Thursday, September 22, 2011


 Ah, that Jason Bateman really is a popular guy in Hollywood these days. According to "MovieWeb", after starring in CHANGE-UP
this summer in which he exchanged lives with Ryan Reynolds, he will take the lead role in THE LONGEST WEEK, beside Olivia Wilde (again), a movie which follows a man who spends a week in his parents' luxury Manhattan hotel, which creates chaos in his life. He will also join Alexander Skarsgard in DISCONNECT, a film with interconnected stories revolving around a bunch of different characters who are all affected in serious ways by the Internet and modern technologies.

Well, the title certainly sounds fun - Jon Turteltaub will direct LAST VEGAS, a comedy which will follow four best friends in their 60s who escape to Las Vegas to throw a bachelor party
for the last single man in the group. Jack Nicholson was offered the lead role. As "Deadline" reports, Jeremy Renner will take the lead role in KING OF HEISTS, a film about a mild mannered gentleman who quietly assembled a crew and pulled off a $3 million heist from the Manhattan Savings Institution in 1878. According to "Variety" one of the most charming TV faces around Aaron Paul (BREAKING BAD) will star in SMASHED, in which he and Mary Elizabeth Winstead will play a married couple who can only find a connection through alcohol, but their marriage takes an unusual turn when the wife decides to get sober.

We've been waiting for this one, for a long time now. The trailer for British drama THE DEEP BLUE SEA is finally here. In this period movie, two outstanding thespians
Rachel Weisz and Tom Hiddleston (from THOR, you will read more about him this Sunday in HOLLYWOOD SPY's luxurious and artsy spotlight on the new upcoming stars) are the main characters in the story of the privileged wife of a prominent judge who leaves her husband for a young pilot in the 1950s.  Stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea, she doesn't know what, or whom, to choose! The film has received great reviews so far and is being described as "timeless and nostalgic, classical and very modern, achingly emotional and serene" at the same time. It hits UK cinemas in November and US ones next year.


  1. I will most likely get The Deep Blue Sea on dvd or stream it through netflix as its not my usual cup of tea. Disconnect seems like it could very easily end up coming off preachy and superficial in the wrong hands.

    And is that bateman pouring water down his crotch?

  2. yep, it is,I've posted that pic of Bateman's before as well, but it's too good to be used just once :)

  3. Um...I'm having trouble getting past the pic of Jason Bateman...

  4. that's why I've put it at the gate :)

  5. Couldn't tell much from the trailer, but as usual Rachel Weisz looks fabulous. I'm sure I'll watch The Deep Blue Sea when it's available.

  6. yes, it's more of a teaser than a real trailer :(

  7. Yeah, I can tell that The Deep Blue Sea obviously has a nostalgic feeling to it.

  8. The Deep Blue Sea looks amazing! I can't believe Tom Hiddleston was the same guy in Thor! Looking forward to this one :)

  9. Disconnect? A film about us? All of us bloggers? Am I in it? I'm sure there would be a place for a juggling blogger. Where do I sign up?

    Tossing It Out

  10. I've watched Jason Bateman's career for a while, and I'm rather disappointed that he never grew up. A waste of a body fit for action movies . .

    Deadline sounds interesting.

    I’ll probably watch Smashed, although it sounds like a remake of “When A Man Loves A Woman”. Mmmm, I have to buy that on DVD . .

    I’m a little iffy on Deep Blue Sea; but I’m sure I’ll watch it. I like family drama, but British films usually spend too much time in long scenes with the two basically “looking at” each other so the musical scores have a spot in the movie. Ghost Writer had a good premise also, but the dramatic effects went on and on . .

    Thanks for the updates Dezzy.


  11. I'll watch anything that has Jason Bateman in it. :)

    Smashed and The Deep Blue Sea look interesting.

  12. I haven't heard of the Deep Blue Sea but after watching the trailer, I want to see it.

  13. @George
    yep, bringing old times to the big screen :) LAdies will enjoy the costumes and the romance, and boys will enjoy Rachel Weisz :)

    glad you like it, Debs, hope we shall get a longer trailer soon to see a bit more of the actual film in it, although you can find some powerful scenes from the film over at YouTube already

  14. I'll watch anything with Jason Bateman. Seriously great actor. Nice that he's finally getting noticed again.

    And speaking of Mary Elizabeth Winstead, I saw a trailer for THE THING on TV last night. Looks promising. (I know you've posted on it before, but I'm just mentioning it here because it is fresh in my brain and searching posts while mobile is a pain in the ass (and small (That's What She Said...on both points).)

  15. @Sammy
    hey, Sammy, glad to see you back in the blogosphere :) Yep, who would believe it's the god of Mischief :) Don't forget to drop by on Sunday to read more about him in HOLLYWOOD SPY'S EXCLUSIVE SPOTLIGHT ON THE UPCOMING STARS with tones of stunning pics :)

    well, if they're accepting juggling bloggers (you have no rivals in that category), I'm sure they will be accepting blogging spies too :) We could even share a wardrobe at the set :)) You will do the cleaning and I will handle the press :))

  16. @Donna
    hey, Donzie, you seem sad a bit, everything OK?
    Unlike you, I adore British films and British actors, especially their powerful dramas. I love that old school in films :)

    glad you like those projects and actors, Medeia :)

    hope it will hit Mexican cinemas next year too!

  17. @Josh
    I haven't heard of Mary Elisabeth before this one. I did post on THE THING but I don't remember her from it. I think TEH THING will be a great film, since the only horrors I accept to watch are the ones in some isolated or remote place with no escape, and this being in polar conditions is just a cherry on the cake :)

  18. I love Jason Bateman and could not be happier that he is so popular now. I remember him from those 80's television shows he did.

    The trailer is gorgeous. Still don't know if I want to see though as I don't really like films about cheating spouses, but it does look intriguing and it is Rachel.

  19. Mary Elizabeth Winstead was Ramona in the SCOTT PILGRIM movie.

  20. @Melsy
    I remember you saying that before too, Melsy. This is a personal question, so you don't have to answer it, but did you have a personal experience with a cheating spouse?
    I don't like films and stories about ungrateful and immature cheating spouses from rich circles like in Anna Karenina or in this one for example.

    Never saw that film, not my type of comedy :) I never watch American comedies, except romcoms sometimes.

  21. Not me, but someone close did. Plus, I just always find those movies to be emotional drags, swirling around the same tired stuff, "you're never here," "you shut me out", "you cheated first", "you don't love me anymore" and blah, blah, blah. Now if the spouse being cheated on is abusive or crazy, that ups the ante and I'm hooked. Nothing like the possibility of murder to make a drama more exciting. ;)

  22. Deep Blue Sea, you mean they are remaking that shark movie? Will L.L. Cool J reprise his role as the cook?

  23. it's more of a teaser than a real trailer !

  24. @Melsy
    ah, yes, all those emotional drags and rebukes they use against each other are often a real bore :(

    he certainly will :)

    it is, just a teaserish trailer for UK audience :)

  25. I think Terrance Davies is one of the greatest British filmmakers of our time. The guy is a legend. The UK film industry should just give him a bank cheque to make whatever film he chooses.

  26. That trailer for Deep Blue Sea looks very good! And I love that Jason Bateman photo. :)

  27. Hmmm... I'm not really interested in any of them. THE DEEP BLUE SEA kinda looks like a snoozer to me... but with my insomnia that's a good thing.

  28. Dezzy - Jason Bateman is awesome!! My kids think he's totally weird for pouring lemonade on his "big-boy parts." I think he's hilarious. LOL =D

  29. @Movies
    I've heard praises about him recently, but I've never watched anything he did. Which films did he direct?

    @Come at
    glad you like it

    glad you liked both things today, Suzie :)

  30. @Doralynn
    ah, a bit of snoozing from time to time clears up the soul :)

    yep, he is a nice family actor who is suddenly getting tones of work :)

  31. You know what I love about this site? The fancy celebrity photos I would have no other reason to see. :) And Dezzy, of course.

  32. Not really interested in any of these today. Especially anything with Bateman. :(

  33. @Kelley
    those are two jolly good reasons :)

    ah, come back in about fifteen minutes and I'll have a photo of scantily clad Charlize Theron for you ;)

  34. Jason Bateman just keeps rolling out the hits. Great pic by the way Dezzy!