Sunday, November 15, 2009


"Variety" reports that ABC is close to ordering a pilot to a new version of the classic 1970's TV show "Charlie's Angels". Josh Friedman ("The Sarah Connor Chronicles") will write and executive produce the pilot with Sony Pictures TV behind it. Apparently the surprisingly successful recent launch of the "V" reboot at ABC is what inspired the network to start with yet another remake of a classic hit show.
Well, who knows, with good and charismatic casting it could be a success, especially if they find some innovative costume designer who would create stunning and trendy outfits for the girls and make a catwalk out of the show. Of course, they would probably need a fresh dose of humour in the plot and catchy stories.


  1. Yeah... I really have no faith in this project. To clarify, I have no faith in ABC supporting this as it should. Didn't they try something just like this with Eastwick this year? And how did that fare? Canceled after only 13 episodes. :(
    And new "V" series (also on ABC) is not safe in the water either. After good rating with pilot episode, its second episode failed to beat one of gazillion CSI shows which competed with "V" (in its time-slot, not overall ratings). That doesn't fare well either. :(

  2. Yeah, I'm with Marko on this one, this will end bad. I can't think of one tv show that's ever been revived and lasted. So much of it works because of just timing, the perfect choices, etc. it's almost impossible to recreate it. Young people see it as old, old people see it as too young, and nobody watches it.

  3. I see no connection between EASTWICK and this.
    Many shows have been canceled this season, from DOLLHOUSE, to EASTWICK, to Kelsey Grammar's new show ....
    "V" will have another problem - it will air for just a few episodes and will then make a long break during the Olympics :(

  4. PS don't forget that CHARLIE'S ANGELS remake movies had more than a surprising success at the box office.

  5. I think this could be a good idea as long as it's smart, witty and action packed, and not so plastic and total crap like the big screen version.

  6. There are a lot of connections between Eastwick and Charlie's Angels. Both are well known old properties, have three ladies in main cast, and don't share the same view of a world as today's CSIs, detective/police, hospital, and lawyer/courthouse shows. They are particularly similar from producer/distributor's point of view.

    And it doesn't really matter if remake movies were successful. Those were movies. This is TV, and with different cast.

    That said, I wouldn't be surprised if ABC tries to "replace" Eastwick with this. TV networks always like to believe that they can "find" some new show that will have incredible ratings (and to be possibly cheaper then the one it is replacing). So they try repeatedly with new shows, even though in 95% of cases that those new shows have the same ratings (or worse) as the ones before them.

  7. You are making the connection solely on the fact that you have three ladies on both sides. I consider EASTWICK and ANGELS two totally different projects, since THE WITCHES OF EASTWICK are based on John Updike's famous novel, dealing with deep psychological issues which influence the wars and conflicts between the sexes (in an entertaining way off course), while ANGELS are nothing more but a superficial fun with three bimbos :) who just walk around wearing tight costumes and tones of hairspray and beating some male ass every time the opportunity shows up :)

    EASTWICK will definitely get replaced by something, since ABC didn't order new episodes, after these 13 that were already shot.

  8. @Jaccsy
    I agree with you, Jaccsy ;)

  9. Certainly not solely that connection. Maybe the only connection you see, but that's not the only one that I stated.
    I'm sorry Dez, but I'm making just the right connections. You would too, if you tried to think like a network executive.
    And don't try to consider original novel. :) Eastwick TV series is not that book.
    As far as Charlie's Angels are concerned, it is reasonable to assume new series will not be the same "female exploitation" as was the original series.