Thursday, August 19, 2010


Now this is also becoming a very charming cast: Scott Speedman might join "The Vow", a film which follows a newlywed couple (Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum) who get in a car crash. The wife ends up in coma and when she wakes up she has no memory of her husband or their marriage, so the husband woos her and attempts to win her heart again. Speedman will play McAdams' former fiance, with whom she has a romance while having amnesia.

According to "MovieWeb" HBO has beat out FX and Showtime for the broadcasting rights on "The Crux", the new show which will take place in L.A. and it will focus on a man who leads a multibillion dollar worldwide cult. Now check this out - the charismatic (and probably crazy) cult leader will be played by no one else but Kevin Spacey. As one of the producers said "it really sounds like a perfect marriage between an actor and a role" :)

And we couldn't go without new "X-Men: First Class" casting news, now could we? :) Ice princess January Jones (the gorgeous blond from "Mad Men") will portray Emma Frost or the White Queen, a supersexy superhero with telepathic powers, in the new installment of the mutant saga. She will join Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Kevin Bacon and many others ....


  1. Odd. If this is supposed to be First Class, why is Emma Frost on the good guys' side? She was an evil character for a long, long time before she switched to help out with Generation X (after having tried leading her own team with the Hellions).

    I understand wanting to mix up the characters so as to not get a reboot of the first X-Men movie...but the timelines of some of these characters doesn't make sense to me.

  2. Aside from that, though, excellent casting for Emma Frost, I must say.

  3. Oh, MJ, haven't you realized so far :) that the new movie won't really stick to the comics? This is why they can do with the story and the characters whatever they want, they're not sticking to the comics like to a Bible :) And since the story depicts the mutants in their youth, I guess everything's possible.
    Hope you liked January's pics, I know how you like seeing certain things in photos :)

  4. the crux sounds super interesting... but if i were mr. spacey, i'd be really offended by that comment (makes him sound like he IS a cult leader!!!) :)

  5. Okay, but is Scott Speedman doing Underworld IV?
    Kevin Spacey is one of my favorite actors. He rocked in The Usual Suspects.

  6. I think it's a tribute to Spacey as an actor to totally expect that he'll pull off the role of cult leader. I think he'll be fine in the role because of his acting ability.
    The Vow sounds like a real weepy romance ala Nicholas Sparks--I probably be watching it with my wife when it comes out on DVD.


    Tossing It Out

  7. now the whole cult thing is somthing that's always caught my attention for some reason...I'm gonna be looking out for that one...and Kevin Spacey...he looks like he'll fit the role completely!

  8. The Crux, now that sounds interesting, and even more so with Kevin Spacey set to play the cult leader. This warrants further inspection, methinks.

  9. @Vics
    no,no,it makes him sound like he is capable of perfectly portraying such a naughty character, and only great actors can portray true madness.

    well, he wasn't in the 3rd part, was he? But his career is also pretty much nonexisting without UNDERWORLD and FELICITY

  10. @Arlee
    yes, you got it right, Lee, it's a tribute!

    hope you're not planning on starting a cult of your own :PP

    methinks so too :)))

  11. I like the sound of the Vow and of course the xmen interests me. Much muscle flexing to be had :)

  12. Definitely want to see THE CRUX & w/ Kevin Spacey starring in it you know it'll be a fascinating exploration into that subject.

  13. ooo the Vow sounds kinda good. I like Rachel McAdams. And how funny you mention Kevin Spacey, because I was JUST thinking a couple of days ago how I hadn't heard much from him lately.

  14. DEZMOND - Well Scott is gorgeous and January is beautiful, but I can't stop staring at her shoes. I love, love those shoes!! Yes, I know that sounds very girly of me, but where can I get me a pair? LOL

  15. @Lynda
    and we like when muscles have to be flexed :)

    Spacey will make it fascinating!

    what? He hasn't called you lately???? What a naughty guy! :)

    I believe those could be Prada shoes :))

  16. I understand the desire to introduce new mutants into the mix. Lord knows there's only about ten million of them that have traipsed through the pages of various X-Incarnations.

    However, my argument is that Emma Frost was known for years as the White Queen of the Hellfire club, and that she's "more famous" for being evil. And wearing white lingerie.

    I would like to see this because, frankly, I'm tired of Magneto-as-villain movies. There's lot of bad guys in the X-Universe. Give us something other than megalomaniacal magnetic mutants.

  17. I wonder if the crux is treading the same territory as PT Anderson's upcoming film.

  18. @MJenks
    but who says that she will be good now? :)

    never heard of PT Anderson.

    @Missed Periods
    she has her charms :)

  19. Scott Speedman, mmmm! :D He's one of the hunkiest American actors out there. I usually go for the Brits/Aussies as you know. Not crazy about Channing at all though.

  20. yes, and I'm not sure why we're not seeing him in films. He never really had any bigger role. I think he has that special something that you and I generally like on Brits/Aussies and Canadians as well :) And he also has a very pleasant soft and kind voice.