Thursday, October 6, 2011


 First some news for me boys :) According to "Twitch" Jason Statham could join FAST AND FURIOUS sixth part, since the franchise obviously didn't have enough mega hunks with Vin
Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson
and Tyrese Gibson. What's more, the seventh part of the film is also in plan. The story could be set somewhere in Europe this time. And according to "FirstShowing", KICK-ASS director Matthew Vaughn will again adapt one of Mark Millar's comic books. This time it will be SUPERIOR, an inspiring comic book about a a young boy diagnosed with multiple sclerosis who has his wish to become a superhero magically granted so he becomes his favorite film superhero and uses his powers to catch criminals, but also to end war in the Middle East, feed starving children and rescue endangered people from natural disasters. However, the boy's powers and status as a superhero may come at a price.

Another actor to join new comedy NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH is a bit forgotten Billy Crudup (although he WAS rather memorable in WATCHMEN).Alongside Ben Stiller, Vince
and Will Forte Crudup will portray a creepy neighbor in the story of suburbanite fathers who form a Neighborhood Watch group as an excuse to get away from their families but they get in way over their heads when the group uncovers a nefarious plot to destroy the world. There were a few show cancellation stories today: NBC has apparently canceled PLAYBOY CLUB, their ambitious new show, after the first opening episode, due to poor ratings, while there are rumors that Fox and Showtime might cancel THE SIMPSONS and DEXTER next year if they don't cut down their budgets, since they've become too expensive.

And here's a trailer for a charming film which premieres in USA this November. Lovely comedy THE WOMEN ON THE 6TH FLOOR is set in
Paris, 1960. Jean-Louis lives a bourgeois existence absorbed in his work, cohabitating peacefully with his neurotic socialite wife Suzanne while their children are away at boarding school. The couple's world is turned upside-down when they hire a Spanish maid Maria. Through Maria, Jean-Louis is introduced to an alternative reality just a few floors up on the building's sixth floor, the servants' quarters. He befriends a group of sassy Spanish maids, refugees of the Franco regime, who teach him there's more to life than stocks and bonds. The women's influence on the house brings change... muy rapido!
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  1. I've never seen Dexter so I won't miss it. The premise seems so...wrong. NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH sounds amusing.

  2. I don't watch DEXTER for the same reason, Lyndy :) but I know the show has lots of fans around here.

  3. jason statham for fast & furious ? :O
    that is so cool

  4. The Women on the 6th Floor does look charming. I'll have to remember to add that to my Netflix list.

  5. ...holy smokes! Another Fast and Furious? How much more Furious can they get ;)


  6. I saw the first two episodes of Dexter and liked it. One day I will watch all the episodes on dvd.

    Jason Statham is kind of sexy. I never noticed that before.

  7. i hope dexter gets cancelled so i can stop hearing it being over-hyped.

  8. Dexter i a show i've wanted to marathon at some point...along with a whole bunch of others.

  9. Yay Playboy Club is cancelled!! Now i hate to hear of people losing their jobs, but I watched the eps that were on and with such lines like "I know I'm special when I wear my bunny costume" it had to go. Immediately.

    Women of the Sixth Floor looks charming and endearing. And I could go for another round of hot men and hotter cars. Jason Statham and a Camaro, oh yeah...;)

  10. Yay; Dexter cancelled on HBO? Now I might get to watch it on my regular cable channels. I feel I've missed out on a great show by not having HBO.

    I'll chec out your interview. Should be fun :)


  11. Wow Dezz, I found your blog from B-word's blog. And yours is kind of weird but super cool.

  12. I love how Statham plays the exact same character in ever film, but it always works.

    I think with The Simpsons its a case of what goes around comes around - the actors kept going on strike a few years back so they could get more pay; it's to be expected that this would happen.

  13. I'd like a slice of STAT-HAM please...(since I'm a carnivore) Yum, Yum there room on the Sixth Floor for one more wild and crazy gal...I think I've got a cute little maid's number lying around here somewhere.

    Great yummy post Dezz...said with a big grin!


    PS - I won't be happy if Dexter gets, no, no.

  14. Your Statham story reminds me I've to see 5.

  15. Dexter is a good show, but I agree the premise and the fact that people like a serial killer so much is a tad disturbing, but then it is fake.

    Statham in 6 and maybe 7 would be interesting. Ignoring 3 and for the most part 2, the Fast and the Furious series have just been fun movies. But adding all these guys and making it the next expendables might not be the best idea. As it could lose focus on Dom and Brian, just becoming a big cluster**** like the overbloated Iron Man 2 or something. Then again maybe not.

  16. @Luanne
    it is charming isn't it? I love that kind of inspiring European flicks :)

    I guess their fury is parallel to their speed :)

    what? How is it possible that you haven't noticed Statham's hotness before? Have I taught you nothing :PP

  17. @Edmund
    he he ... I agree although, as seen from other comments, people really like that show

    sounds like a plan, Dirty!

    no kidding, sister, they really said - "I know I'm special when I wear my bunny costume" in the show??? Maybe I should start wearing a bunny costume myself, I like feeling special :PPP

  18. @Donnzie
    see you over at Jessie's place :)

    welcome to HOLLYWOOD SPY, Erin, hope we shall be seeing you here often. What do you find weird here? :) Beside the host :)

    yep, Statham is a very rare beast!
    I also expected that thing about THE SIMPSONS, but after 23 or 24 seasons, it really should end.

  19. @Jenny
    one slice of Stat-Ham coming your way, sister :) Would you like it tender or nice and firm? :)
    Glad you liked THE WOMEN ON THE SIXTH FLOOR, seems like a charming one, doesn't it?

    no worries, Lurk, I've seen only one film from that franchise so far :)

    yes, PAt, but you know what's the problem? Even though those things are fake, after the audience watches them for a long time they do lose touch and start taking realistic things for granted too. Like when you watch too much action and war films on TV and than when you see real wars and killings in the news it doesn't really disturb you as it should since you don't see it realistically enough anymore.

  20. LOL Maybe I should get a bunny costume as well. we could start our own bunny club.

    And unfortunately, I was directly quoting a line from the second ep in which the bunnies were offered a chance to audition for the cover of Playboy magazine. The shadowy, voiced-over Hef asked them why they wanted the cover and what made them special. Made me gag.

  21. No, way! Playboy club cut already? And the Simpsons??? Blasphemy. Wow. These networks, man~

  22. Don't scare a brother with a teaser about DEXTER being cancelled. I might have to send the Slice of Life to give you a ride on the ocean. A one-way ride...

  23. I've never really watched Dexter, it didn't click with me. The simpsons have been going doooooownhill in terms of quality, a lot.

  24. @Melsy
    he he the key to our club would be the most coveted thing ever :)

    yep, it's true ... If they don't cut down expenses they will be cut forever :)

    what can I tell you, Dexter got too expensive for the TV company

    I agree with you on both points!

  25. Hi Dezzy - I stopped by earlier, but ran over to Jessie's blog to see all of the fabulous things she had to say about you. Now I'm back.

    You know how Olympia Dukakis's character in Steel Magnolias says "You're too twisted for colored TV." Well that's DEXTER.

    Jason S will fit right in with the other gorgeous guys from THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS team. Go, Hotties! LOL

  26. DEZZY!!!! Hi :)

    Neighborhood Watch looks interesting. And boo to Fast and the Furious changes. Although, who knows...I know I'll still watch it.

  27. @Shells
    yep, have you noticed she compared me with soft porn? :P
    Yes, DEXTER seems to twisted for TV in my opinion too.

    hey, Kelley. You don't like hunks in FAST AND FURIOUS? :)

  28. They've saved The Simpsons but this is the first thing i've heard about Dexter getting cancelled.
    Shit a brick and fuck me with it ( Debra Morgan)

  29. If they cancel Dexter, they're going to lose more money because it's the only series worth watching on Showtime. + The opening episode received one of the highest ratings in the history of Showtime so yeah ;)

  30. Actually, SHOWTIME has lots of other much better and more popular shows, like THE BORGIAS for example, or UNITED STATES OF TARA.

  31. Wow, #6!? I would make a sixth if I knew Jason Statham was in it.

    Love the trailer!

  32. yep, could you believe they have five already? I haven't seen a single one yet :)