Sunday, August 15, 2010


I mentioned this last month, but now it's official: the producers of the new remake of "Judge Dredd" have confirmed that they have signed Karl Urban to take the lead role. They also said that their plan is to make "a very hard, R-rated, gritty, realistic movie of Dredd in Megacity". As you know "Judge Dredd" is set in a futuristic world filled with violence, and the main character is empowered to act as judge, jury and executioner. One of the most underrated actors out there, Karl Urban has given many charismatic performances so far: he was brave Eomer of Rohan in "Lord of the Rings", he was Dr. McCoy in "Star Trek", the villain in "The Chronicles of Riddick"... We will also watch him in the sequel to "Star Trek" and in the sf vampire adventure "Priest" with Paul Bettany.

Paramount has bought the right on the film adaptation of "Last Man Standing", a sf graphic novel which takes place 600 years in the future, in an alternate universe and is about Gabriel, a soldier with the talent of 500 soldiers, who's been created to help win a war Earth got itself too deep into with Mars. After winning the war and returning to Earth, Gabe is framed and sent to prison but he escapes and goes on to reveal the lies behind his set-up.

The first image from the upcoming 7th season of the megapopular "Desperate Housewives" has been revealed showing Marcia Cross and the newcomer Brian Austen Green. Austin Green will appear in Wisteria Lane as a new contractor and a playboy whom Bree will hire to fix her house, but then she'll fall for his charms. The problems will start when Bree gets a competition in a new cougar lady in town played by Vanessa Williams.

Lady Gaga is working on her next project which has already been proclaimed as the most anticipated album of 2011. Gaga said that the new album is her absolute greatest work she's ever done, and that she's on the quest to create the anthem for her generation for the next decade. According to some rumors one of the people who will work on her new music is no other but David Bowie. Some of the possible song tittles include "Someone Save Me Tonight", "Hooker on a Church Corner", "Vinyl", "Born This Way" ... When mentioning music, don't forget to check out my new feature DEZMOND'S MUSIC GEMS up in the left sidebar, in which I'll be playing you some really amazing and magical music :) Please leave comments if you like the current video "Wonderful Life" from Hurts ;)


  1. Karl Urban is perfect for the role. Glad they are going for serious, as the version with Stallone was just cheesy.

  2. Very interesting your blog, with outstanding production. I´ll be here very often.

  3. OMG, Vanessa Williams in DH! Can't wait! :-D
    She was great as Wilhelmina.

    I'm sure Gaga will break records, once again.

    Hurts video is perfect. :-)

  4. !!!!!!Gaga and Bowie!!!!!!

    No, I'm not excited or anything ;) That's awesome!

  5. I agree. Yay! I have followed your blog. I really like it. I mean anyone likes the inside scoop on Hollywood and other objects involving it. Awesome blog

  6. Hey Dez, it's been too long! Stoked for that Sci Fi news, and am glad to hear your Karl Urban got another good part!

  7. @Alex
    I'd say Stallone is always cheesy :)

    @Dom Quixote
    thanks for the lovely compliment ;) I'm looking forward to seeing you here often :)

    oh, please, you knew this already, silly, remember your comments on Vanessa post earlier this spring? :))

  8. @Rosie
    I hear you sister :)

    thanks ;)

    gotta have some sf news every day at Hollywood Spy :)

  9. Hahahaha, yeah, but I kinda forgot about Vanessa. :-D

  10. I do like Karl Urban, but that's a bad look for him in that photo.

    Lady Gaga is strange. Strange but sometimes wonderful.

  11. A bad look? I think he's absolutely stunning in that photo :)
    yes, strange can be wonderful sometimes, nothing great comes out of the mediocre, right? :)

  12. gotta say anything is better than stallone...
    (video's a cool idea- but this one scared me a bit... if one thing freaks me out more than hive-mind moving in unison- it's drowning... or clowns... at least there were no clowns. the colors were pretty though!)

  13. yep, I'm not into clowns either :)

  14. Hi, Desmond!
    I loved your blog. I will always be around to keep me informed.
    Have a good week ;)

  15. Really?? Judge Dredd?? A remake?? Already!?

  16. @Suzy
    hey, Suzy, nice to have you here ;) Thanks for the compliment ;)

    well, it's been more than ten years since the last one :)

  17. I'm glad Karl Urban became (will become) Judge Dredd. This could be interesting movie.

  18. Y'know I love Mr. Urban, Dez, but after seeing RED at an advanced screening last nite, I think I'm in love :) It's like the first time I saw Gerry Butler in Phantom of the Opera, I was mesmerized by how the camera framed him so perfectly... I think he'd be great as BOND [you can read more on my post today]. What do you think Dez? Of course he'd be good as anything too, but he definitely has the moves of a super spy. I like that he's getting the lead in Judge Dredd, but I wish his gorgeous face won't be covered up by that helmet! :(

  19. @Bels
    you know I'm even more glad :)

    yes, Flixy, if I may notice Karl Urban is probably the epitome of utter male perfection :) He's beautiful in all roles he takes and has that magnetic charisma which just sticks your eyes right onto the screen and it also helps him steal the show from his on-screen partners.
    I think I first got drawn to Gerard in ATILLA :) The famous miniseries on the famous Hun ruler.
    I wouldn't like Karl as Bond because Bond burden always breaks actors' backs and they stay tied to the role forever. I want him in many diverse main roles in adventures, epics, fantasies, sf movies .... romantic ones as well.

    Yes, that darn helmet could become our greatest nemesis of all times :PPP

  20. Magnetic charisma... absolutely! But he ain't just a pretty boy, which gets boring after 2 minutes. It's not just the action stuff that got me, even when he was just standing in the doorway watching his kids sleep, there's something melancholy and forlorn about him that I just find irresistible!!

    Oh ATILLA, heck yes! My absolute guilty pleasure as far as Butler is concerned. I even dedicated a post for it here: I normally don't like guys with that much hair, but again, those eyes, who cares??!

    Yeah I see your point about Bond, as much as I like seeing him play one, I'd also rather see him play diverse roles, too.

    Yep, that helmet will be MY nemesis!! His face, I want to see his face! :D

  21. Flixy, I must explain again, because I've notice you're not getting it the same way as me :) - when I say that an actor or actress has a charisma I don't mean just the physical looks - when I say charismatic I always mean a mix of magnetic looks (so not just sexy but something that shines from within as well), intellect and profound talent. Charismatic is when you enter a room or a movie screen and everybody looks at you even if you say nothing and just sit there like a mummy. This is what happens when charismatic people like Blanchett, Zeta Jones, Urban, Jude Law enter a scene. It's the magic within :)

    And I think that such people are natural actors because they don't even have to act, it just comes out of them. This is why Blanchett always shines, why Karl is amazing even in bad films.

    Ok, I won't tell Gerry that you don't like his love carpet :)))