Tuesday, October 11, 2011


My dear people, our poll for THE BEST WELSH STAR is over, and thanks to his devoted fans Luke Evans won the title with stunning 27% votes, leaving Catherine Zeta Jones (19%), Anthony Hopkins (19%) and Christian Bale (19%) behind him.

Coming from Wales,  super dashing, ultra charismatic and mega talented LUKE EVANS has been getting really tasty roles in big epics and huge blockbusters. For obvious reasons, directors love to give him Godly roles so you've seen him as Apollo in CLASH OF THE TITANS and this December you will see him as the King of all Gods, Zeus in this year's most awaited epic IMMORTALS. Currently you can also watch him in your cinemas as Aramis in THE THREE MUSKETEERS, a dynamic and magnetic classic role to which Luke gave a bit of his own spice, and his biggest future role is the role of the brave archer Bard, the leader of Men in Peter Jackson's THE HOBBIT saga. His role is being compared to the one Viggo Mortensen had as Aragorn in LORD OF THE RINGS, so I guess we can expect this one to be Luke's big jump into Hollywood's A-league too. In 2012 he will also appear beside John
in THE RAVEN, the period film on Edgar Allan Poe shot in Serbia last winter and you could see in the trailer released last week, that Luke absolutely shines in the role of the 19th century Baltimore detective.
As someone said in the comments here recently about Luke - he has an ability to get into the characters he plays in a very profound way (kinda like Meryl Streep), but to, at the same time, retain his magnetic charisma
which just radiates off the screen even when he is playing supporting roles (kinda like Cate Blanchett and Jude Law).  His charisma and the powerful ability to depict emotions through his facial expressions, no matter whether those are dramatic or comedic emotions, is what made HOLLYWOOD SPY turn his attention onto Luke while watching his role in wonderfully charming TAMARA DREW movie last year (it is being released in USA this month).
 It is interesting that this magnificent Welshman also has a velvety, stunning and amazingly captivating voice, which you can hear over at YouTube in some of the videos of his theater plays. Check out his duet with one of my favourite singers Siobhan Donaghy in mesmerizing WITHOUT YOU song, or the mindblowing ONE SONG GLORY just from Luke.

Now, after choosing BEST SCOTTISH and BEST WELSH STAR, the only remaining task to do is to choose BEST IRISH STAR. Here are the candidates: Kenneth Branagh (HAMLET), Cillian Murphy (BREAKFAST ON PLUTO, THE WIND THAT SHAKES THE BARLEY), Collin Farrell (ALEXANDER), Stuart Townsend (THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN), Saoirse Ronan (HANNAH), Sarah Bolger (THE TUDORS), Jonathan Rhys Meyers (THE TUDORS) and Liam Neeson (LOVE ACTUALLY). You have two weeks to cast your votes!


  1. I'd say this is biased because he's currently in a ton of projects. Let us hope he stands the test of time.

  2. Also, completely shocked that I had the first comment. That never happens here.

  3. No Fassbender? Oh well it's Ronan by streets!

  4. @Josh
    that's because I post at midnight Central European Time, or 6PM New York time :), and only these posts announcing poll winners are released in the morning (US time) ;)

    didn't put Fassbender because I'm not sure he is just Irish actor. But he did take part in many of our previous polls!

  5. Although I think all of them are great, my favorite 100% is Jonathan Rhys Meyers! The TV series THE TUDORS is the only project mentioned here but Jonathan Rhys Meyers has been excellent in movies too.

  6. yes, he had lots of stunning roles which I mentioned when he won one of our previous polls. I personally loved him best in THE EMPEROR'S WIFE and CHILDREN OF HUANG SHI! Tremendous performances from Meyers!

  7. Luke Evans really does have some great movies coming out. I'm interested in seeing them all. Good for him. And I'm going to Wales and Scotland soon, so I will see if I can drop in for tea with some of these great poll winners. :PP

    Hard to beat JR Myers and Collin Farrell, but I'm liking Cillian Murphy more and more every time I see one of his movies. Tough choice.

  8. Some good Irishmen on here, but I choose Liam. He's one fine actor. Colin Farrell totally reminds me of my old college roommate, and he was funny in Horrible Bosses, but Liam trumps him.

  9. @Luanne
    Really? You are really going to Wales and Scotland? OMG! What's the occasion? Will you visit our Scottish poet Michael too? :) You must stalk Luke if you get to Wales :)

    ah, poor you, had a Colin Farrell lookalike for a roomie :PPP It must have been difficult for you LOL :)

  10. He was too pretty, can I nominate myself in the Irish section as I am considered quite a talent?

  11. @DEZMOND Yes! He did a fantastic job in those films. I think Jonathan Rhys Meyers was extraordinary in VELVET GOLDMINE, SHELTER, GORMENGHAST. I also love him in AUGUST RUSH and BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM. He is so versatile! he's amazing!

  12. and august rush... meyers was astounding in that movie! (one of my all-time fave movies!)

    still have to vote for ronan, though. that little gal has mad skillz! :)

    congrats to evans!

  13. Let's see if he can stand the test of time and as long as Colin Farrell never wins anything I'm fine..haha

  14. Yes I'm going. I have to see the places I'm writing about. :)

  15. I think Hopkins should have won...

    And I don't recognize any of the Irish actors so no vote for me. :P

  16. I am SHOCKED! oh well. I'm sure he's terrific.

  17. I don't even know who he is. D:

  18. Seriously your pictures are the best! Luke Evans is pretty fly.

  19. @Lurk
    ah, bummer, Lurk, why didn't you apply yesterday? I would've made you the star of the Irish poll! And ladies would've gone crazy if you gave us a scantily clad pic for the sidebar photos :))

    yep, and he was also amazing in that Woody Allen's film. I can't stand Woody but that film was great, MATCHPOINT I think it was called

    I'm yet to see Ronan in anything, but I know lots of people love her :)Actually, I watched her in ATONEMENT, but she was little then.

  20. @Pat
    Colin never won a poll so far at HOLLYWOOD SPY :)

    I volunteer to be your butler at the trip and a luggage carrier :)

    then you need some Hollywood lessons, my friend

  21. @Pesos
    now you know

    they are, aren't they? :)

  22. hmmmm.... you didn't see THE WAY BACK?
    you might enjoy CITY OF EMBER

  23. yes, I watched CITY OF EMBER too! Weird one :) Don't remember her face from it, but I know she played the lead girl in it, yes? I haven't seen THE WAY BACK yet, I'm still afraid it could be too political for me.

  24. Luke is so amazing, but I knew he'd garner a lot of fans so I had to give my vote to Ioan, whom I adore as well.

    Irish is JRM all the way. He made ol' Henry look amokin' hot so people forgot all about the lard ass portrait from history.

  25. Love both Luke and Ioan, amazing guys, Wales should be proud!
    And it seems JRM is already winning, his fans over at Tweeter have obviously organized an army :)

  26. Woo hoo Luke!! He's definitely gaining popularity beating out even Christian Bale, good for him. It's perfect timing that I'm featuring Immortals today eh Dezzy? :D

  27. Luke and Ioan, Wales must be proud ;D
    I do have a thang for JRM!

  28. @Flixy
    perfect timing :) Can't wait to watch our beloved Luke and Henry in IMMORTALS! I might pee myself from excitement :)

    as it should be proud :)
    And who doesn't have a thang for JRM :)

  29. I like this voting thing and post related to it.I got to know more actor. I know nothing about Luke Evans before.

    Whoaaa!!! Cillian Murphy!!! will I vote for anyone but him? hmmm...NEVER ;)

  30. Ahah, of course you'll vote for Cillian, Nov :D

    Btw Dezzy, Liam looks soooo hunky in that pic but that's probably taken like 20 yrs ago, ha..ha..

  31. @Novia
    I'm utterly surprised that Cillian would be the one to get your vote :)

    yep, that must be the only hunky pic of Liam I managed to find :))) He really isn't a natural charmer :)