Wednesday, November 25, 2009


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  1. This stuff with Un-London reminds me of one of Neil Gaiman's novels. I just can't remember its name.
    Movie studios are always trying to start a new franchise. Movies with sequels and name recognition are much more profitable than "single" films and stories. Maybe they'll succeed with this one. Maybe not...

  2. We still don't know, because this is just a gossip. It's true about franchises, I guess they bring more money and profit.

  3. It bothers me a little that they usually don't make a sequel with these fantasy novel franchise, these last few years. That way, I can't have a follow-up when I find something to my liking. (I could read book sequel ofc, but...)
    Those studios must have high expectation, and then disappointment when things don't go the way they wished them to. They start big (with big budgets), but afterwards they abandon that "franchise". Maybe they should start smaller, and then, if people like it, film sequels with greater budget.

  4. Which do you have in mind? The only one I know that was planned in sequels which were never shot was GOLDEN COMPASS. NARNIA is still on, while ERAGON and SPIDERWICK were never planned as more than one movie (at least not openly).

    I believe that, when you decide to adapt some big epic saga or a popular novel, you really must find a creative director with deep vision, who wants to make miracles and magic, and not just shoot another movie to fill in his CV.
    After all, that's why we like Cameron and Jackson so much, because they take time and go step by step in realizing their cinematic dreams.

  5. Like you said, I meant Golden Compass, Eragon, Spiderwick, The Seeker: Dark is Rising, maybe even more.
    I'm certain producers had sequels in mind with all of them. I myself would've liked sequel for Golden Compass before any of these films.

    I also believe Cirque de Freak had been planned as a possible series. And after lukewarm reception in theatres it doesn't seem to be the plan anymore.

  6. It's interesting how some people even had a petition demanding from the studio to release the director's cut of GOLDEN COMPASS. Since all of its segments were great, except editing, there are very logical suspicions that the movie would have been great if it was left in director's hands.