Monday, August 30, 2010


So, Emmy awards are over, I must admit I'm not a huge fan, since the nominees are always more or less the same and they almost never award the best ones, so let's go straight to the red carpet. I didn't like the red carpet this year either, there was just too much black colour and formless dresses, but here are the few lovely ones: I'm not totally sure who she is but Maria Menounos was the queen of the evening if you ask me. Rose Bourne was also refreshing in her profoundly designed white gown, while Toni Collette, who should've won the award but didn't, looked creative and cute as always in her patterned frock. Jenna Fischer is also someone I've never heard off but her non-pretentious red dress really looked lovely on her.
Claire Danes was lovely although a bit plane in her strapless crystal encrusted Armani, while January Jones had a great Versaci dress but unfortunately also some bad shoes and bad hair. Her colleague from "Mad Men" Elisabeth Moss looked refined even though she also had a bad hairdo. Kim Kardashian was smashing in her Cleopatra dress. I also liked Nina Dobrev and Jewel in their Zuhair Murad gowns.
Now, the only award I did like was the best supporting drama actor which went to amazing Aaron Paul whom I like a lot, and the cutest and the most adorable couple were off course Emily Blunt and her hubby John Krasinski. So, whom did you like best last evening?


  1. then we have Christina Hendricks... oh ... my ... god.

  2. Christina is megagorgeous but she looked like she escaped from a Wild West saloon :)

  3. The Emmys were on? What was I doing last night? Oh yeah - watching preseason football. Oh well.

  4. heh, that's a nice excuse, Alex :) Were the footballers dressed nice? :))))))))

  5. I never watch the Emmy's and this year was no exception. I did hear that Neil Patrick Harris didn't win for his work as Barney Stinson, so clearly the game is rigged :P

  6. Maria's was by far my favorite. Not that I liked the dress (it's a bit too busy for my tastes), but she looked FANTASTIC in it. I don't think I recall seeing her in anything either, but I do remember her from Scrubs. I was a huge fan of the show and she was in an episode where she was obsessed with J.D.'s hair. When he shaved it for a patient, we never saw her again.

  7. There should be rules for the celebrities who attend these things:
    1. never where shiny material.
    2. avoid frills
    3. avoid huge bows
    4. and no boof allowed.

    You have a pretty good selection here :)
    (excpet maybe January - her dress is borderline boofy)

  8. I didn't even recognize Claire Danes. I miss her red hair.

  9. Gah! where* should wear

    I fail as a writer lol
    (I blame the early hours of the morning!!!)

  10. Dezmond, they were all gorgeous. I loved the look of Claire Danes.
    And I agree with you, they almost never award the best ones.

  11. I do not have a fashion eye as I am a bit plain, but I like Claire Danes's choice best.

  12. I missed it. I always miss it. The only awards show I watch are the Oscars and the way they've become in recent years they would probably be worth missing. There are really a lot of award shows in fact. They should start a special awards show TV network.

    Tossing It Out

  13. More Christina Hendricks!
    She had such a lovely...dress.


  14. i like ms. danes' dress best of all.
    why was yahoo! so fawning over kim kardashian's outfit? she looks like an evil elf.

  15. @Brian
    rigged, I say, rigged :))

    my point exactly, the dress isn't overly amazing generally but it was made amazing by Maria herself, her elegance, refined beauty, posture ... she made that dress shine on her like e jewel :)

    January's dress looked amazing last year at Versace show, it's really a stunning dress but as I said January wore the wrong kind of shoes and her hair was too plain for that dress. I agree with your rules :)))


  16. @Suzy
    yes, Suzy, awards rarely go to the right hands :(

    it seems everyone likes Claire's outfit :)I'd personally put some super stylish big bracelet around her wrist to make her dress look less plain, but she was pretty.


  17. @Lee
    yes, Oscars got so boring and have such a lack of justice, that I didn't watch it last year, although I didn't miss the red carpet off course :)

    ".....a dress "... good one :)))

    I also like Kim's dress, I'd work a bit more on that golden part around her neck, but it was generally quite profound (which is a bit ironic isn't it :)

  18. A fashion topic? I'm really not into this.

  19. Well, Jaccsy, you can always stare just at certain parts not the whole dresses ;))

  20. wait you know who john krasinski is but not jenna fischer? how is that even possible? maybe some of his movies...
    they were a large part of the success of america's version of The Office. pam and jim were the driving storyline for most of the series.
    some very pretty dresses and gals and guys!

  21. Yes, Vics, I know Krasinski mostly from films and from him being the hubs of my dear Emily ;) He is terribly charismatic just like she is.

  22. Lovely ladies. I like Rose Byrne's dress a lot, but her hair is a tad frizzy.
    I wish I had an event to dress fabulously like that one day!

  23. yes, and Rose looked a bit confused in the pic :)
    Well, I'm sure you would look amazing in a great dress because you do have a radiant red carpet face already ;)

  24. I skipped the Emmys as I don't watch any TV this year, but I heard over the radio how bad Rita Wilson's dress was and well, suffice to say I agree that it's been voted as WORST dress. It is simply horrendous!! Out of all the ladies here, I like the simple Grecian dress that Rose Byrne wore. Sure her hair could use a bit more smoothing oil but the dress is gorgeous on her.

  25. I must admit I haven't seen Rita's outfit, but knowing her previous editions, I don't doubt she was the black sheep again :)
    Yes, that intricate detailed work around Rose's neck is especially interesting, reminds me quite a lot on my fashion designs ;)