Monday, August 23, 2010


You know, how Monday is a boring day without news, but we still have the biggest number of visitors on that darn day? :) Well, let's spice this Monday with some rumors. I mentioned some time earlier that Hollywood is preparing a reboot of "Fantastic Four" (don't ask me why, I don't know) and some names have started appearing in the possible cast. First there were talks that sexy Alice Eve has refused the role of the White Queen in "X-Men: First Class" because she was promised the role of Sue Storm (originally played by Jessica Alba) in this reboot. But "Beyond Hollywood" now has some new rumors: they say that actually young Amber Heard ("Zombieland", "The Stepfather") might get the role of Sue Storm, the girl who is inherently shy so when she gains superpowers, it’s to become invisible. On the other hand, young Kevin Pennington ("BH 90210") might get the role of the Human Torch (who was originally played by Chris Evans who has now become a much bigger superhero - Captain America). It was also said that the Thing (Michael Chiklis in original film) will be completely CG in the reboot of "Fantastic Four".


  1. Amber was great in Zomieland. Hope she's not too invisible in her new role.

  2. Oh, what the??? Why are they re--oh, never mind. You answered that already.

    Fantastic Four could be good, if done the right way. First thing that needs to go, though, is Jessica Alba. Looks like they're taking a step in the right direction anyway.

    I wonder if this reboot is to help along an Avengers movie, since (I think) the FF show up in the Avengers.

  3. Does Fox not understand that no one gives a shite about the Fantastic 4. Why don't they surprise us with something new?

  4. Fantastic many superheros here lately.
    Well, going to work this boring Monday, lol.

  5. Cool, I'd like to see another F4 movie. Make it a little darker, but not too much. ANd the visuals would need to be a lot cooler. But I say go for it. I'll pay money to see it, as long as it isn't stupid.

    Stephen Tremp

  6. Oh wow, break me off a piece of that! (Kevin) I already love him for the role. lol

  7. Yeah, Jessica Alba never seemed quite right for Sue...

  8. whoah! i totally didn't recognize her as the chick from zombieland... that was a great movie... how many superhero films CAN they come out with and still make money???

  9. I've alway been partial to the Fantastic Four ---they were comic book favorites of mine in my adolescence. Please no CG Thing-- it didn't work that great for the Hulk in my opinion. Although with technology continuing to improve maybe they'll eventually pull the CG characters off really well.

    Tossing It Out

  10. Hmmmm that is interesting indeed. I used to be a huge Jessica Alba fan, but I think this new one would be much better. Good job Dez.

  11. Fantastic 4 reboot? Yay, can't wait! -.-

  12. @Alex
    I'm sure her curves are visible even when invisible :)

    you see how I can already predict what you'll ask :)

    I'm not into FF too much, but I know that average moviegoers really like it. It's not overly intelligent, nor dark, it's just fun.

    I hear you, I worked a lot today as well

  13. @Stephen
    glad you like it ;)

    no? She was cute, but I guess a new one couldn't hurt :)

    well there aren't that many superhero movies out there, but they will keep coming in huge numbers in future.

    glad you like it :)

    yep, he's quite an eye candy :)

    thanks, Bryan ;))

    oh, I'll really have to learn your smileys made with punctuation signs one day :)

  14. really, the no shirt plus scarf look? goofy!

  15. Oh, please, Ed, like you wouldn't pose like that if you had a smokin' body like young mister Kevin :)))

  16. DEZMOND - You're so funny (above comment)!! Anyhoo, another F4, Yay? Both of the actors are hot (I had to verify they were over 18 before I said that).

  17. I think they should be looking at actors who are a little older for those roles. But that may just be me.

  18. @Shells
    well, am I not right? :) Wouldn't we all pose all sexy and hot if we all had steamy bodies? :))

    I believe they are going for very young this time. Teen is very "in" these days in Teenseltown :)

  19. DEZMOND - Yeah!!! Although, the scarf would HAVE to be stratigically placed in my situation. LOL

  20. or your hubs can help you and you could do one of those Janet Jackson pics in which he covers your strategic bits with his hands :) Go wild ... :)

  21. I'm sure Mr. Pennington is only posing like that because he's making money promoting that damn scarf or jeans. :) Looks like a modeling photo. He is super "Hot" though! Get it?? LOL ;)

    I do hope they cast an older Invisible Woman, especially since I've read they are looking at Adrien Brody. I think Pennington's age is fine since Torch is the youngest and most irresponsible member of the team. :)

  22. Hey, Teri, welcome to HOLLYWOOD SPY, hope we'll be seeing you here often :)
    yes, yes, nobody's complaining about his modeling work, he should just keep such pics coming to us :)

  23. But,now she can play the role of Invisible Woman since her chance is getting negative to play the role of Mera in further according to the WB.It is a golden opportunity to her to grab this.