Thursday, November 19, 2009


Since James Cameron's last movie "Titanic" had a theme tune that topped charts across the world and became one of the bestselling and most beloved songs in history, he decided to do the same with his upcoming sf saga "Avatar". One of today's best vocals, young superstar Leona Lewis will sing "I See You" the main theme from "Avatar". The song will be released as a single on 15th December, just ahead of the long awaited space opera and will also play over the closing credits of "Avatar".
The new song is written and produced by composer James Horner and producer Simon Franglen, both of whom worked on Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" from 1997's "Titanic". And since Leona truly is considered to be an heiress to Celine's pop queen throne, having both her sensuality, talent and breathtaking voice, this seems as the most perfect choice.
Being Leona's huge fan, now I just can't wait to hear the song before seeing the movie itself :) She has just released her second album "Echo" and a brand new single "Happy" which was composed by amazing Ryan Tedder who made her breakthrough hit "Bleeding Love" as well as Beyonce's "Halo" and his own band One Republic's hit "Apologize".
Jake Nava, famous music video director who created some of the most beautiful music videos such are Shakira's "Shewolf", Beyonce's "If I Were a Boy", Robbie Williams' "Lovelight" , is currently shooting the video for Leona's Avatar song.


  1. Leona has one of the most remarkable voices today and I'm happy too with this decision. Can't wait to hear the single and watch the "Avatar" as well.

  2. I'm really looking forward to hearing her song. She has a beautiful voice, but I think the success of the song will depend a lot on the commercial and critical success of the film.

  3. Yep, guys, I agree - that's what makes this news so exciting - the fact that she has all the qualities that Celine Dion had, and plus she's so popular among the young people as well.
    I just hope the song will be breathtaking, original and will give us goosebumps whenever we hear it :)

  4. I've heard of Leona. Heard her singing, but didn't bother to remember any of her songs. As usual. :) (I know I'm bad...)
    I think it is a good move for Leona to sing Avatar's (after-credits) song. Both Leona and Avatar can gain much from that idea. They'll help each other. :)
    This song will probably be released only a day or two before movie premiere.

  5. You know Leona????? :)) Now, that's a small step for humanity, but a huge one for Bels ;P