Wednesday, August 4, 2010


One of the movies we are anxiously waiting to see on August 27th is the Roman epic "Centurion" directed by Neill Marshall. Three new character posters and a new hand-drawn comic poster have just been revealed showing Michael Fassbender, Olga Kurylenko and Dominic West. Check them out. As I've informed you many times before, "Centurion" will follow the legendary Ninth Legion which is trying to wipe the Picts from the face of the earth and destroy their leader over at ancient Britain.

Earlier this year, I've also informed you that "G.I.Joe" will get its sequel, and now it has been officially confirmed that visual genius, Stephen Sommers ("The Mummy", "Van Helsing") will sit behind the helm again. Channing Tatum will most likely return as Captain Duke Hauser in the new installment of the movie which has grossed more than $300 million around the world.

Lloyd Levin the producer of "Watchmen" has bought the film rights to the comic book series "Mage". According to "Movieweb", the series was created by Matt Wagner in the 80s, and is a reimagined version of the Camelot legend. The story centers on Kevin Matchstick, a troubled young man who learns he possesses special powers and, with the aid of an enchanted baseball bat, seeks out to vanquish the evil plans of the Umbra Sprite.


  1. I hope they do a better job with G.I.Joe 2. I saw the first one with high anticipation, and now don't really remember much about it except that I thought it was rather bad.

    Tossing It Out

  2. I'm so stoked for Centurion, it should be a great film. Nice new posters as well. Don't know what to make of the other news though. Haven't watched G.I. Joe and don't plan on it, it looked just dreadful.


  3. @Arlee
    I also must admit it was the first movie by Stephen Sommers which didn't leave me overly excited and amazed, although it wasn't so bad. A fun for one night :)

    CENTURION is about to come your way very soon ;)

  4. Ooh, these look so good!
    Hey Dezmond, I read your post on another blog about the Kickass controversy. We hadn't seen it at out house yet and now I'm fairly sure I won't. Thanks for enlightening me.

  5. Not excited about another GIJoe, but the Centurian posters are cool.

  6. Hey DEZMOND - Since I have the 3 chicklets and 1 of them is a boy, I'll be excited for the new GIJoe for him. I had a good time watching the first one with him. Just like I had a good time watching the Transformer movies with him. He brings out the kid in me.

  7. @Lydia
    I'm glad you read it, Lydia ;) I've become a sort of a moral preacher around the blogosphere when it comes to inappropriate things shown in movies. Too many adults don't pay much attention to their kids growing up with violent games and movies. But as you know something that I will always fight against is children being used in violent or sexually indecent scenes in movies. I also do not approve of kids being portrayed as violent heroes in films, or kids being killed in movies. Some taboos should just always stay sacred, especially in this world of general alienation and moral downfall in which kids are raised watching bloodshed, vampires, monsters and aggressive heroes while not having enough maturity to grasp all of that in a sensible adult way.

  8. @Alex
    I guess you'll be going to cinema to watch CENTURION in a few weeks time ;)

    glad you are having great time with little juniors, just don't forget to tell them that heroes are heroes because they support good causes and justice, not because they have cool fighting skills and weapons :)

  9. Surprisingly Centurion doesn't get many glowing reviews even UK Telegraph said it’s cheesy and generic stuff from Neil Marshall.

  10. The first two Centurion posters are my faves.

    Oh Dezmond, I completely agree. I cannot stand to see children killed in movies (or animals). Bridge to Terabithia made us all weep. I tried to watch Hound Dog, without the kids of course, and became ill and ended up turning it off. I will never understand Dakota Fanning's parents and why they allowed their young daughter to portray such a role knowing that thousands of perverts would be watching the movie just for those certain scenes.

    However my children do watch films like Into the West, Trail of Tears, and Wounded Knee as these films retell our history. There are children that died in these films but the director does this with taste, no blood, no agony, you mainly just see a body on the ground or a soldier aiming, then the scene fades away. The films give us the intended impact, without the unnecessary gore.

    I grew up in a G world, my parents insisted upon this and to this day I have never witnessed a horror film (neither has any of my siblings) as we were not raised to view death as entertainment. We were allowed historical films and re-enactments which gave us a deeper understanding of our history and what our forefathers had been through. My siblings and I raise our children this way since we turned out with morals and compassionate nature. It is very important in this society that Indian children learn young.

    The films I mentioned might not be suitable for children of different races. It affected us because it was apart of our history and who we are today. However I did watch movies like the Diary of Ann Frank and read the books and I think that was a good thing, stories like this molded me into the adult that I am. As a child I had a greater understanding and acceptance of people different then me.

    There is a distinct difference in films that teach history and emphasize on human compassion, compared to movies that portray death as funny or entertainment. In my opinion children should be children while they can.

  11. Hey Dez, for those of your followers who have Comcast (depending on the area, of course), you can watch Centurion already. I saw it on On-Demand a couple days ago and watched it with the family - before it's even out! I can tell you that it was absolutely AWESOME!!

    The dark-haired Pict you show above was incredible in the role. I won't spoil anything for anyone, but I highly recommend everyone see it.

  12. @Jaccsy
    well, I don't expect too much from it.

    the key is in the last sentence: "There is a distinct difference in films that teach history and emphasize on human compassion, compared to movies that portray death as funny or entertainment." I said pretty much the same thing yesterday at HAIRNETS AND HOPES blog.

    I'm glad you've enjoyed it so much, Eric ;) The dark haired Pict is Olga Kurylenko :)

  13. Still not sold on Olga, but Mr. Fassbender... oh la la! :) Dominic ain't bad either, oh when is that movie out on dvd??

  14. I'm also still not convinced in her acting skills, but I do have to give a huge support to my Slavic sister :))) You do not see too many Slavs in Hollywood.