Friday, August 13, 2010


The first treat for today is the first ultra cool and extra exclusive poster for "The Tempest". I mentioned this movie last week, and got quite a nice feedback from you, so check out the great poster for this adaptation of the famous Shakespeare's play about weird sorceress living on an isolated island where she plays her magical games with visitors and unsuspecting ship-wreckers. Coming to cinemas this December, "The Tempest" will have an amazing cast including Helen Mirren, Alfred Molina, Alan Cumming, Djimon Hounsou, Russell Brand, Ben Whishaw, David Strathairn... The only thing we now have to wait for is the first trailer or at least some nice teaser. The movie will have only a limited release in the USA.

Bryan Fuller, the creator of that crazy show "Pushing Daisies" will work with Syfy channel on the adaptation of "The Lotus Caves". The show will be based on the novel by John Christopher which talked about the rebellious lunar colonists as they dare to look beyond their borders and discover a bunch of brainiac aliens living in the caves from the title. A new sf show? We need more of those.

The suspense thriller "The Retreat", which I mentioned a few weeks ago, in which lovely Thandie Newton and Cillian Murphy will play a couple who go on a remote island to relax but there they meet a strange man (David Tennant) who tells them that everyone on the mainland had been killed by an airborne virus, has got a new cast member: they will be joined by young Jamie Bell as well.


  1. wow! The Tempest looks so amazing! only limited release in US?? guess i won't be seeing it. :( our little movie theater only has 3 screens and only gets the top money makers...

  2. You know Tarsem Singh was the first thing I thought when I saw this poster :)

  3. Ok, this post strikes lots of cords with me.

    One, I really like Djimon Hounsou and Alan Cumming. What a great cast for The Tempest!

    Second, SciFi doesn't usually get me, but The Lotus Caves sounds really interesting. The name itself is enticing, then add in the Pushing Daisies guy and I'm in!

    Third, The Retreat is right up my alley. I'm glad the antagonist isn't a typical Dennis Hopper-type. David Tennant should be interesting.


  4. @Aspiring
    yes, Julie Tamor, the director isn't popular in cinemas so this one won't get a wide release, especially having in mind that Helen Mirren's last movie LOVE RANCH has earned less than 200,000$ in USA.

    I've seen many people saying that, and comparing Tamor with Tarsem :) Unfortunately for Tamor, whose movies are generally chaotic, cold and visionless, Tarsem's are perfectly paced, visually stunning, profoundly creative and in the case of THE FALL warm as well :)

    yes, the name THE LOTUS CAVES really is enticing, I just hope they won't turn it into some boring psychological sf.

  5. I really should read The Tempest at some point.

  6. The Tempest sounds interesting.

    Off the subject - Why don't you ever review movies and series? You tell us about the new hits and share the trailers and posters, why not review them once you have seen them? I would like to read your thoughts and opinions.

  7. Hey Dez, Now THIS - The Retreat - looks more like something Jamie Bell would do, rather than The Phone remake. But I'm hearing that Tennant is OUT and Jamie will take his place as 'Jack', the soldier. I guess it remains to be seen...

  8. This adaptation of Shakespeare's The Tempest looks very promising as I looove Helen Mirren!

  9. SyFy creates awful movies but great series, so it has a lot of potential. And that movie poster rocks!

  10. @MJenks
    but you must read it in Latin :PP

    oh, dear Avalon, that's a complex question. I generally have a psychological fear from fights, argues and bitter debates. And when you openly publish your critics or reviews, you will attract unwanted discussions on the nature of your personal taste. I do know that many people here have come to respect my taste and my opinions because they are always wellgrounded and reasonable, but there will always be some people who wouldn't like my thoughts and grades, and I don't need fights with them. Such things, like debates and quarrels usually drain my energy, and I prefer giving my energy to good things, to my beloved readers, to creativity, instead of wasting it in debates. Especially since I have a very different opinion on many movies, actors and directors than most of the people in USA for example. But you already know that, we have exchanged our personal opinions on politics and history many times before and you've seen how our attitude differs from the general one.

    But as you've noticed you can always read my comments on some movies, actors and similar if you read between the lines of my posts :))

  11. @Ted
    well, nobody mentions Bell's role in THE RETREAT so it's possible that he might replace Tenant, just like Murphy replaced Jason Isaacs. He would bring some new aspect of crazy into that role :)

    glad you like it :)

    keeping my fingers crosses, we need more intergalactic sf on TV.

  12. Isn't Bell replacing Tennant? The Retreat definitely only has three roles.

  13. yes, most probably, that's the latest update I've heard as well :)

  14. I did not think of it like that, but I understand. I agree, debating on the Internet is just not my thing either.