Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Just few days ago we've seen the first posters for next year's epic adventure "Clash of the Titans", and now here's the first exclusive trailer. The movie looks awesome, although I must say I kind of miss some special, magical touch in the film's visual presentation to make it more unique and groundbreaking. And I don't like the music in the trailer. Enjoy and tell me what you think.


  1. It looks good. Natural lightning and colours, good angles from camera... But this is only an action teaser trailer. I hope this movie has some story behind it, and not only action and new monster behind on every step of their journey.

  2. I knew you'd like the colours and the lighting :)) the very same part I didn't like in it :PP

  3. I want see it but somehow I don't belive it is gonna be better than 1981 version. Maybe I'm wrong because of the trailer but it seems too.... least for me.

  4. Would you have preferred dim light in a middle of a day, and stop-motion in every action shot? :) Film cameras are not there to shoot dark and obscured magazine/poster shots (like 300, Watchers etc.). If you desire that kind of cinematography you should switch to photo albums and comic books. :)) There are plenty of "money shots" there. :)
    Movies are supposed to show real life, or life-likeness :), and to try to convey their stories through most realistic storytelling method known to men (so far). :))
    There are other techniques/ways to tell a story and enlist a desired response, be it emotion or some thought provoking action. There are books, comics, theatre, audio presentations, even ancient arts of verbal storytelling. :) They all do what they are supposed to, with whatever tools they have at their disposal. Sure, you could combine some of them, but it is unnecessary to shape (limit) ones experience by limiting the means of telling that story (or evoking some desired response).
    In layman's terms, filmmaking should not be "atrophied" by overuse of unnatural or uncomplete methods/effects. Lack or overabundance of colour, light... to fast or too slow motion... unnatural shooting angles... too static or too dynamic sequences... unusual use (misuse) of sound, music and sound effects...
    These techniques are all "normal", and often desired. But those should be used as gimmicks, not the foundation blocks of cinematography.
    Variety is good, but you should not diminish full potential of something by always enforcing your preferred version of it.
    I know directors (and other filmmakers) are artists, and artists are subjective, but...

  5. The trailer looks great! Amazing art direction, superb camera angles, dazzling cinematography and lots of delightful, adrenaline-fueled action sequences! Can't wait to see it!

  6. As a teaser i think it looks pretty impressive. the music works well too… sometimes it’s good to get away from the usual epic film score and do something different.

  7. Neb, Jaccsy - I agree with you :))

    Emily - I must admit I don't understand people's obsession with the original movie. Whenever I remember Harry Hamlin in that movie, I can't help but burst out laughing :)))

    Why, yes, your first sentence totally describes my vision :))) You know that I don't have problem with the sun in movies, but I don't like when the sets of epics look poor, barren and scorched. The colours are not nice that way, they look pale and washed out. I like rich, sumptuous shades. You remember how THE LAST LEGION looked like a B-movie because of that (among other things).
    And I'm not sure about your point that movies should primarily show real life visuals. You can use traveling and tourism for that. Movies should bring us enhanced pictures and fairy tales. That's why we have all the modern technology for. And art probably wouldn't be art if it would just be a mimic of reality. You need to put something original and yours in it to make it special.

  8. To tell the truth, Last Legion didn't have A-grade budget to begin with. Still, I found enough things that I like in that movie. It wasn't all satisfactory, but I've seen a lot worse (with a bigger budget).
    It is a good point that documentaries and such should be film like real life, and that feature movies should have something extra. I can't argue with that. :) I just don't like it when someone's vision or originality becomes just an excuse for use of tricks and gimmicks that are popular or modern. That's not good in general.
    And on a personal note, I'm not a fan of style some films (like 300, Watchers, and anything from Frank Miller) are forcing down on us. It's OK for the ones that like that style, but some of us find it very lacking. Don't get me wrong, there are some things in 300 and Watchers that amaze me, but most of the time I feel myself disconnected from whatever the director is trying to tell me. Some things should be in basis of every kind of filmmaking. You can't replace them so completely. If you do that, you risk alienating those who would've really liked your vision, if only you had followed some basic rules. :)

  9. Yep, Ayswaria was the number one thing you liked in THE LAST LEGION :ppp

  10. Aishwarya yes, but as Byzantine-Indian warrior woman. :) But I also really liked plenty of open/natural scenery and daylight scenes in Last Legion.

  11. Helena Bonham's portayal of Enid Blyton in a BBC biopic coincides with the publication of my book on her titled, The Famous Five:A Personal Anecdotage (

    Stephen Isabirye

  12. I've no idea what kind of connection Helena and Enid (whom I've never heard of) have with THE CLASH OF THE TITANS :))) but Eni, congratulations on your book. Hope it will have a great success in the bookstores. ;)