, had long creme colored fur and chocolate paws and tail and bright blue eyes. her siblings were black, and orange tabbies. go figure.
    also, i've heard that it's possible for cats to get pregnant by different fathers amongst the same litter. i don't know if that's true or not. see ya! congrats mama budislava! (whom i think of as buddy!) :D

  34. Wow! That is really good news! Maybe now someone will finally want to read our school library's copy of that book which has been sadly overlooked for many years!

  35. @Vics
    that's possible, especially since I have a lot of tomcats in the block and Budislava is quite sluttish :) She currently has problems feeding the five kittens, so many of them and so little of her :) So, I'm hoping she will bring them down from neighbor's shed soon so that I can start giving them some solid food.

    hopefully :) Although if it's true that the book has murder in it, maybe it's better for kids not to read it?

  36. awwww! poor momma!
    you're going to post pictures when she brings the babes home, right? RIGHT!?!?!? :)

  37. well, I'll try but I'm don't have any pics of my animals. I'm not one of those people who post gazillion of pics of their cats, dogs and kids :)

  38. It's a good movie and I really enjoyed.