Monday, September 26, 2011


 Good news, people, good news. According to "MovieWeb" HOLLYWOOD SPY's favourite actor Karl Urban has officially
joined the third part of the famous RIDDICK sf saga. He will reprise the outstanding role of charismatic lord Vaako from THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK. As you know Vin Diesel is currently trying to find money for the movie which will be directed by David Twohy and will be more gritty and dark which is why it will be R-rated. Speaking of our beloved Karl Urban, as you know, he has another two big projects ahead of him - the lead role in the remake of JUDGE DREDD and the sequel to STAR TREK. And he also has LOFT with equally stunning James Marsden and Wentworth Miller.
As "Deadline" reports 20th Century Fox will adapt Isaac Asimov's futuristic story THE CAVES OF STEEL. The story is set 1,000 years
in the future, where humans have grown increasingly more paranoid of robots, who perform laborious tasks on outer planets known as "spacers". A "spacer" ambassador, who is trying to loosen Earth's restrictions on robots, is murdered, which forces a detective to pair up with a robot disguised as a human to solve the crime. After we've seen the teasing teaser, today you can check out the first poster for THE IRON LADY which premieres this December with Meryl Streep as infamous war loving British prime minister Margareth Thatcher. The cast also includes brilliant Jim Broadbent and Richard E.Grant.

Your trailer for creepy Monday is equally creepy and much more exciting one for THE GREY, a suspense drama which should open in cinemas next year starring Liam Neeson, James Badge Dale and Dermot Mulroney. The film follows the survivors of a harrowing plane crash who are then hunted down by a pack of wild and hungry wolves in the setting of snow covered mountains where they are trying to fight back the beasts and survive again using all means possible in the cold wasteland. The  film is both written and directed by Joe Carnahan the helmer of NARC and THE A-TEAM.


  1. I hope Riddick goes ahead. I also hope that going darker and grittier doesn't just mean gore.

  2. Nice poster for "The Iron Lady". I hate movies about airplane disasters, so I won't be going to see "The Grey."

  3. @Lyndy
    I hope the same, Lyndy

    this one is more about wolf disaster than a plane one :)

  4. I certainly hope Lord Vaako will be minus that shrew of a wife. God, what an annoying character she was.

    Caves of Steel is a great story. I can't wait to see what they with the film.

  5. he he you didn't like Thandie Newton? :) But she did have some style, some intergalactic style :)

  6. karl urban worked so great in riddic :P

  7. LOL She had style, but I wanted to slap her silly throughout most of the film. Especially when she was verbally abusing Vaako. ;)

  8. Riddick is one of the few series along those lines that I actually like....
    And, what ever happened to Vin Diesel??? He should have been the next Arnold Schwarzenegger.

  9. That was kind of sad to watch Liam Neeson in that scene knowing what happened to his real wife.

  10. Caves of Steel sounds a bit like iRobot.

  11. Caves of Steel could be interesting, but sounds like it's something that's been done before. Hope they give it an orginal twist.

    Tossing It Out

  12. I like how Karl Urban is doing a lot of fantasy/sci-fi. I approve :D

    The Grey looks pretty good too. There's not been a decent survival flick out for a while. I'll have to check this out.

  13. Looking forward to Riddick (if it goes ahead) and that Urban is a handsome git and a good actor.

  14. The Grey reminds me a bit of Alive with the addition of some wolves. Could be interesting.

  15. @Melsy
    yep, horrid lady, we could find some much better ways of abusing poor Lord Vaako, couldn't we? :)

    he is still active and successful, his movie FAST FIVE has earned more than half billion dollars last year around the world

    I guess he shot the film before that, but she did die in a skiing accident, so this is a bit different

  16. @DWei
    it does?

    hopefully, if the film gets shot in the end :)

    yep, he is a sf lover and we love that about him. I wish we could see him more in Hollywood films, he is such a tremendous talent

  17. @Lurk
    we shall keep our fingers crossed that it gets enough money for shooting and that fanboys won't trash it and ruin its chances in cinemas like they did with CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK which were trashed before they even saw it even though it was a brilliant film

    it could, it could ...

  18. WHAT?! THE CAVES OF STEEL!!!!!! Best news of the day.

  19. *cough* I don't like liam neeson *cough* The iron lady might be interesting.

  20. Dezzy - I hope the new Riddick goes forward. Love Karl. Love Vin Diesel. Mmmmmm.

  21. ohman. the grey looks intense. gotta love neeson though.

    i STILL need to watch those riddick films! hmmm... maybe i'll just wait until the new one comes out. :)

  22. I used to love Isaac Asimov, so I hope the movie will be good. I'm a fan of Liam Neeson, so I hope THE GREY will be good, too. The trailer was intense. I was expecting a movie about those creepy grey aliens... not a grey wolf. But the surprise was a good one.

  23. Oo, I like Riddick. Vin Diesel was (is) my guilty pleasure when I was in h.s. :)

  24. @Josh
    you're a fan? :) I haven't heard about that book before yesterday, but I know Asimov has a lot of fans and my publisher has published his FOUNDATION for Serbia

    no worries, I don't like Neeson either :)The only film I liked him in was LOVE ACTUALLY

    we shall keep our fingers crossed for Vinny and Karl!

  25. @Vics
    PITCH BLACK was black :) so you might wanna miss that one, but THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK were really a beautiful film to watch if you like space operas. One of the films I hugely enjoyed watching

    if it happens, if they find the money. But we could always use some new sf :) THEGREY trailer really is intense and scary that's why I warned you :)

  26. @Kelley
    did you know that he was originally a film director, who directed dramas and even got some awards, I think, and only after that he became action stars. His parents are college professors if I remember correctly.

    then you have something to look forward to :)

  27. Oooh, look at our darling Karl... what an awesome pic, Dezzy. I've never been interested in Riddick but I might rent it just for Karl. Wasn't dame Judi star in it in the first film, too?

  28. it is one of his latest pics :)
    Not the first, but the second one THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK, it starred Karl, Vin, Judi, Thandie Newton, Colm Feore ... a really great cast!And also a great film