Tuesday, August 24, 2010


So, this is pretty interesting, it was only yesterday that I mentioned the first casting rumors on the "Fantastic Four" reboot, and today we already have new ones: Adrien Brody and Jonathan Rhys Meyers are apparently two main contenders for the role of Mr. Fantastic aka professor Reed Richards who was played by charming Brit Ioan Gruffudd in the original movie. If you ask me, I'd choose Rhys Meyers.

Chris Wedge, the helmer behind "Ice Age" will make a very strange live-action directorial debut with the adaptation of the postmodern Frankenstein-style novel "Lives of the Monster Dogs". The story revolves around a group of soldier dogs genetically engineered by mad Prussian scientists hiding in a Canadian village. The hyper-intelligent dogs, who walk erect and use voice boxes to communicate, revolt against their masters and, dressed in 19th century formal wear (no, I'm not smoking weed, you read it right), show up in modern New York.

Gary Kurtz one of the producers of "Star Wars" will produce "Panzer 88", a WWII movie with a supernatural twist. The plot will follow the five-man German crew of the Ilsa, a King Tiger - the biggest tank of its day, on a mission to the frigid and fearsome Russian border, where they tread into an ancient mystery by stirring a powerful entity. It will be a reality-based story with horror overtones, and they're aiming to do for the tank genre what "The Hunt for Red October" did for submarine flicks. Check out the first concept art bellow.


vic caswell said...

dude! that dog one! wowza!
the concept art is very cool!
i guess i would vote for meyers too, although i'm not that familiar with the fantastic four characters, it's hard to not vote for meyers.

DEZMOND said...

Meyers does have a more serious feel to him than Brody and would make a better team leader, although I like Brody as well.

Anonymous said...

Go Jonny Go!!!

He can play any character!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

From Ice Age to Monster Dogs will be quite a stretch.
Panzer88 looks intriguing!

MJenks said...

I always get Johnathon Rhys Meyers and John Rhys-Davis confused. They look nothing alike, and one was a naughty noble while the other was a gritty dwarf, but still.

I think it's the Johnathon Rhys part that does it.

JournoMich said...

Dog one could be either really great, or really horrible...I'm hoping for the former b/c it has the chance of great creativity.

The first...I love Adrian Brody, and he somehow transforms himself into a dashing leading man in certain movies. Maybe this could be one of them? He is certainly talented.


JournoMich said...

Also--I love that the Dame is winning in your current poll! She has my vote...

And, from what era is that Bonham Carter? She looks gorgeous! And I know she doesn't play femme fatales much these days.


Matthew MacNish said...

These all actually look pretty cool to me, though one might have to imbibe some mushroom tea for that dog film to make any sense.

Jaccstev said...

Panzer 88 sounds quite interesting but "88" in Germany is a codeword for "Heil Hitler" and that`s not a good sign :)

Unknown said...

DEZMOND - Brody had been working out. Wow. I would still pick Meyers myself. He's SEXY.

BStearns said...

Cool, hope the F4 reboot has a darker undertone to it. Wasn't a huge fan of the first one, other than Alba :) As for the dog movie, WTF Mate?

Robert Guthrie said...

Big HUH on the dogs... I so want to see if they can make it work.

Sidebar: somewhere in the Blogosphere you mentioned that Chris Evans is one of your fav actors. Never meet him but he's one of the two famousish actors from my small Massachusetts hometown. Paula Poundstone (comedian) is the other.

DEZMOND said...

yes, he can :)

yes, it is very strange, especially since these doggies seem violent.

yes, Meyers and Davis got me confused earlier as well, but after THE TUDORS I have no problems making a distinction between them, and they are both great actors. Did you know that Davis doesn't have one of the fingers on his hand?

DEZMOND said...

yes, I also like how dame is leading the battle :) That HBC pic is from some of her sexier photo shoots. You know I always find sexy pics for all actors.

yep, some mushroom tea might help :)

DEZMOND said...

and that is probably why they will all die at the end of the movie.

he is hot

I'm hoping the opposite - that it won't turn dark :)

I mentioned that over at Alex, but you also have a list of my fav movies and actors her in my profile section. Fetch me an autograph from Chris:) And I don't know who Paula is :)

Lynda R Young as Elle Cardy said...

I can take some pretty freaky movies, but that dog one is way out there. Re Adrien Brody...his head doesn't match his body. So my vote is for Jonathan. The Supernatural WW2 movie sounds cool (The only way you'll get me to watch a WW2 movie).

Arlee Bird said...

The dog movie sounds like it could be, uh, a dog.
I'll take my chances on Panzer 88.

Tossing It Out

Cheeseboy said...

That movie looks strange. Very strange.

Avalon said...

Wow...Dog Soldiers...lol
Glad you are not smoking:)

DEZMOND said...

I hear lots of ladies like his asymmetric face :) You know how men with big noses are usually considered very masculine and macho :)

Eh, and I thought you liked doggies :)

I don't even have to guess which one you have in mind :)

yep, I've never smoked a single cigarette in my life (weed included) :)

Addicted to Films said...

Neither actors for Reed Richards please. They seem too self aware, too metrosexual. Reed Richards is a man of science, a leader and a father figure...I wouldn't think of Adrien Brody and Jonathan Rhys Meyers to exude such look and qualities as the role requires.

DEZMOND said...

I like both of them, but I must admit I liked Ioan Gruffudd better in this role.

notesfromnadir said...

Movie, what movie? I'm admiring Adrien's amazing abs! :)

DEZMOND said...

yes, they are pretty much surreal, aren't they? :)

Addicted to Films said...

Ioan Gruffudd had the look of the role, he at least look mature. But the movie as a whole was all wrong...starting with Jessica Alba and her blonde hair.

DEZMOND said...

when speaking of Alba, she kinda disappeared after that movie, we're not seeing her anymore in big projects.