Tuesday, October 4, 2011


 Delightful Melissa McCarthy, who just won an Emmy as best comedy actress, now has four new comedies in her sleeve. I've already mentioned DUMB JOCK in which she will play a lady with
whom MAD MEN's Jon Hamm is obsessed romantically (to be directed by the director of BRIDESMAIDS which brought Melissa in the centre of attention), than there's ID THEFT in which she will try to steal Jason Bateman's identity, and there's also an untitled comedy in which she will be the mastermind of a plan to hijack the Stanley Cup in order to cheer up her sick husband. The fourth project is TAMMY in which she will play a woman with an exceptionally unfulfilled life who wakes up one morning as things are crumbling around her and decides she has to get out of town. But the only way to do that is in her grandmother’s car and of course her heavy drinking grandmother insists on going along for what becomes a wild road trip to Mount Rushmore.
 One of our favourite Non-English actors Rodrigo Santoro (famous Xerxes from 300 and the romantic geek from LOVE ACTUALLY), has joined the cast of LAST STAND, a modern western in
which Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a Texas border sheriff who must keep an escaped drug cartel chieftan from escaping into Mexico using only the help of his rookie officers. As "Heat Vision" reports, Disney is preparing a new sf film TIME ZONES in which the world has special time zones, described as fractures in space-time which replace various segments of the world with identical geography at those locations from the past and future. It means that the world can have various locations in time like 1750 in France, 300 B.C. in China and 2065 in New York. In such a world, one man realizes that because time travel is now a matter of geography, he has the chance to change the past and save the life of his wife.

Are you ready for the second season of the globally popular THE WALKING DEAD show? The premiere is drawing close - on October 16th, and it will be broadcast in almost all countries around the world within the same week. A few days ago AMC has released the second trailer for the second season in which,as you
know, the survivors of the zombie apocalypse will try to escape scorching hot, zombie infested streets of Atlanta by going to the country, but alas, it seems some of the undead enjoy country life too :) The bad thing is that the second season will be cut into two six episode parts, with one airing this year, and second one airing next year after New Year and Christmas holidays.      


  1. TIME ZONES sounds great. Love that kinda story.
    Oddly enough I'm looking forward to the Walking Dead.

  2. I must have been living under a rock. But I haven't heard of The Walking Dead - looks really good though, I'll have to take a look.

  3. you are? I didn't know you watched the first season :)

  4. @Dan
    you haven't? It was the biggest global TV event last year, the first show to be broadcast at the same time around the world, and this year they even increased the number of countries so it will hit around 130 countries each week.

  5. "...but alas, it seems some of the undead enjoy country life too."

    Hahahahaha. Thanks for that. Best line all day. :)

  6. thanks for share it :P
    great post

  7. I'm sorry, did you say Arnold plays a Texas border sheriff? Really?

  8. Melissa McCarthy and the Stanley Cup in the same movie? Perfect casting!

  9. What a great look border sheriff he will make~
    Melissa is a hoot, should be some fun, now we need Betty White to be the grandmother or Cloris
    Leachman, ;D Time Zones does sound interesting!

    Yeah, the ZOMBIES are back! ;D

  10. Melissa sounds like she is going to be in some fantastic projects. And you know I had to turn up the cool looking at Rodrigo.

    I cannot wait for The Walking Dead. I love, love that show and I am dying for the premiere.

  11. Walking Dead is not getting hear quick enough for my liking!! Can't WAIT!!


  12. Oooo, Walking Dead - looking good. Bring it on.

  13. Melissa is a funny woman, splitting season 2 in 2 parts is awful but they got to milk it I suppose but not long now I suppose? Any news on a 3rd season of Justified?

  14. love walking dead, can't wait.

  15. When I first glanced at that photo of Rodrigo Santoro, I thought it was Keanu Reeves. I kept looking for the Keanu Reeves story until I realized that wasn't him after all. Time Zones sounds interesting!

  16. I haven't seen Melissa McCarthy in anything before but she must be good if she's got all those projects!

  17. @Luanne
    glad my sentence made you laugh :) We won't have any laughs when the show starts :)

    thanks, glad you liked it

    for real, sister, I'm not kidding you :)

  18. @Debra
    isn't it a great combination?

    Betty White would've been great in the role of her drunk granny :)

    he is indeed!

  19. @Melsy
    and she also said in a recent interview that she is launching her fashion line for well-rounded ladies :) which could be a hit too!
    Walking with the dead is just around the corner, prepare your fireblasters and crossbows :)

    yep, we've waited for more than a year!

    it's here. it's here

    sorry, Lurk, never heard of JUSTIFIED before :(

  20. @Budd
    the wait is almost over

    ah, no, Rodrigo is so much better looking than Keanu :)

    you haven't watched GILMORE GIRL? She is currently in MIKE AND MOLLY hit sitcom in USA.

  21. So TIME ZONES is a children's film then? ;^)

  22. Can't wait for the walking dead. I'll prob save up all the episodes and watch them once they all air, so I don't get stuck with some cliffhanger lingering there for months.

  23. A TV series about a modern US marshall starring Timothy Olyphant based on Elmore Leonard novels, fantastic series.

  24. Time Zone sounds interesting, although i'm not sure i would like it to be a childrens film(I'm assuming it will be since it is being made by Disney)

  25. Wow, season 2 of Walking Dead is gonna be killer, no pun intended.

    I remember last Halloween watching the first episode.

  26. @Josh
    off course not :) Disney has films for adult audience as well. Their biggest project for next year JOHN CARTER isn't for kids, for example.

    seems like you have a cunning plan there, PAt!

    ah, I think someone mentioned it earlier in comments here when I talked about some of Olyphant's future projects.

  27. @Dirty
    read the comment I gave to Josh above this one :)

    it will be a killer indeed :)

  28. Melissa McCarthy - I LOVE that I have a new actress to follow!

    And thank you, btw, for making my day Weds 10/27.

  29. @My2Pesos
    thanks, glad you liked it

    she is worth following ;)

  30. I'm really looking forward to the new season of The Walking Dead. Time Zones sounds really good too - I like the idea of geographical time travel. Will have to check this out :)

  31. yep, the zombies have kept us waiting for too long!

  32. Wow, you really shared a lot of information. I feel a little caught up now. I love your blog.

    I would hate to see Dexter cancelled; it it one of my few remaining television shows. Do you happen to know if "WEEDS" will return for their 8th season, next summer?

    Thanks for the updates.