Sunday, July 17, 2011


Yep, that's the biggest piece of news this weekend. GAME OF THRONES Sean Bean has joined Tarsem Singh's SNOW WHITE project. In this fabulous movie adaptation of the popular
fairy tale, Sean Bean will take the role of Snow White's father, the king. As  you know, he is just another addition to the already stellar cast which includes the daughter of famous Phil Collins, Lily Collins as the Snow White, Julia Roberts as the evil queen (the role should fit her naturally), young star Armie Hammer as the prince and always hilarious Nathan Lane as queen's timid and crazy servant.
Differently from rival projects and from Disney's classic version, the story in this one will stick more to the original fairy tale, which was a bit more grim and dark. In this version, after the Evil Queen kills her father and pretty much destroys his realm with her tyrannical rule, Snow White actually joins
the dwarfs who will help her fight back the villain and take away the kingdom from her. It is interesting that the story will also have comedy elements, probably around dwarfs and the queen's servant.
The film, which premieres in March 2012, opening the Spring season in cinemas, has had a long list of actors and actresses competing for the lead roles. Saoirse Ronan was the first choice for the role of Snow White, but the age difference between her and Armie Hammer was too big. On the other hand, the list of the actors who were in the game for the role of prince is really long and it includes: Alex Pettyfer, Robert Pattinson, James McAvoy ....
Since the director of the film, Tarsem Singh (THE FALL, THE CELL) is known as the biggest living visual master genius, you can expect extremely stylized film with imaginative, colourful and extremely vivid designs, sets, costumes ... Both of his previous
films were pretty much weaved of dreams,and early reports reveal that SNOW WHITE will have fantastic forests, a very Indian-looking palace and several masquerade designs reminiscent of Mardi Gras and old storybook illustrations. The costumes will be bright and colourful: Armie Hammer will wear a coat and tales costume with rabbit ears emerging from his top hat, while Lily Collins will combine a blue dress with black leather armor since she is portrayed as a fighter. Each of the dwarfs will have very distinctive costumes according to their nicknames.
I've already told you before that you can expect not one, not two, but three Snow White projects in Hollywood. The main rival to Tarsem's film will be SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN with Charlize Theron as the Evil queen, Sam Claflin as the prince and Chris Hemsworth as the huntsman. But, alas, this story, a bit
different from the original tale, focusing on the huntsman who, sent  by the Evil Queen to kill the princess, ends up teaching her and training her how to fight back the queen, will have the horrid Kristen Stewart in the lead role, and having that in mind, and the fact that the film will premiere after Tarsem's, and that both Viggo Mortensen and Hugh Jackman have refused the lead role in it, we can guess it will have smaller chances for success. Meanwhile, the third Snow White project will be SNOW AND SEVEN,  set in 19th Century China. It will center on an English woman who travels to Hong Kong for her father's funeral. When she discovers the nefarious plans of her stepmother, the woman escapes into mainland China where she is taken in by seven renowned warriors. Michael Arndt (TOY STORY III) is writing the script.


  1. I am really excited about this one :-) As an English teacher, I am so excited to have a story actually followed! (Well, more so than the Disney version ... I had my students read Han Christian Andersen's "The Little Mermaid", but I cut off the title ... they didn't even recognize the story. Sad :()

  2. hope you will like the film when it comes out, Klo! I think it will be fantastic!

  3. Sean Bean = hunkilicious x2 :)

    Tarsem will make a great Snow White movie. Sounds incredible already.

  4. Ah, I loved "The Fall." It was spectacular. Now I'm actually interested in this move (Sean helps, too).

  5. I love classic Fairytale adaptations without Disney handling. Equally mortified what they did to HCA's little mermaid. Yeah for Sean Bean playing a hero again :( that he has to die for the umpteenth time!! I just viewed a fanvid from The Fall & had been wondering what movie it was from. Requesting it ASAP from my library!! I've been clearly missing out!

  6. I love that we are taking a darker, grim take this time. Sounds like an amazing cast!

  7. The Snow and Seven sounds interesting, I see swords.....and a lot of swords and martial arts maybe?

  8. I wonder how long into the movie it will be before Bean gets killed? You know it's going to happen!

    I like the idea of the Huntsman, but with Stewart in the lead role I'll likely pass.

  9. Julia Roberts...negative role.... hmmm......let me see how i receive it ... i still find her innocent and giggly like her pretty woman days.....

  10. ...its the latest trend, taking a classic, arming it with special effects, toss in a hot name or two, and make it a creeper...and we flock to the theater in droves. Yep, they've got it figured out ;)

    Great post as always, Dez!


  11. @Luanne
    ah, whenever I mention mister Sean Bean, my ladies are in heaven :))

    THE FALL was such a unique, heartwarming and special movie. THE CELL was also visually ground breaking, but it was extremely dark in the plot

    yep, for some reason dark and grim has become a trade mark of the decade from 2010 - 2020. I personally don't like it, it won't have a good influence in the future of our society :(

  12. @Fanny
    :) I'm the opposite, I'm always on the side of bright forces and I love Disney's gentle ways :) But, you do remember that sometime last winter I did have a post on a LITTLE MERMAID new movie which will be sticking to the original, rather dark story ;) You might like that one too.

    yes, that one will be quite different. I'm not sure whether it will be shot with Asian actors or not? But it will be set there, off course, if the producers find enough money for it in the seas of similar, rival projects :)

  13. @Jamie
    well, he gets killed in the beginning by his wife, the Evil Queen, which is why she is called Evil :)
    Down with Stewart wench!

    yes, some people like her, but most people see her as evil and negative, and most gossips about private life seem to confirm her true nature.

    yes, my friend, that's the latest trend :)

  14. Amazing! Three different takes on Snow White. Thanks for the research and info Dezz. I do wish Sean would find a role that keeps him alive at the end - LOL. Interesting that Sean and Chris Hemsworth will be in rival SW films, since Hemsworth worked with Sean on his first film in the US when they were both in CASH.

  15. glad you liked the post, Fabo :)
    And Sean will also be dead in Ashley Judd's new show THE MISSING :)

  16. It's hard for me to look at Lily Collins without picturing her ugly bald dad.

  17. I like Lily much better than K-Stew, but she still needs a few acting lessons, I think, as well as some help with style. But this version of Snow White will be much better for sure. Too bad Charlize is in the other one and not this one. It would have been better if Julia was with K-Stew. ;)

    Snow and Seven sounds very cool. I love martial arts stories.

  18. @Movies
    he he he :)

    I haven't seen her in anything before, but I know she is quite into fashion and has a lot of fashion photo shoots. Tarsem said he chose her for her eyebrows :)
    Yes, if both Charlize and Sam Claflin were in Tarsem's film it would've been better.

  19. Definitely interested in that Snow White flick. I'm a big Sean Bean fan, and with that director attached, I think it's gonna be very interesting.

  20. It will probably be the best film next year, I almost have no doubts about it :)