Wednesday, August 18, 2010


According to "Deadline Hollywood" Hugh Jackman has left comedy film "Avon Man" (about an auto salesman who becomes Avon's door-to-door seller after getting sacked) so that he could prepare for "Wolverine II" which already has the script written and Fox will probably start the production next year. "Wolverine II" should come to cinemas some time in 2012. As I already mentioned before, you will be seeing Hugh Jackman also in "Reel Steel" (A boxing drama set in the near-future where 2,000 pound robots that look like humans do battle), and in "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan" (set in 19th-century China and also in the modern age in two parallel stories about the rigid cultural norms set for Chinese women). And there are also some rumors about Hugh Jackman starring in "Incarceron" (which he is also producing), a film about a young boy who lives in a prison that is a complete society, but outside the prison, the world is stuck in the 17th century and run by computers.

This one's for Kate Beckinsale's fans which often lurk around HOLLYWOOD SPY: the fourth installment of "Underworld" will be released in cinemas in January 2012. Starring Kate Beckinsale who returns to the vampire saga and Michael Sheen, "Underworld 4" will satisfy old fans and excite new audiences, by bringing Kate into the story again and introducing some fresh elements as well. I guess she realized her career was quite non-existing without the "Underworld" franchise, so she came back to her trade mark role of beautiful vampire Selene.


  1. Not even some fine pictures of Kate Beckinsale can off-set the disheartening news that Wolverine II is actually going to happen...

  2. :)))) yep, I'm not sure why they are making another one since the first one wasn't overly great, but I guess such films earn enough money around the globe and on DVD and toy market to pay themselves out.

  3. I hope they've learned from the first one mistakes and make a decent film this second time.
    Kate Beckinsale is such a gorgeous lady and I just can't wait to watch her again with that sexy tight Selene costume.

  4. I thought Wolverine was okay. Let me put it this way: I went in with zero expectations and was pleasantly surprised. :)

    And yay for Underworld 4! The third one sucked so hard...

  5. I like these photos too! Are they publicity photos for "Incarceron"? If so, it looks like a very stylish movie!

  6. I can't remember-- have I seen any of the Underworld movies? Do I want to? I haven't even seen the first Wolverine movie yet. But I must say Incarceron and Avon Man sound like the most intriguiging concepts of all of them -- those sound more up my alley of interests.

    Tossing It Out

  7. Wolverine was not that bad. At least not as bad as First Class is going to be (most likely). And there is always a chance Wolverine 2 could be better, with better script.

    Underworld 4 could be interesting. First 2 films were OK. Third was not bad, but it was totally predictable. And that made it boring. :( I hope script/story for this fourth installment will be interesting.

  8. Where's Alex?

    Thanks Dezmond. These all look awesome.

  9. WOW, that's a stunning photo of these two, absolutely gorgeous! Are these an actual photoshoot? I'm excited to see Avon Man, sounds like a good one tailor made for Jackman. I'm only excited for Wolverine II if they could bring back Daniel Henney somehow, I wish the Korean-English actor is doing more Hollywood movies!

  10. kate's a sexy girl. and i love that set with hugh. what is that, like a gothic dinner feast. feels so sloth-like. i still need to see the first wolverine.

  11. My Kate! This is the best news I've heard all day.

  12. i know i've seen part of an underworld movie and the entirety of the first wolverine movie... but i can't remember either one of them...

  13. @Jaccsy
    yep, that costume sure did look great on her :)

    yes, I agree with you, moviegoers sometimes have unrealistic expectations about movies and are often not logical, so I also wasn't overly disappointed by WOLVERINE because I knew exactly what I will get.

    @Avalon, Phylly, Flixy
    glad you like the pics, ladies, that a photo session Hugh and Kate took together back when they were promoting VAN HELSING in which they starred together, that's why the setting is a bit aristocratic and ancient :)

  14. @Arlee
    I'm not sure what kind of films you generally like, but I guess UNDERWORLD and WOLVERINE wouldn't be your thing - vampires and mutant chasing their enemies :))

    I agree, Bels, WOLVERINE wasn't that bad, just like some other overlytrashed blockbusters weren't that bad. While some popular ones were horrible :)

    Alex was a bit late today :) but Kate was kind enough to wait for him ;)

  15. @Flixy
    you have an answer on the photo shoot above :) And yes, Daniel Henney really is a super gorgeous guy and the fact that he is English and Asian at the same time makes him even more interesting (maybe even superinteresting :)

    it's the photo shoot taken for VAN HELSING back when he was a bit younger :)

    you know it was intended for you (the lower part of the post at least :)

    well, they weren't memorable films :)

  16. I'm excited by wolverine 2 and the premise of Incarceration sounds interesting. But underworld 4???? The first one was good but the others suffered. Particularly #3 that was PAINFUL.

  17. DEZMOND - I honestly can't believe Kate isn't more out there. She gorgeous AND a great actress. Go figure. I'm glad they're doing another Underworld and that she's going to be in it. What were they thinking not having her in the last one? Hello??? =D

  18. @Lynda
    I actually liked the 3rd one better than the 2nd one :) I thought Rona Mitra was an amazing replacement for Beckinsale :)

    as far as I know, Kate was the one who didn't want to appear in the 3rd part in the lead role wanting to go on with her career, but she made 4 or 5 movies which were totally unsuccessful at the box office so she has obviously decided to come back to the only role she's famous for.

  19. Excuse me, but Hugh looks so hot in that picture! Oh, & contemplative, too!

  20. Interesting... I didn't realize Underworld did well enough to keep going with it.

    And I'll watch anything with Hugh, so if it's another Wolverine he wants to make, BRING IT!

  21. @Lisa
    and we like them when they are contemplating :))

    well, when you gather a little bit of money from this country, and then from that one, and then from another one, it makes a nice little score :) And plus if you go well at the DVD market the future is bright for your movie :)

  22. Oooh... Hugh Jackman is so dreamy. :)

  23. oh, I just knew these pics would thrill my ladies :))