Friday, August 20, 2010


Now, let's start the day with some sf news: Alexandre Aja (his "Piranha 3D" is out this week) will direct "Cobra the Space Pirate" and adaptation of the Japanese manga. The story follows a space pirate named Cobra who refuses to align with either the United Galaxies Federation or the Pirates Guild, which results in a huge bounty being placed on his head. Hoping to stay one foot ahead of his captors, Cobra teams up with another bounty hunter named Jane who is searching for her sisters in order to decode a treasure map that has been tattooed onto their backs. Together, Cobra and Jane hope to secure a lost treasure hidden somewhere on Mars. Alexandre Aja wants to make a space opera adventure franchise for a new generation with this project. Let's hope he's a good enough man for the task.

Darren Lynn Bousman ("Repo! the Genetic Opera!") will direct an unusual film "11 11 11", which will be released on Friday, November 11, 2011 or 11-11-11 following its tittle. The film will take on the idea of 11 gates of Heaven and how on the 11th day of the 11th month, the 11th gate is going to open up and something from another world will enter the earthly realm for 49 minutes. Some people believe that number 11 alerts them to angels or spirit guardians that try to communicate with them. Conspiracy theorists also like to point to the number 11's involvement in historical events.

John Woo will start shooting his new movie "Flying Tigers" this year in China. Based on a World War II true story, the film will follow Chennault, an American officer who ran the Flying Tigers volunteer fighter-pilot squadron, running missions to fly supplies to Chinese forces while fighting off Japanese aerial forces. Chennault was responsible for training the first generation of Chinese fighter pilots. Liam Neeson will probably play Chennault, while Ye Liu (he was great in "Curse of the Golden Flower") might play a young pilot trainee.


  1. the eleven and tiger movies sound really cool!

  2. John Woo is an awesome director. And if Cobra the Space Pirate features Jane in that outfit, I'm there!

  3. I'm not familiar with the Cobra series. Hopefully, it will be done well.

  4. I didn't know you're watching Curse of the Golden Flower too Dezmy :)

  5. 11-11-11? Sounds like a movie that will be relevant for one day unless it has something pretty incredible going for it.

    Tossing It Out

  6. Oh boy. These announcement look pretty freaking cool. Thanks Dezmond!

    Today's guest blogger is Renae Mercado!

  7. @Vics
    they do sound cool :)

    yes, yes, we gotta have her in that outfit :)
    Imagine the casting when it starts!!!

    it was a manga cartoon and also a very successful animated show (I think it was aired in USA too)

  8. @Jaccsy
    yes, Jaccsy, I've seen most of the bigger Asian movies :) CURSE OF THE GOLDEN FLOWER was pretty unusual because it didn't have the usual action, but more of the drama and love story. And the colours in that movie were amazing.

    we shall see, we shall see :)

    freaking cool, freaking cool :))Thanks for dropping by.

  9. That's some awesome SF news. 11 11 11 sounds very interesting, and let's hope that Space Pirate can do a good job. For some reason when I hear "Space Pirate" I just find it hard to take seriously. That WWII flick might be good. I just hope they do justice to the actual men and women who were part of the Flying Tigers. Nothing pisses me off more when Hollywood f***s up he story of people who actually gave their lives to defend us. I'll stop now before I get too worked up, heh.

  10. Cobra the space pirate sounds like a fun romp. (He needs to lose more sleeve though). And woo! a new Johnny Woo film! He does action well.. I hope he handles the rest well too :)

  11. @Bryan
    I especially hate when Hollywood uses its films to paint false historical stories in political propaganda.

    are the sleeves really the thing you want him to lose??? :PPPP

  12. cobra the space pirate is about the coolest name i've heard in a while.
    and i spent way too much time staring at the posters:)

  13. DEZMOND - Yes, that is some outfit she's wearing.

    As far as the 11-11-11, I get that. But what's up with the "something" coming out for only 49 minutes? Very specific.

  14. @Ed
    shall I guess which part of those posters? :)

    it would go nice with the shoes from yesterday :)

  15. Liam will always be Aslan to me....